Boots Barker is minding his own business while in a private plane flying over the Congo when someone suddenly throws him out of the plane. Lucky for you you had a parachute on and landed safely but you did knock yourself unconsious. When you come around someone has placed a huge voodoo mask on you covering your entire upperbody. Now you must find the evil witchdoctor who did this to you and put an end to your voodoo nightmare.

The witch doctor is not an easy man to reach as his magically protected lair is only accessable once you find certain items. You will have to find five magical pins which you can use on a voodoo doll of the witch doctor himself. The only way to get the pins is to go into one of five temples devoted to one of the animal gods and get the pins from them.
The game is viewed from an isometric view and you walk around the area with all sorts of baddies walking around. You can however wait till nightfall as when it’s dark most of the creepies are sleeping and you can walk around with less danger. If you do encounter someone you can pounch on them by jumping on them with your big boots. Along the way you can find gems and bananas which you can trade at one of the shops dotted throughout the area, in some temples you cannot complete your tasks without the help of the shopkeeper so save some valueables for later.

Voodoo nightmare is quite an enjoyable action adventure game, there are loads of areas and plenty of puzzling to do. In the jungle you can even do some missions to earn extra rewards. There are some nice touches like the night and day in the jungle areas which actually changes the way you can move around and there’s even a casino hidden inside the jungle where you can try your luck.
You’ll have plenty to do before you can beat this game but none of it feels like a chore, definately worth a try.

Overal rating: 8/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for two different systems here are some notes:

Amiga Released in 1990.
This one has a trainer to help you, or just if you’re lazy.
Atari ST Released in 1990.
Date added Feb-11-2011 14:29
Name Voodoo nightmare
Developer Palace software
Publisher Gremlin
First released 1990
Genre Action