Name Description
Abandonweb Similar to TUOL
C64 Emulator VICE Vice is another great C64 emulator that supports different platforms
CCS64 Emulator home Hompage of the fantastic Commodore 64 Emulator CCS64
Freetoolsassociation Great apple2gs emulator
Home of the underdogs Probably the most complete abandongame website there is
IF-Legends Linksite to Interactive Ficton (text-adventure) websites
Just adventure Site about adventure games, link is to an article about SCUMM
Last Ninja archives Great site about a great game
Lemon64 Great Commodore 64 site
Lucasfan Games Creators of Maniac Mansion deluxe
The good old days Nice site about oldgames from several systems and with good reviews
TUOL The Ultimate Oldware Linksite, great linksite to abandongame websites
VDSM sound VDSM sound emulates old DOS soundcards in windows
Vintage Sierra The most complete site about Sierra games !