Fist 2: the legend continues is the sequel to the popular fighting game way of the exploding fist however unlike the first game you don’t fight against opponents in rounds but part of the game has you adventuring to find sacred scrolls. These scrolls will teach you ancient combat techniques which you need to fight the evil warlord who has taken over the area. You must face countless enemies and other dangers such as toxic rooms in your quest. There is also another part of the game that is similar to the original where you face opponents one on one in round based combat.

You start your quest with a minimal amount of energy or chi and the only way to improve your maximum health is to find one of the sacred scrolls. The scrolls serve another purpose and you must find the temple where you can deliver the scroll as only then will you be able to utilize it’s full power. On your way there will be plenty of people who are trying to stop you in your quest and you will have to face them in hand to hand combat. This part plays pretty much like other fighting games and you have a number of moves with which you can take out your foe, whoever loses his energy completely dies. You will gain back any lost energy over time slowly but you can also pray at one of the temples which will instantly replenish all your energy. As you progress through the game enemies will become more powerfull and it’s unlikely that you will be able to defeat them unless you’ve found and activated a number of scrolls. Some temples will also be off limits to you as you cannot pass the barriers protecting them unless you have a set amount of scrolls. When you have them all you are ready to face the final battle and fight to regain control of the area for your clan.

The second part of the game is called the training or something like that but that part is similar to the original. You must face opponents in single combat and once you defeat them you gain a new belt as is usual in martial arts. You have all sorts of moves at your disposal from low kick and flying kicks to lightning fast punches. There are no ‘special’ moves like fireballs or anything that todays fighting games have but it suits the game better that way. The backgrounds will change quite often and because there is no map to hold in memory like the main game they are much better in quality. The enemies you face will also be taken straight from the main game and you will face familiar opponents like the hooded thief or the bald guy. The main gripe here is that you do not have an energy bar so you can’t really see how well you are doing but as this is mainly a training area you can simply start over.

Fist 2 is a game I played lots and lots when I had a C64 a long time ago, not only does it have plenty of action but finding the scrolls lengthens the game a great amount without making it boring. It’s also openended in that you do not follow a set path through the levels but you can choose which way you go which is great. This is also one of those old games that I found a cheat for while playing the game which earned me quite a reputation and respect from my fellow gamers in school :). The cheat I found is that when you hit the RESTORE button (pagedown in the emu) when the screen scrolls it will keep scrolling but there is no animation and no enemies will appear. Anyway I still find the game fun to play and it has stood the test of time quite well so give it a try yourself.

Overal rating: 8.5/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for two different systems here are some notes:

C64 Released in 1987.
This version has two trainers included one of which finds and activates all the scrolls for you which is boring but you could use the infinite energy one.
ZX Spectrum Released in 1990.
Graphically not as good as the C64 but otherwise gameplay is all there. Interestingly your characters can actually run here but it looks kinda weird.
Date added Apr-06-2006 09:00
Name Fist 2: The legend continues
Developer Beam software
Publisher Melbourne house
First released 1986
Genre Action