After the success of the Lucasarts adventures there were sure to be game that (tried) to follow in it’s footsteps. Igor: object Uikokahonia is such a game and altough it’s not a direct clone you cannot deny it’s influence once you see the game and play it. Igor is a student and he’s got a crush on Laura ,the school’s prettiest girl, ofcourse he’s got no chance with her as the most popular jock is also interested in her. The whole aim of the game is to win her over by going to Uikokahonia, the school trip for this year.

The first problem Igor has is that his grades aren’t very good so he is not allowed to go with the school trip at the moment. So instead of doing some hard work you decide to scam your way into the trip by manipulating others students and the teachers. Easier said than done and you’ll have to work hard to reach that goal and even when you get on the trip you still have to win Laur’s hart. Along the way you’ll also have to lead Philip (the jock) away from her as otherwise you won’t stand a chance. All this leads to plenty of puzzle solving and people to meet and talk to.

The interface is pretty standard for adventure game with a number of options like talk, take and use with which you can manipulate items. Underneath is a large inventory screen with pictures depicting the things you carry, you can also scroll this up and down. Many of the puzzles are the old use inventory item with onscreen item but usually these are logical and not a try everything sort of thing. There are quite a lot of pixel hunt situations and given the fact that the graphics aren’t too clear it can be difficult. That doesn’t mean the graphics are no good because most of them are good and fairly detailed. The only thing that I found missing was a good soundtrack because most of the game seems to be pretty silent.

Igor was the adventure game made by Pendulo studios and it’s quite good for a first try, ofcourse you cannot compare it to the big developers with loads of cash. They released two more adventure games several years later and I’m sure to come across them one day or another. For now though adventure gamers who are looking for an oldschool game you can’t go wrong with this.

Overal rating: 7.5/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for one system here are some notes:

DOS Released in 1994.
I wrote a solve for this game a long time ago and I seem te remember that there was a point where the game would lock up and the only way to get past that point was to disable sound from the setup and reload the game. I haven’t come across it in this game but if you do at least you know what to do.
Date added Jul-21-2006 23:24
Name Igor: objective Uikokahonia
Developer Pendulo studios
Publisher Dro Soft
First released 1994
Genre Adventure