Once in a while I come across a game in my collection that I have never played before, you never know what to expect as it can turn out to be a total waste of time or if you’re lucky it turns out to be a gem. Up’n down falls in the latter category as it turned out to be really fun to play though it’s a very simple game at heart.

You control a car traveling around a track and the object is very simple, you just have to pick up colored flags littered around and if you pick up all the different colors you can go on to the next level. The track isn’t your regular one as there are usually two roads you can take and you can switch between them on intersections or even better you can speed up and jump from road to road! The road does wrap when you get to the end because otherwise it would be impossible for you to collect all the flags so you have to remember where they are and take the correct route. Along the way are other cars who get in your way and if you bump into them you explode in a ball of flame and lose a life. You can jump on top of them and they will explode instead which is fun but you will have to take care not to jump out of the track as it will be your hide again then. There are also mountains in your way and you’ll have to gain enough speed to get over them while still trying to avoid other cars.

Driving around the course while trying to avoid cars and getting the flags is surprisingly fun especially because you can jump around on top of cars and even from road to road. True the main elements of the game don’t change very much from level to level but the game remains quite challenging especially since you only have three lives. I had quite a good time with this game so I can recommend you try it.

Overal rating: 7/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for several different systems here are some notes:

Apple Released in 1984.
For once the apple’s weird color pallette doesn’t bother you at all as it fits the game well.
Atari 2600 Released in 1984.
The horror of looking at this version made my eyes water, seriously.
C64 Released in 1984.
The C64 version is ok nothing special about it though.
Colecovision Released in 1984.
I really love the colecvision and many of the games released on it were better than on other machines as it the case here as well.
Others These versions are not available.
Atari 8-bit released in 1984.
DOS released in 1987.
Date added May-03-2009 09:07
Name Up ‘n Down
Developer Sega
Publisher Sega
First released 1984
Genre Action