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Number of games as publisher: 17

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Name Developer Publisher Type Year
Addams family, the Ocean Ocean Action 1992
Batman the caped crusader Ocean Data East Puzzle 1988
Batman the movie Ocean Ocean Action 1989
Cabal Tad corporation Ocean Action 1989
High noon Ocean Ocean Action 1984
Hunchback Century electronics Ocean Action 1983
Ivanhoe Ocean Ocean Action 1990
Midnight resistance Data East Ocean Action 1990
Neverending story, the Ocean Ocean Interactive Fiction 1985
New Zealand story, the Ocean Ocean Action 1989
Night breed Ocean Ocean Action 1990
Night breed – the interactive movie Ocean Ocean Misc 1990
Operation thunderbolt Taito Ocean Action 1989
Operation wolf Taito Ocean Action 1988
Robocop Ocean Data East Action 1988
Untouchables, the Ocean Ocean Action 1989
V the game Westitronix Ocean Puzzle 1986
Vindicator, the Imagine Ocean Action 1988
WWF wrestlemania twilight Ocean Action 1991