Number of games as developer: 6
Number of games as publisher: 11

Company info : Full name is Strategic Simulations, Inc.

Number of games found: 11 – showing page: 1 of 1
Name Developer Publisher Type Year
Al-Qadim: the genie’s curse Cyberlore studios SSI RPG 1990
Buck Rogers: Countdown to doomsday SSI SSI RPG 1990
Dark sun: shattered lands SSI SSI RPG 1993
Dungeon hack Dreamforge intertainment SSI RPG 1993
Eye of the beholder Westwood SSI RPG 1990
Eye of the beholder 2 Westwood SSI RPG 1991
Eye of the beholder 3 SSI SSI RPG 1993
Gateway to the savage frontier Stormfront studios SSI RPG 1991
Pool of radiance SSI SSI RPG 1988
Questron SSI SSI RPG 1984
Veil of darkness SSI SSI Adventure 1993