Platform games were THE most prolific type of game available, some were good others not so much. Yo! Joe! is a platform game with six very distinct levels. As usual the story is real weird and not really a big part of the game but here it goes: a gang of baddies is planning to hold an oracle hostage to find out how their gangrelated activities will plan out. She tricks them into believing that they must destroy two certain boys in order to be succesfull. Along come Joe and Nat who find themselves lost outside the castle of one of the gang members and now they must either fight the gang or die.

Each level represents an area that is the home of one of the gang’s bosses. Like the bosses the levels are varied for instance Count Costrimo, a vampire, has a castle and there is the halfsister of an Indian goddess who resides inside a temple. The other levels are just as different and include a high tech, oriental and even a level where you fly on top of a big bird which is a minigame between levels where you can earn some extra lives.
At first you can only use your fists and feet to take care of any baddies but there are plenty of weapons lying around like pipes, nunchakus and even bombs. Most have a limited amount of uses so it’s best to save them for the tougher enemies. At the end of each level you will ofcourse face off against the boss of that location.

The game is very colorfull with each level having distinct graphics that fit with the area and boss. Music and sound are also of high quality. The most important thing about an action game is playability though as controlling your character is key to getting ahead in the game. Luckily this game has excellent controls that respond well and there is even a two-player cooperative mode where you can go at the enemies at the same time. Really there isn’t much to fault with the game except maybe it’s rather easy. So don’t expect to play it for ages but while it lasts you will have a blast.

Overal rating: 8/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for two different systems here are some notes:

Amiga Released in 1993.
The game isn’t that hard but if you want them there are like ,
Others This version is not available.
DOS released in 1993.
Date added Aug-26-2011 22:16
Name Yo! Joe!
Developer Scipio
Publisher Play byte
First released 1993
Genre Action