Return to Ringworld is a sequel to Ringworld: Revenge of the Patriarch which was based on the bestselling novel by Larry Niven. In that game you, Quinn and a Kzin named Seeker of Vengeance and Miranda Rees, saved the puppeteers from extermination after gathering some powerfull items from the Ringworld. This game continues directly where the previous game ended, after saving the universe you three find yourself to be fugitives from all three major species. The only way you can prove your innocence is by going back to the ringworld and finding some evidence there but the problem is that some major players are after you and it’s not going to be easy.

You start the game controlling Quin after he comes out of statis and after getting your bearings and looking around your friends Seeker and Miranda tell you about two main problems, the controls of the ship and the location of the Ringworld has been lost. It’s up to you to find a solution to both these problems. The controls haven’t changed much from the first game, it’s a pretty standard point and click interface with icons such as use and talk and the inventory is at the bottom of the screen. Later on when you reach the Ringworld you will be able to control the other two characters as well.

The first game was often criticized because it lacked interaction and there were many instances were you could only act one time before or between movie sections. This game has plenty of non-interactives bits but luckily there is a bit more for you to do this time round. I’ve heard the game is three times larger than the first which could be right and a definate plus. I do have a problem with the pace of the game because even though the prequel did throw a lot of cinematics at you it immediately pulled you into the game, this one lets you repair your spacecraft before you really get anywhere which is slightly boring. Later on things get better but I can’t help but feel that I had more with the first game. That said this game has it’s own interesting things and for fans of the books I’m sure there’s plenty of things to discover (I’ve never read them so). The version available here is the CD one which has full speech, nice!

Overal rating: 7/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for one system here are some notes:

DOS Released in 1994.
You need to edit the file TSAGE.CFG, the first line has the location of the gamefiles, change it to wherever you unpacked the game.
Date added Apr-13-2007 21:04
Name Return to Ringworld
Developer Tsunami games
Publisher Tsunami games
First released 1994
Genre Adventure