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Nov 30 - No fish
Oct 05 - Big Mac!
Aug 03 - Bruce Lee!
Jun 08 - You want the be a lion?
Jun 01 - Horse racing
May 17 - Big update
May 04 - Whooo
Apr 25 - Oh my
Latest additions
Manhunter: New York
Big Mac The Mad Maintenance Man
Bruce Lee
Space quest 2 - Vohauls revenge
Yo! Joe!
Robinson's requiem
Voodoo nightmare
Zombie apocalypse
Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego
- The House of Games -

Welcome to The House of Games

This site is dedicated to bringing you all those great games from the past which are now known as abandonware or abandongames. You'll find reviews, screenshots, solutions and more. Also many games were released for multiple systems and if they are available their information will be put on the site as well.
I vowed to complete every game on this site so games might not be added as quickly as other sites but it does mean you get the best picture possible about them.
Now run along and check out those games :p

Happy gaming to all.

Erde Kaiser

- Latest news -
 Date  Type
Nov-30-2012 21:27  No fish
Last time I went fishing and I caught nothing at all! So I went back home and played a fishing game instead. After that I prepared it to upload to the site but I totally forgot about it! Well I'll add it next time though because today I added an adventure game called Manhunter: New York. It's a first person point and click adventure, one of the first from Sierra. The world has been taken over by aliens looking like giant eyeballs. Several years later you are a manhunter looking for humans that have broken the law. Use your MAD computer to track and locate them but during your investigation you come across a resistance movement and other more sinister plots.
The game really reminds me of Rise of the Dragon with it's overhead city map and it's first person view as well as the setting. It's certainly not as polished but it's a nice departure from your average fantasy and comedy Sierra adventure.
Oct-05-2012 21:36  Big Mac!
Has it been two months already?! Wel apparantly it is because I see the last news item dates back from august 3rd... I can't believe it how fast this year seems to be going, we're less than three months away from 2013 already! Well I added a game once more, this time for my favorite system of all time probably, the Commodore 64. Big Mac the mad maintenance man is a platform game with a really weird name. You are a electrician and you have to turn off eightteen power vaults inside some bad guys power station. Each power vault is a single screen of action as you run and jump turning switches so you can get at the vault. Released in 1985 for only two English pounds this was a budget title but the game though was very much worth it. It says a lot when game released almost 30 years ago is still fun to play.
Aug-03-2012 16:04  Bruce Lee!
You must have heard of Bruce Lee because if you haven't you must have been living in the bushes the past few decades. Bruce Lee is probably one of the most influental martial artists there is who sadly died way too young. Obviously there were games made with his name and this is a platform game simply called Bruce Lee. You must wonder around a maze filled with lanterns which you have to collect, once you collect all of them in an area a door will open to the next one. Sounds simple doesn't it but apart from a green sumo wrestler and a ninja trying to stop you you must also find your way around moving platforms, deadly swords and even laserbeams! This is an excellent example of an oldschool platform/action game so get it now.
Jun-08-2012 20:14  You want the be a lion?
Have you ever wanted to be a Lion, king of the jungle? This is your chance because the game Lion puts you in control of the mighty beast. Prowl around the savanna while trying to hunt for food and take care of your pride. If you do really well you can even mate and raise some cubs of your own.
Lion is a sort of sequel to Wolf and it's uniqueness alone makes it worth playing. I added two versions, the regular dos version and the full CD version as well!
Jun-01-2012 20:23  Horse racing
With that programming job on last update I took it easy, I actually played some old games again which I'll be reviewing and adding soon.
For now I added the Amiga version of Sport of kings, also called omni play horse racing. It's about horse racing obviously and you can pick a jockey to ride and even do some betting to increase your bank account.
May-17-2012 14:59  Big update
Hi there, no update last week because I was working on a somewhat large update to the site's navigation. I have added categories (which for now are not shown themselves) but if you click on a game now on the bottom it will show you similar games and/or the ones that have similar themes. Is doensn't look like much but technically I had to do quite a bit of things for it to work.
As an example Space Quest 2: chapter two - Vohauls revenge which I just added has many similar games like Kings quest, police quest and more. That way you can instantly select a similar game which is neat. Anyway Space quest 2 is the second installment of the series and once again you must battle Vohaul from the Sarien encounter and he isn't as dead as as you though. Now he doesn't want you to interfere with his plans so he captures you and sends you to a labor planet. Roger's bad luck helps him out as the shuttle crashes and he escapes but now once again you must save the universe. You either love or hate the old Sierra adventures but I think the Space Quest series is a notch above the others so give it a go.
May-04-2012 13:38  Whooo
Wow an update only one week after the last one!
I will try to keep it up but no promises because you never know what's going to happen. Right now I'm trying to build more of an online presence and get into the webmarketing business. I'm quite fed up with how companies work and if I can get my own business running I won't have to cater to someone elses whims. I know it's hard work but I don't mind working it's just when decisions someone makes who has no knowledge whatsoever about what my job entails affects how I have to do my job.

Anyway enough rambling and here are some manuals and solves I managed to find for some older games.
A scanned and text manual plus a solve for Uninvited - a first person adventure game from ICOM simulations who made Deja VU. In it you are stranded in an old mansion after you car breaks down and have to face countless dangers to get out.
A scanned manual and some instructionsfor Test drive - A driving game where you can pick from five sportscars including a Ferrari Testarossa and a Lamborghini Countach and drive them around a mountain road while avoiding your average drivers and police.
A scanned manual and a solve for Plan 9 from outer space - Billed as the worst movie of all time. The game is a quite enjoyable adventure game.
A text manual for Out run - The first game I ever owned for my Commodore 64! It's a straightup racing game in which you drive a Ferrari Testarossa against lovely scenery.
A text manual for Night breed - the interactive movie - An adventure games based on the movie where you are the savior of the Night Breed, a strange group of mutant outcasts hiding from humanity.
A text manual for Night breed - the action game - An action game based on the same movie. This game has nothing on the interactive movie.
- Latest additions -
 Date  Type  Name System
Nov-30-2012 21:14 Adventure  Manhunter: New York
Oct-05-2012 21:28 Action  Big Mac The Mad Maintenance Man
Aug-03-2012 15:59 Action  Bruce Lee
Jun-08-2012 20:10 Simulation  Lion
May-17-2012 14:49 Adventure  Space quest 2 - Vohauls revenge
Apr-25-2012 22:03 Misc  El-Fish
Aug-26-2011 22:16 Action  Yo! Joe!
May-20-2011 23:59 Action  Z-out
Feb-25-2011 23:12 Action  Robinson's requiem
Feb-11-2011 14:29 Action  Voodoo nightmare

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