Name Link Description
ActiveGSapp Official page
Version 1.90 / Apple iiGS emulator.
Very nice emulator also available as an active-X plugin.
Atari 800 win+ Official page
Version 4.0 / Atari 8-bit, 5200 emulator.
Basilisk II Official page
Version 0.8 build 146 / Apple mac emulator.
This is the windows version but macos-x and linux versions are available. It can be difficult to setup so I made an extra package if you need help with that.
Basilisk2 extras   These are extras needed to get Basilisk II up and running. Included is a short installation helpfile.
BeebEm Official page
Version 2.3 / BBC Micro emulator.
V2 has improved joypad/stick support.
Bliss Java Official page
Bliss Java version 1.61 / Intellivision emulator.
Bliss is an excellent intellivision emulator, I prefer the Java version because is has some extra options like save/load and screenshot. There are lots of other version available though.
CCS64 v2 Official page
Version 2.0 / C64 emulator.
The latest nog-Beta version, it can only run fullscreen but this is this my preferred version. This is the windows version but a DOS-based one is still available at the official page.
CCS64 v3 Official page
Version 3.0 Beta 1.7 / C64 emulator.
This is the newest beta version which can run in a window but remember it’s still beta so there might be misc problems.
CPCE Official page
Version 1.40 / Amstrad CPC emulator
Dega Official page
Version 112 / Sega Master System emulator.
My favorite SMS/gamegear emulator.
Dosbox Official page
Version 0.65 / DOS emulator.
Dosbox is a must for those who don’t have an old dos pc laying around as it allows you to play many older games in a pure DOS environment including sound support.
EmuZWin Official page
Version 2.7 / ZX Spectrum emulator.
This is the Windows version but a DOS version is also available at the homepage.
FCE ultra Official page
Version 0.98.12 / NES emulator.
This is the windows version but a linux and macos-x are also available.
Handy v0.90 Official page
Handy 0.90 / Atari Lynx emulator.
Very nice Atari Lynx emulator. It hasn’t been updated since mid 2002 but it work very well.
Hu-Go Official page
Version 2.10 / PC-engine/turbo grafx emulator.
Even though I prefer magic engine this emulator is free. I could not get cd’s to work with it.
Koleko   Version 1.31 / Colecovision emulator.
A very good colecovision emulator that is commandline based. Contained within the emu are 49 complete games!
Magic Engine Official page
Version 1.00 / PC-engine/turbo grafx emulator.
The best pc-engine emulator there is but the shareware version only works for 5 minutes, still worth the small fee though.
Mekawin Official page
Version 0.71 windows / SMS, SG-1000/3000 emulator.
This is an excellent Sega master system, SG-1000/3000 emulator. It has a unique windows feel to it but doesn’t work properly on multimonitor desktops.
Mess 0.106b Official page
Version 0.106b / Multiple emulator super system.
Emulates a whole host of machines but you need a system bios for each one of them. I mainly use this for the Atari 7800 emulator.
Moslo   Moslo is a util that slows down programs that run too fast on modern systems. It doesn’t work well on my windows system so run it in pure dos.
SainT Official page
Version 1.10 / Atari ST emulator.
Steem Official page
Version 3.2 / Atari ST emulator.
This is another Atari ST emulator, not as easy to use as saint and does not support .MSA files but some game work with it that don’t work with saint.
Stella Official page
Version 2.01 / Atari 2600 emulator.
This is the windows version but a macos-x and linux version are available.
Systemdisk 6.0.1 Apple   This is a bootable systemdisk for the Apple2gs.
VDMS sound Official page
Version 2.1.0 / DOS soundcard emulator.
VDMS sound emulates old DOS soundcards under windows so you can play DOS games with original sound/music.
Wgens   Version 2.11 / Genesis-megadrive emulator.
Also runs cd games. Homepage seems to be gone.
Winape Official page
Version 2.0 aplha 6 / Amstrad CPC emulator.
This emulator includes the game burning rubber as standard.
WinUAE Official page
Version 0.9.91 Beta / Amiga emulator.
Windows version of the best Amiga emulator available.