Any game has most likely been converted to a computer or videogame and darts is no exception. To increase sales or recognition this particular game includes Jockey Wilson, a darts player who was world champion at one time famous not only for his play but also for drinking and eating a lot during matches. In case you don’t know the rules here is an explanation.

Darts is a game that most everyone will know, you throw darts at a board and score points. It sounds easier than it is though as the board is devided in 20 slices as you will and each of them represents a number from 1-20. You score points depending on which part you throw it in ofcourse but there’s a catch. Each part is devided in sections and the outer most section gives double points and it is the only way to end a match with. There’s also a small section which gives triple points and this will be your main way of gathering points. A match is devided into a number of sets and each set is played by a number of legs, each leg starts with each player having 501 points and you must get to zero as quickly as possible. As stated before you must finish with a double so you have to take that into account when trowing as some scores do not allow a finish.

This particular game takes a novel approach to throwing the dart as you control the general direction of the arrow. This arrow keeps circling around or otherwise it would be too easy to aim, you main action is to press the button at the right time to throw the dart. Games can be played as a single match or a tournament which will put you against ever stronger opponents. One gripe is that later opponents will throw ridiculously accurate especially Jockey himself who will throw 9 dart finishes regularly. 9-dart finishes are extremely rare as it is the shortest finish possible in a 501 game but then the game is definately easier than the real thing.

Some games don’t tranlate well to a videogame but this one does quite a good job, ofcourse it doesn’t remotely simulate the difficulty of the real thing. The aiming solution does a fairly good job as it gives some randomness as not to let it become too easy. Graphically there isn’t much to write about as most of the time you’ll be staring at the board and when your opponent throws you see him from above but I guess they get the job done. All in all the game is enjoyable though I can’t say how long it will last you.

Overal rating: 7/10

Erde Kaiser
This game was released for two different systems here are some notes:

C64 Released in 1988.
The joystick controls are better than the ZX version which gives this one the edge.
ZX Spectrum Released in 1988.
Graphically not much difference from the C64 version.
Date added Oct-13-2006 11:48
Name Jockey Wilson’s dart challenge
Developer Zeppelin games
Publisher Zeppelin games
First released 1988
Genre Sport