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Dinopark tycoon

Dinopark tycoon is a pretty original game, not in the game itself because there are other games that have you running an amusement park but this one has you running a park that has dinosaurs. You start the game with a 5000 dollar loan from the bank with which you can buy items to start […]

Neverending story, the

The neverending story is a text adventure game based on the movie of the same name which in turn is based on a book. The story revolves around fantasia, a world full of magic and wonderfull creatures. Fantasia is being threatened by the nothing, an unknown evil that is destroying the entire world bit by […]

Voodoo nightmare

Boots Barker is minding his own business while in a private plane flying over the Congo when someone suddenly throws him out of the plane. Lucky for you you had a parachute on and landed safely but you did knock yourself unconsious. When you come around someone has placed a huge voodoo mask on you […]

International soccer

Occasionally I surf the net and I see some people talking about ‘old’ games but as soon as I read the specifics they are often talking about games that are like 3-4 years old and I think to myself that’s not really old now is it. This game called international soccer by Commodore really does […]

Hunter patrol

Back in the beginning of videogames there were already plenty of shoot’em ups available as the genre lends itself well to the arcadestyle gameplay that was the norm for those days. Shooters were mostly vertical or horizontal scrollers but some went the path of 3D or as hunter patrol you fly into the screen giving […]

Dark half, the

The Dark half is an adventure game based on the horror novel of the same name by Stephen King. You play the part of Thad Beaumont who has an undeveloped twin inside him as the intro shows you. Years later Thad is a succesful novelist writing under the alias of George Stark but he is […]

Zombie apocalypse

Zombie apocalypse was released into the public domain right from the start. It features a lone warrior (you) in a post apocalyptic world and you’re up against a neverending horde of zombies out to get you. Kill a set number of zombies to get to the next level and more hordes of zombies. At first […]

Vindicator, the

Back in the early days of gaming it wasn’t uncommon for games to have different kinds of gameplay for each level. The games that used this formula the most were games that had a movie license and they tried to relfect some key moments in the movie. As far I know the Vindicator doesn’t have […]

Mega lo Mania

After populous was released, which was the first god-game ever, a lot of games came out that used the same basic formula with some additions. Mega lo mania is god game in which you can select one out of four gods and the aim of the game is to make war on your opponents and […]

Igor: objective Uikokahonia

After the success of the Lucasarts adventures there were sure to be game that (tried) to follow in it’s footsteps. Igor: object Uikokahonia is such a game and altough it’s not a direct clone you cannot deny it’s influence once you see the game and play it. Igor is a student and he’s got a […]