If you would like to support this site there are several things you could do,
ofcourse for all donations you will be credited on the site.

– Games:
This site is all about the games so ofcourse we are always on the lookout for new games, however keep in mind that there are plenty of games I have but just haven’t put on the site (yet). If you have any rare games you think could be added to the site then please contact us.
Don’t ask about putting up any recent games or games that are still for sale though.

– Selfmade games:
If you make games yourself or have done so in the past and would like your game added to this site please let us know. I know there are plenty of people out there who are creating games with such tools as the excellent Adventure Game Studio and RPG maker.

– Manuals/maps etc:
If you have any materials from a game like manuals/ documentation/ codewheels or anything else why not mail them to me (digitally), I’ll put them on the site.

– Staff:
Currently I don’t need people to help mewith maintaining the site however if you have any suggestions or have any other ideas on how to help let me know.