Games based on movies are quite common but it’s pretty rare when one company releases two different games based on the same movie. Night breed the interactive movie was released about the same time that the action game came out. It has adventuring parts as well as a number of action sequences. The nightbreed are a race that has existed since long before humans but because they are so different they have always been hunted like wild animals. They have a prophecy that one day a man will come and lead the nightbreed to freedom. You are Daniel Boone and you have been treated for scizofrenia by a shrink who believes you are responsible for a number of murders. He gives you 24 hours to turn yourself in or he will go to the police and this is where the game starts.

Once the games begins you are presented with a map of the town and you have to drive to the police station. Driving is a simple matter of clicking an intersection close to you and you will drive there. Occasionally there will be a police roadblock and you can choose to ram it or go back, ramming it will allow you to continue but there is a chance that one of your tires is punctured which will slow you down. Don’t be too safe however because when you run out of fuel you will be found by the police and you will have wasted precious time. Once you are institutionalized you hear rumors about a place called Midian where all sinners are forgiven. This sounds like salvation to you and you decide to look for this place and break out of the institution. Once you arrive at the entrance of the graveyard which you believe to be the entrance to Midian you are given three options, the wrong one will automatically lead to death. From here you have to find your way into Midian and try to save the Nightbreed as well as yourself, can you do it or will the breed be doomed.

Gameplaywise this is quite different from the action game as most of the time you will be walking around trying to find your way and occasionally you have to play a minigame when you encounter any hostiles. Most of these are quite short but many of them will lead to instant death if you lose and the same thing applies if you make a wrong choice which can be quite annoying. Graphically the game is quite good with detailed graphics and there are some nice sound effects throughout the game. Unfortunately the game suffers as a result of the quick deaths and if they leaned a bit more towards the adventuring instead of trying to include a lot of action sequences it could have been much better. The action game wasn’t really worth much but at least this game does a reasonable job so if you like the movie I suggest you check this game instead of that.

Overal rating: 6.5/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for one systems here are some notes:

Amiga Released in 1986.
Game has been tested but not completed with winUAE v0.9.91.
There are some bugs in the game but I believe they are ‘by design’ as microsoft likes to call it. For instance if your tires get punctured it will slow down your car even if you break out of jail and take another car.
Date added Feb-12-2005 21:24
Name Night breed – the interactive movie
Developer Ocean
Publisher Ocean
First released 1990
Genre Misc