About this site
I made this website to remember all the great games that I used to (and still!) play.
The main reason being that my original games won’t last forever because floppy disks are very prone to lose data and because certain hardware is no longer made like 5,25 inch floppy drives. Also manuals and/or maps that come with the original tend to rip and tear after a while.
Storing all of these things digitally on a central location I am able to keep them in a central location and also make daily backups on tape.
To make it interesting for other people as well I will add plenty of information about the games themselves like reviews, system requirements etc.

The games
First remember that most of the games on this site are from my own collection so that means it will at first contain lots of adventure games however I will add games from all different genres.
If you have a real interest in these games I suggest you actually play them.
Many of these games will run without too much problems on new systems however some games are more picky than others and if while playing the games I notice anything it will be stated in de review or in the technical issues.
Some games run way too fast on todays Ghz machines and require some extra hassle to play properly. If you really want to play more games like these then I suggest you get a hold of an old PC and use that, they shouldn’t be too hard to come by and won’t cost you too much either.
I have an old 286 – 10 Mhz (yes 10 Mhz) PC with 2 floppy drives one for booting and one for playing the games with. I found this system on the internet while looking through the ads and I got it for FREE :).