The House of Games is a popular Education association that aims to promote play and the development of playful practices. It has a resource center to support projects. Thus, it is present alongside any person, group, the formal or informal organization, who wants to set up a plan around the game, explore playful practices, network with other actors. With the game company, the House of games experiments creates, animates spaces to play and moments of play. The game company aims to develop a playful culture by going directly to the audience. In its premises, the House of Games offers play spaces, programming opened to the public and hosts associations that implement projects around the game.

At the time of the consumption of everything and of everyone for sure, where most of the members of the associations are merely consumers, the financial situation of the House of games is at worst.

The beginning of the adventure began almost 20 years ago. Today, The House of Games employs eight employees, of which three permanents. It hosts in its premises five other fun associations, kindergarten assistants and many players. The House of Games intervenes on extracurricular activities, manages a leisure center, and offers many events around the game.

The House of Games defends access to the game for all. For this purpose, it charges low prices for its services to the structures that need them. But with fewer and fewer volunteers, we systematically send our employees on our activities, and this penalizes us financially.

We want to go further and become a toy library to Share our games with the locals. We would also like to federate the playful associations of the Euro metropolis for more meetings and sharing around the game.

But without money, we won’t do anything. The smallest donation will help. Without an additional € 20,000 before the end of the year, the game will end.

The House of Games

  • Come and discover, play, and borrow games offered at Home Games. More than 1000 board games, construction, strategy, and skill, but also figurines, costumes, billiards, a baby foot.
  • Two spaces entirely dedicated to the game:
  • Toy library for children 0 to 6 year
  • Space dedicated to young children accompanied by an adult free play (on registration) – Monday and Thursday 9h-10h15 or 10h15-11h30
  • Baby Gym (on booking) – Wednesday 9.30 am-10.30 am or 10.30 am-11.30 am
  • The game library for all 3 to 103 years’ old
  • An adult free play must accompany children under 6 years old on-site