Checkers is a strategic boardgame which uses an eight by eight grid and each player controls a number of pieces on the board. Each piece is the same and you can only move them one step at a time diagonally forward so the options for play are somewhat limited. The aim of the game is to take each piece of the opponent which you can do when one of the pieces is diagonally in front of yours and there is a open space behind it. You can then jump over the piece using yours and the opponents piece is removed from the board. If there is another piece in the same position when you have just jumped over one you can take that one as well.
When one of your pieces reaces the opposite side of the playing field it changes into a special piece which can move backward.

Checkers is often regarded by many as an ‘inferior’ boardgame because when you compare it to that other game chess, it pales at the amount of strategy and options available to you. The only way you can win is to force your opponent to take one of your pieces, which is mandetory, so that you can get a better position. This is a bit annoying as it lowers the amount of options available to you. Checkers is not really a game for me because of the limited number of options, I’m not saying it’s easy or anything as there are tournaments held throughout the world but to me it seems a bit limited. If you like it though you could give this game a try as it seems to be a fair representation of the game.

Overal rating: 6/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for one system here are some notes:

Windows Released in 1996.
Game has been tested but not completed on a windows 2000 machine.
This runs on any version of windows 95 or later.
Others The game was probably released for a lot more systems but this particular version was only released for windows.
Date added Mar-27-2005 14:37
Name Checkers
First released 1996
Genre Strategy