Aztec challenge is a game like many others of it’s time, you play an aztec man who has to prove his worthiness as a warrior and you must complete seven different tasks to do just that. If at any time you fail one test you will be able to start it again but only a limited number of tries are allowed and you have to start at the beginning of the test. You’ll face not only nasty beasts but also traps and other warriors who have been send to test you.

Most of the challenges are centered around or in the aztec temple so the first test is to get there but many spear throwers will stand in your way and if you manage to evade them all you will face the next challenge. Climbing the stairs wouldn’t be too diffucult if there weren’t so many boulders falling on top of you and afterwards you will have to run through the maze of the temple avoiding all manner of traps from above and below. Having been to the heart of the temple you will have to leave again by way of the tunnels infested with unfriendly creatures and a large tile filled room where you must jump on the correct tiles or be impaled by a couple of arrows. The final challenges await you outside the temple where you have to swim across a piranha infested river and afterwards crossing a rather unsturdy bridge with huge holes in it and arrows flying across. If you manage to beat all of them however you are not finished yet because you will be send back to the beginning and have to do it all over again but even harder this time.

Aztec challinge can be an incredibly difficult and annoying game simply because it doesn’t allow for any mistake during the entire game which is kind of ridiculous if you think about it. Being send to the beginning of the level if you die was fairly common with games of this type but with levels that can last several minutes it can be a pain. For some strange reason though I did play it quite often so apparently the challenge does appeal to me. You can actually select the difficulty level from one to four and if you mange to complete all seven levels you will start again on a higher difficulty level. I don’t know what happens if you complete the game on the highest difficulty level though. Aztec challenge is a really hardcore game and unless you are one of those who like very hard games it won’t offer you much, for those that do I dare you to beat this game!

Overal rating: 6/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for two different systems here are some notes:

C64 Released in 1983.
There is actually a trainer but it’s of limited use as it will allow you to start at any of the levels and difficulty settings and it will allow you to skip levels with key.
Others This version is not available.
VIC-20 released in 1982, the only version I have doesn’t work after loading.
Date added Jan-17-2006 19:58
Name Aztec challenge
Developer Cosmi corporation
Publisher Cosmi corporation
First released 1983
Genre Action