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Nov 30 - No fish
Oct 05 - Big Mac!
Aug 03 - Bruce Lee!
Jun 08 - You want the be a lion?
Jun 01 - Horse racing
May 17 - Big update
May 04 - Whooo
Apr 25 - Oh my
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Manhunter: New York
Big Mac The Mad Maintenance Man
Bruce Lee
Space quest 2 - Vohauls revenge
Yo! Joe!
Robinson's requiem
Voodoo nightmare
Zombie apocalypse
Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego
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Nov-30-2012 21:27  No fish
Last time I went fishing and I caught nothing at all! So I went back home and played a fishing game instead. After that I prepared it to upload to the site but I totally forgot about it! Well I'll add it next time though because today I added an adventure game called Manhunter: New York. It's a first person point and click adventure, one of the first from Sierra. The world has been taken over by aliens looking like giant eyeballs. Several years later you are a manhunter looking for humans that have broken the law. Use your MAD computer to track and locate them but during your investigation you come across a resistance movement and other more sinister plots.
The game really reminds me of Rise of the Dragon with it's overhead city map and it's first person view as well as the setting. It's certainly not as polished but it's a nice departure from your average fantasy and comedy Sierra adventure.
Oct-05-2012 21:36  Big Mac!
Has it been two months already?! Wel apparantly it is because I see the last news item dates back from august 3rd... I can't believe it how fast this year seems to be going, we're less than three months away from 2013 already! Well I added a game once more, this time for my favorite system of all time probably, the Commodore 64. Big Mac the mad maintenance man is a platform game with a really weird name. You are a electrician and you have to turn off eightteen power vaults inside some bad guys power station. Each power vault is a single screen of action as you run and jump turning switches so you can get at the vault. Released in 1985 for only two English pounds this was a budget title but the game though was very much worth it. It says a lot when game released almost 30 years ago is still fun to play.
Aug-03-2012 16:04  Bruce Lee!
You must have heard of Bruce Lee because if you haven't you must have been living in the bushes the past few decades. Bruce Lee is probably one of the most influental martial artists there is who sadly died way too young. Obviously there were games made with his name and this is a platform game simply called Bruce Lee. You must wonder around a maze filled with lanterns which you have to collect, once you collect all of them in an area a door will open to the next one. Sounds simple doesn't it but apart from a green sumo wrestler and a ninja trying to stop you you must also find your way around moving platforms, deadly swords and even laserbeams! This is an excellent example of an oldschool platform/action game so get it now.
Jun-08-2012 20:14  You want the be a lion?
Have you ever wanted to be a Lion, king of the jungle? This is your chance because the game Lion puts you in control of the mighty beast. Prowl around the savanna while trying to hunt for food and take care of your pride. If you do really well you can even mate and raise some cubs of your own.
Lion is a sort of sequel to Wolf and it's uniqueness alone makes it worth playing. I added two versions, the regular dos version and the full CD version as well!
Jun-01-2012 20:23  Horse racing
With that programming job on last update I took it easy, I actually played some old games again which I'll be reviewing and adding soon.
For now I added the Amiga version of Sport of kings, also called omni play horse racing. It's about horse racing obviously and you can pick a jockey to ride and even do some betting to increase your bank account.
May-17-2012 14:59  Big update
Hi there, no update last week because I was working on a somewhat large update to the site's navigation. I have added categories (which for now are not shown themselves) but if you click on a game now on the bottom it will show you similar games and/or the ones that have similar themes. Is doensn't look like much but technically I had to do quite a bit of things for it to work.
As an example Space Quest 2: chapter two - Vohauls revenge which I just added has many similar games like Kings quest, police quest and more. That way you can instantly select a similar game which is neat. Anyway Space quest 2 is the second installment of the series and once again you must battle Vohaul from the Sarien encounter and he isn't as dead as as you though. Now he doesn't want you to interfere with his plans so he captures you and sends you to a labor planet. Roger's bad luck helps him out as the shuttle crashes and he escapes but now once again you must save the universe. You either love or hate the old Sierra adventures but I think the Space Quest series is a notch above the others so give it a go.
May-04-2012 13:38  Whooo
Wow an update only one week after the last one!
I will try to keep it up but no promises because you never know what's going to happen. Right now I'm trying to build more of an online presence and get into the webmarketing business. I'm quite fed up with how companies work and if I can get my own business running I won't have to cater to someone elses whims. I know it's hard work but I don't mind working it's just when decisions someone makes who has no knowledge whatsoever about what my job entails affects how I have to do my job.

Anyway enough rambling and here are some manuals and solves I managed to find for some older games.
A scanned and text manual plus a solve for Uninvited - a first person adventure game from ICOM simulations who made Deja VU. In it you are stranded in an old mansion after you car breaks down and have to face countless dangers to get out.
A scanned manual and some instructionsfor Test drive - A driving game where you can pick from five sportscars including a Ferrari Testarossa and a Lamborghini Countach and drive them around a mountain road while avoiding your average drivers and police.
A scanned manual and a solve for Plan 9 from outer space - Billed as the worst movie of all time. The game is a quite enjoyable adventure game.
A text manual for Out run - The first game I ever owned for my Commodore 64! It's a straightup racing game in which you drive a Ferrari Testarossa against lovely scenery.
A text manual for Night breed - the interactive movie - An adventure games based on the movie where you are the savior of the Night Breed, a strange group of mutant outcasts hiding from humanity.
A text manual for Night breed - the action game - An action game based on the same movie. This game has nothing on the interactive movie.
Apr-25-2012 22:53  Oh my
Now now my last post and update was an extremely long time ago, 8 months almost to the day. Like I said last time I was busy with my new house and all and it takes a huge amount of time to get a new house ready to live in especially if you do almost all the work by yourself.
I was somewhat burned out once I finished though and also cut my hand during the work with a saw which was rather unpleasant. Luckily it wasn't that deep but I do have an extra scar now though.

Right now I'm very eager to get back into the game and I am starting to get busy with my online presence again. I finally had the time to play some games but I didn't want to get into too much action right away so I decided to play a really unorthodox game. El-Fish was designed by Alexey Pajitnov who also created Tetris. El-Fish is about having and taking care of an aquarium filled with fishes. That sounds rather boring but the fish is where the real interesting bit of the game is. You can catch fish in a huge variety but once you do you can evolve or breed them with fish you already have to make entirely new and wonderfull species. There is an almost infinite number of variations possible in terms of shape and color.
Once you're done with that you can animate them and the program will calculate all the frames of animation for your new species. If you're bored with the tank you can design one from the ground up and there's plenty for you to put in. The game even has a fractal generator that will make plants unique each team you plant one even if it's the exact same species.
When you're done with all that you can just sit back and watch your fishes swim happily in your tanks.

El-Fish is a weird game, you can even go as far as saying it's not even really a game. I was never able to properly play it when it was released because on my 386 PC it took hours before rendering the fish was done. Nowadays with these fast PCs it still takes a couple of minutes but that's nothing. I quite enjoyed the game and you can't really get any more alternative than this, it's a must see even if you don't fancy this sort of thing.
Aug-26-2011 22:31  Three months
You can't imagine the amount of things happening right now, selling my house, buying a new one, preparing to move and all. Not too mention all other stuff like work and many other things that have prevented me from doing updates. Since I haven't moved yet to my new house I'm not sure when the next update will be but I'll try not to wait as long as this one. Since time was in short supply I played an platform game called Yo! Joe! where you play as Joe or Nat trying to stop an evil gang from locking up an oracle. Fight your way across six vastly different levels and play a flying minigame in between to gain lives. The game is quite short but everything is done very well so at least you'll have a good time while it does last.
May-21-2011 00:12  Finally an update
Jikes! it's been two months since the last update which is the longest the site has gone without one. There was a very good reason though, two months ago we heard my company was going to restructure our departmant and we knew there were some people who were going to be let off. I forced myself to study fast and hard to get some certificates which I had been pushing forward somewhat. I was quite pleased to finally get my certificate for Microsoft Certified IT Professional: enterprise admin 2008 which should give me a good chance to at least stay where I am now. Today I had my talk with the managers and all and I was pleasantly surprised because not only could I stay but I even got a promotion because of my hard work! Pfff what a busy two months it's been but I can relax a bit now. Now that my job's fine I can finally add another game!

Z-out is the sequel to X-out, which are both scrolling shooters not unlike the famed R-type. X-out was a lot more unique though taking place underwater and letting you buy different ships and weapons and letting you arrange them the way you wanted. Z-out removes all of that and is a more straightup shooter, sadly this means it's nowhere near as good as the first game. It's not bad just not great like X-out, why not try both and see for yourself.
Mar-18-2011 21:39  8 manuals
It's been a while since I added manuals so that's what I did, 8 manuals to be exact.
Persian Gulf inferno - Terrorists treathen to blow up an oil rig and you are the only one who can stop them.
Millenium 2.2 - A strategy game where you are send to colonize another system after earth has been rendered uninhabitable however aliens are there trying to do the same thing.
Oil imperium - Drill for black gold all around the world and make a fortune, a great business game with arcade sections.
Katakis - A fun scrolling shooter like R-type.
Jimmy White's wirlwind snooker - A snooker sim featuring Jimmy 'Whirlwind' White. Not much of a looker but great gameplay
Gold of the Aztecs - An incredibly difficult arcade game where you go after the Aztec treasure and try to make it out alive. Try completing this without a trainer, I did and it gave me great satisfaction when I finally did!
Escape from Colditz - Control four P.O.W. and try to escape from the German prison during WW2, great fun dispite the setting.
Dinopark tycoon - Build your own zoo filled with dinosaurs!
Feb-25-2011 23:18  Weekend
Thank goodness it's weekend because I really need it. It's not I can relax and stuff because I have things to do in the weekend as well. I was barely to make an update but it's here so enjoy.

It's no fun in the future if you are disruptive to society because you are sent to far away planets to explore but what they don't tell you is that they often sabotage your ship. Now stranded on this unknown planet you must find a telepatic woman calling for you as you need each other to escape. Robinson's requiem is an RPG but with a lot of freeroaming and realism. You can get sick from many different things apart from the creatures wanting a piece of you. It's pretty unique because if a limb get infected you can actually amputate it to save yourself, nasty stuff. This game is fairly unique and though it has some issues overall it's well worth your time.
Feb-11-2011 14:33  gotta move
I have to run to pick up my little girl so here's todays update.

Voodoo nightmare is an action adventure game in which you must run around the jungle collecting pins that you can use on a voodoo doll of an evil witch doctor. He has put a mask on you covering your whole upper body and there is no way to remove it without him. You will have to figure your way through five dungeons and the jungles in between to stop this voodoo nightmare.
Highly enjoyable stuff this and some nice touches in gameplay so well worth it.
Feb-04-2011 13:52  certification
I wasn't able to do an update last week because I had an exam, unfortunately my job requires me to sometimes get updated with that kind of stuff. I passed though so that was quite good and a bit of a relief. This weekend I'm gonna look for some new games to relax a bit but for now here's an update.

Zeewolf is an action shooter in which you fly a helicopter up against impossible odds in order to retrieve plans for a fusion reactor which was stolen by a large rival coorperation. As a mercenary you get payed for completed missions and enemies you take out but you have to be carefull not to use to much ammo and missiles because you have to pay for those yourself. The games has completely 3D vector graphics which are not too detailed but runs very smoothly, there's action as well as plenty of strategy. What more can you ask for.
Jan-21-2011 20:54  Zombies galore
I've been watching a number of zombie movies lately among them survival of the dead, the crazies (the new one) and some others. I thought it would be cool to add a game that had something to do with the genre so I dug up this game called zombie apocalypse which sounds exactly like the game is. It's a firstperson shooter with loads of zombies coming at you and you only have a big gun and some grenades at your disposal. Occasionally you can find some more ammo and grenades among all the baddies coming at you. The game is quite basic with one level consisting of one screen and there isn't much variety at all. Still it was programmed by a single bloke and released in the public domain so given that it isn't that bad and you can get some practice when the real zombie apocalypse happens.
Jan-07-2011 22:15  Happy new year!
First of all: Happy new year and the best wishes to you all!
Sadly I wasn't able to update last week since it was new years eve and all, it was quite a lot hectic than I thought. Maybe next time I'll just stay home with my family but hey that's still a year aways.

For the 2011 the first game I am going to add is a puzzle game called X-it. It reminds me a lot of boulderdash where you have to dig around and push rocks onto enemies. X-it give you control of a dude (that's the best way to describe him I guess) and you walk around mazes pushing blocks and avoiding other obstacles to get to the exit. Things start out easy but later on there are tons of different blocks with all sorts of effects to deal with. It's quite a simple idea but it works very well.
Dec-24-2010 21:22  Merry Christmas!
First of all I wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a good time and all that. It's rather cold over here and there's a lot of snow lying around as well as ice so everyone should be carefull. I'm off for a couple of days but before that I added another game. I'll probably make one more update after this one before the end of the year so stay tuned.

Today's game is called Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego and fan's of the series will instantly recognize it. For those who don't know Carmen Sandiego is a master thief and as a new recruit you are tasked with investigating and finding her henchman who go around stealing objects, this time in Europe. You'll be transported to the scene of the crime some of which are quite extraordinary like the dissapearance of an entire mountain top. Gather clues by investigating and following the culprit around Europe, get the facts right on the suspect and once you find him you can arrest him. Climb the way all the way up to Carmen Sandiego herself in a match of wits.
Dec-17-2010 22:28  feeling better
I've been feeling better lately after a visit to the doctor and such. I must be getting old and stuff because I never went to see the doctor before but hey things change.

I played a game called Yolanda which I never heard of before. Yolanda is the daughter of Hercules and apparently she has angered a goddess who has now put a curse on her killing every man who falls in love with her in 12 days. Now she's out to end the curse be completing 12 tasks like her father did before. The 12 tasks are actually 12 levels each consisting of several screens in which you must face countless dangers to get to the exit. If you thought you played difficult games this game will blow you away. You have no weapons at all and can only run and jump, each hit or high fall can kill you. Almost every platform, even the one you start on, will catch fire a few seconds after you step on it so you can't even look at the screen for long before running. To top it all off, anything higher than the easiest difficulty level will switch screens every time you die so you can't even get a feel of a level. If you finish this game on legendary mode which has only a single life for you then you must be a gaming god!
Dec-10-2010 17:30  the flu
I've recently had a mild case of the flu but luckily if wasn't too bad so I'm already been busy a lot already. The end of the year is coming soon and boy time really flies, it's already been six years since I began this site. Anyway here's todays update.

Questron is an RPG which looks and plays a whole lot like the first Ultima, some even went as far as calling it Ultima 1.5 but I think this game deserves more praise than that. You begin life as a lowly peasant but legend foretells of a hero emerging from humble beginnings and with this in mind you sell you cows and take what gold you have to rid the world of the evil wizard Mantor. You'll have to face countless enemies and travel the world in various ways to prepare for you final battle. This is one hard RPG and it's quite popular to this day so look past the old looks and give it a go.
Dec-04-2010 21:48  Update
No nonsense this time, just a straightup platform actiongame called videokid. As a boy you get sucked into the TV set and now you have to face five different worlds, or programs, to get back home. Each world has itīs own style like for instance a medieval or western level. You can shoot all the bad guys and while you do you can collect all manner of powerups like multi angle shooters, bombs and shields. Though Iīm sure the game doesnīt offer much you wonīt see in other platformers itīs executed very well with nice graphics, good controls and variety in levels so itīs well worth playing.
Nov-19-2010 22:12  A gambling we go
First there's some news from the community as Da Fast Lane is back! Check out their new site at

I was really in the mood for some gambling but ofcourse I didn't really want to put down real cash so I figured I'd pull out one of the old games. What I found was Vegas gambler featuring four classic games: video poker, roulette, black jack and the slots. It's what you would suggest of a game like this, it isn't bad but it's not a standout either. I still had some fun with it though and it's gonna cost you a whole lot less than actually going to casino, too bad you can't win anything either :)
Nov-13-2010 21:02  a day late
I was going to update yesterday but there was no time for me to do so but better a day late then no update at all.

I added WWF Wrestlemania released in 1991, there have been other games based on the WWF but this is definately one of the earlier ones. You can pick from Hulk Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior or the British bulldog and you'll have to defeat four wrestlers before you get a shot at the current champ sargeant Slaughter. Defeat him and you are the champion. There are some nice touches to the game like going out of the ring and grabbing a chair to smash your opponent but it's a shame all the wrestlers are so much alike. Wrestling fans should check this out.
Nov-05-2010 21:47  Gold of the Aztecs
I've been feeling a bit tired lately, might be the weather I think with the rain and short days. Maybe I've just been training too hard, I guess it'll pass.

I've been preparing some games to add to the site but I was backtracked because I was playing Gold of the Aztecs for DOS. I already had this game but it required a codewheel which at first I didn't have. I then got a text sheet consisting of the codes but they were very difficult to read but once I figured it out I made a small program which calculates the codes for you. The game is a platformer in which you set out to find the lost treasure of the aztecs. From the start you are met by hostility by all manner of creatures and the traps set by the ancient aztecs as well. The game is incredibly difficult partly because the control scheme is rather awkward. I'm actually able to beat the game now without dying once throughout the game, I can tell you it's incredible when you do it because not many can do it I'm sure. I dare you to try it!
Oct-22-2010 21:31  why oh why.
Man sometimes you wonder why some games are released. Ninja Rabbits is a simple fighting game where you play a rabbit using martial arts to fight off enemies trying to close a factory which is the actual story of the game. Your moves are slow, the enemies are really bland and there's no real tactic in playing the game. Why they bothered to release a sequel is totally beyond me.

The only good thing from this game is that I found someone who really hates this sort of game, the angry video game nerd, who has a bunch of video's reviewing all these totally bad games from the past. You can find a list of them here and I can recommend wachting them because they're great.
Oct-15-2010 20:15  no big news
I've been adding a lot of adventure and rpg games lately which were the games that drew me into pc gaming almost 20 years ago. These days it's pretty boring with only the first person shooter genre and only a tiny amount of others. I haven't played many a new game lately except yesterday I took a stab at typing of the dead by Sega which is basically house of the dead but instead of shooting the baddies you type in words and kill them off that way. Very weird but pretty cool I thought except it wears on you a bit quickly.

Anyway enough about that and on to the update which is, you guessed it, an adventure game. Guilty or guilty - innocent until caught 2 is a sequel to innocent until caught. Once again you play the part of a thief called Jack T. Ladd but right at the start of the game you get caught by a cop called Ysanne Andropath. You can play through the game as either character which will take you to the same area's but the puzzles are completely different which means you can play through the game a second time greatly adding to the game. It's a pretty good game so try it.
Oct-01-2010 21:13  autumn's here
well not much really to say this time, well actually loads but I won't bore you with that :)
Autumn is officially here and the weather has been quite rainy which usually I don't mind but it's rather annoying when it's coming down in buckets all the time. Well I guess I will stay home and play some oldies haha

I added Might and Magic 2: gates to another world which is a wellknown and long running series of RPG. As the title suggest you will travel to others world and even timelines with you adventuring party. As with the series there is big emphasis on combat and as such you can level up all the way to level 255 which can take a long time. This game is not for the novice though because leveling up a lot is required to beat some of the later enemies but it worth checking out for the more seasoned adventurer.
Sep-17-2010 21:37  Stop the slack
Well my 34th birthday has come and gone but in a couple of days it will be my first wedding anniversary. It's amazing how fast time can fly and a lot can happen in a year. But not too much slacking now so I added another game.

Journey to the center of the earth is a book by Jules Verne in which a party of adventurers travel in a cave and go on a journey towards the center of the earth where they find there is a lot more there than just rocks and fossils.
The game itself is an adventure of sorts with survival thrown in as you are seperated from the rest of the party at the start of the game. You'll encounter a load of dangers a lot of them being rocks falling but later on you'll come across angry mammoths and even pterodactyls. The game isn't executed very well as progress is displayed only by text messages and there's little to no way to see where you are of have been. I found myself strangly drawn to the game though and I kept trying to get deeper into the earth which was surprisingly addictive dispite the bad points.
Sep-03-2010 18:53  Almost my birthday
September is here again, time does fly doesn't it. One day you are alone playing some games and a year later you have a family and all. Anyway I'll be celebrating my birtday next week so I probably won't be updating then but you never know!

I added Montezuma's revenge, a platform game in which treasure hunter Panama Joe is after Montezuma's treasure. You'll have to navigate tons of rooms filled with many obstacles with only your wits and reflexes to help you. Gather as much treasure as you can and reach the treasure chamber to get the gold.
The game is very simple at it's heart as were most of the games released in the 80's. I still think it's great fun to play after all this time so check it out.
Aug-27-2010 22:58  4 in a row
Wow an update each week for a whole month! Actually it was because I was free for a whole month and was able to create a more efficient means of updating. I can't promise I will keep this up all the time though since I've got loads of other obligations and stuff now that I have to take care of a family and all. But we'll see how it goes.

I added labyrinth which is made after the movie of the same name from 1986, the movie wasn't very succesfull but it has become a cult classic. The game slightly diviates from the movie in that you play a man who is trapped in the labyrinth and the only way to get out and back to your own world is to navigate the maze and defeat Jareth, the evil master of the labyrinth. The game actually starts as a text adventure but once you reach the labyrinth changes to a graphical one which is quite a neat feature. The game is also quite a succes in my opinion as it kept me playing for quite a while. For once a maze in an adventure game is not only viable but even fun!
Aug-20-2010 20:07  parlour games
I added a really weird game today called parlour games which was only released on the Sega Master System. You get to play three different minigames: darts, billiards and bingo. Each is played separately as standalone games and all of them have options on how to play the game like how to open en close in darts or how many points you play for. The bingo minigame is a bit of a strange one as I don't really see how it ties in with the name and the other two games, that and the two girls wearing silly outfits. I like the darts game though so give it a go.
Aug-13-2010 14:50  friday the 13th
I'm on a roll here with regular updates again, that doesn't actually mean I have loads of time on my hands though as I'm still swamped. I guess prioritizing is an important thing as I've dropped some timeconsuming activities in favor of the more fun/usefull ones, why don't you try the same?
Oh I just saw it's friday the 13th, good luck all :)

I added Ecstatica which is a sort of survival horror adventure in which you are a traveler stopping by a small village to stock up on supplies but find that it's overrun with monsters and the villagers gone or being bullied by the creatures. You are put in the part of the hero as you try to find out what's going on and how to stop it before it grabs you by the feet and pull you under. Graphically is has a very distinct style with spheres used instead of rectangular polygons which is easier on the hardware but it also give the characters a very cuddly look which is bad in a survival horror game. It's still and excellent game though a bit on the short side.
Aug-06-2010 17:02  Weekly updates?
Wow an update a week after the last one, well it doesn't mean I have loads of time or anything since I'm still grappling with taking care of a baby and all. It's all going a lot better now and in my free time I can even get some work done. I must say though that it's giving me quite a lot of energy which is good :)

This time I added a really simple game but that's because it was released in 1982 at the time the Commodore 64 was released as well. It's called Tooth invaders in which you play a man (or something like that) who has to clean teeth and defend them from germs and nasty bugs using his trusty old floss and toothbrush. The entire game is extremely simple as your character is literaly just a stick figure. I remember playing this game back then for quite a while though but now it's more for nostalgia than anything else.
Jul-30-2010 16:28  A baby girl!
Well my wife gave birth to a baby girl last week and things have been hectic to say the least, taking care of a little baby is quite a task. Happily wife and daughter are all well and I have taken a couple of weeks of vacation to get used to this huge change. It's tiring but I can tell you it's all worth it looking at my baby. I still can't believe I'm actually a daddy now :)

Also The House of Games has been around for almost six years now and with the addition of one game it has now reached the 400 mark in terms of games on the site. Actually when you add all the different console/system versions you actually get to a grand total of 1194! Amazing huh.

Anyway the 400th game added is one of my most memorable early PC games, it's Wing Commander by Origin. It's a sort of a space opera action shooter in which the Terran race has been in a war with the Kilrathi for over 20 years now. The Kilrathi are a catlike species and are very agressive towards the Terrans. You are fresh out of the academy and assigned to the Tiger's Claw (how ironic) in the Vega sector. You must do missions like search and destroy and escorting freighters but in between you can chat with fellow pilots to get to know them and advance the plot as well. The game featured incredible 3D graphics (altough it's actually 2D bitmaps) for the time and was easily able to slow down the fastest PC's available then which was unheard of then. It's a very long running series and it's a must have for any collector.
Jul-10-2010 09:29  Worldcup soccer
In case you hadn't notices the worldcup soccer in South Africa is almost reaching it's highlight with today the runnerup match between Germany and Uruguay and tomorrow Spain vs. the Netherlands. Usually I'm not really into soccer but since this is a special event I don't mind watching it.

I thought it would be fun seeing the circumstances to add a soccer game which I did in the form of sensible soccer by who other than sensible software. This game was the start of a longrunning series of soccer games that rivalled kick off for it's almost sole supremacy in the genre. There's the now wellknown options of play like single, local or worldcup but the game's main point is in it's micromanagement where you can pick from teams and even players from many countries and teams. Later versions and sequels added even more up to the point where you could play almost in every country around the world and even manage your team as well. This one isn't that elaborate yet but it has the beginnings of a great series already.
Jun-26-2010 23:23  One more update
The update is a day late but hey busy and stuff with work, I might be getting a new position soon because of some very good work I managed to do (and show the managers) so fingers crossed.

The game added is King's Quest 3: to heir is human, the third installment of this longrunning adventure game series. You are the son of Graham from the first games but you were snatched by an evil wizard to act as a servant until your eighteenth birthday at which time he will get rid of you afraid that you will learn magic and turn against him. Now before you turn eightteen you must find a way to get rid of the wizard once and for all. Your quest isn't complete after that though because you must return to Daventry and save your twin sister from the three headed dragon that has been terrorising the land after you were kidnapped. The game's a lot longer than the previous two games which is excellent but the part with the wizard is timed (in realtime) which is a bit annoying. Still if you like the series this is a musthave.
Jun-11-2010 19:47  Manuals galore
I was able to quite a few manuals but unfortunately only of them is a scanned one, still it's better than having no manual at all is it. Here are the manuals:
Harley Davidson - a game about your journey from east to west on your bike for the great gathering at Sturgis.
Future wars - (scanned manual) an adventure where a simple window washer get's caught up in a plot involving time travel!
Kick Off - a hectic topdown view soccer game.
Joan of Arc - the siege and the sword - a tactical game much like defender of the crown set during the 15th century of France where you must battle the English.
Sinbad and the throne of the falcon - an interactive adventure game about Sinbad the sailor helping a princess defeat a dark prince.
Wings of fury - a cool action game where you fly a fighter in the pacific during world war 2.
Zombi - an adventure game modeled after dawn of the dead where four people in a helicopter stop at a mall in search for fuel to escape the hordes of zombies.
Jun-04-2010 23:08  overdrive
The company I work for just finished a move to a new building so things have been a bit hectic the last weeks but overall things are now calming down after the big bang. I'm just hanging on for a couple of weeks before my first baby is coming around after which I'm off duty for a month which I'm sure I'll be needing. Untill it's that time though I've got some spare time and I've added another game.

Overdrive is a topdown racing game which was quite popular in the 90's. The twist is that you can drive different kind of vehicles like GP cars, 4x4 and others on different tracks which is nice. Not spectacular but fun enough to keep you occupied for a while at least.
May-16-2010 21:30  Rise of the Dragon
I'm making a special update just for this game as Rise of the Dragon is probably one of my favorite adventure games there is. The game features a blade runner style future in which you must find the ultimate badguy who has come back after a thousand years and now using drugs is going to take over the city. It has a firstperson point and click interface and also a semi freestyle sort of play in which you can do things in your own order and there's even multiple endings as well.

I was donated the 16-color EGA version which is surprisingly good and ofcourse the gameplay is all in there. This is really only added as a collectable because you'll probably pick up the regular vga version but to me this is what the site is all about.
May-07-2010 20:43  Just married!
Well that's it I'm now officially a married man not that it feels differently or anything since we were basically "married" a long time ago. Anyway no honeymoon for us since we already did that as well so it's back to the regular business :)
I added a pinball game today called the ultimate pinball quest which as the title suggests actually has a story about three witches who have stolen the six elements and you will have to play pinball to get them back. Pretty weird and unique but the pinball part is pretty much standard. Still it's quite unique so that's always worth a try.
Apr-30-2010 23:05  Big day coming!
Well I've been telling you how I've been busy and all that which is really true. Well it's only a few days before monday and I'm getting married then can you believe it? Hahaha I never thought that would be happening a few years ago but hey I'm also getting older so time for a change eh.

Anyway I managed to add one update before the end of the month, I'm not sure I'll be doing more updates but I'll try to manage at least a couple each month.
The game added is called universal warrior, in which you pilot a droid around a maze dodging other machines, trying to find the exit and make some money in the process. Between levels you can buy upgrades and even insurance for your droid's parts which apparently was never done before and has not been done after. It's quite a fun game even though there's zero story and all but some games don't need that anyway.
Apr-09-2010 21:26  moving servers
I was forced to change hosting servers and it took ages to move all the files since my upload speed is horrible. We're back up and running though so time for an update. I added Gateway to the Savage Frontier, one of the gold box games released by SSI in 1991. Following the standard formula you create a group of heroes to go on an adventure in this case to first get some revenge on the guys who drugged you during a party and stole all your goodies. Ofcourse like in all RPG stories the plot quickly turn into a huge affair with a nasty group called the Zhentarim trying to take over all of the Savage Frontier and it's up to you to stop them. Fans of SSI RPG's should feel right at home with this one.
Mar-19-2010 22:50  bla
Man I've been not only busy but extremely busy and it's all to do with things like wife, work that sort of thing. I don't know if I can manage more updates the coming times so I'll just do them when I can and not promise anything. For today I added Powerboat USA in which you can pick up a Don Johnson special and race it around Miami. There's plenty of options as well as a course editor though it's a bit simplistic.
Feb-28-2010 19:46  What's going on?
Well we've gone a whole month without an update which is because a whole lot of private affairs, nothing bad though but I can no do stuff just by myself and think about myself since I've gotten married and all. It's not bad at all but you have to set priorities don't you.
Anyway I managed to make an update just before the end of the month in the form of Space quest: the Sarien encounter, the first in the space quest series. Take control of Roger Wilco, a janitor, on board the starship Arcada which has been ransacked by the Sariens. Being the only one left it's up to you to get back the generator they have stolen and it will take all of your wits (and luck) to get it back. This is one of the best series by Sierra in my opinion so get it while you can.
Jan-31-2010 23:14  What! No update?
Hmmm it's already the end of the month and I only did one update so far... well I guess this is also still within the month by an hour haha. Well the game I added is called outlands which is a srolling shooter with a simple story about aliens wiping out most of humanity and you are their last and only hope. It has all the stuff you would expect like powerups and a such and there is also a two-player simultanious mode. Unfortunately that's basically it, nothing new here just a regular shooter I'm afraid so unless you really like that sort of thing there are better shooters out there.
Jan-15-2010 22:43  happy new year!
First off I wish everybody a very happy new year, a bit late I know but still.

Wow things have been rather hectic this year, lot's of things happening for me and such but I can't tell what exactly just yet. I am also planning a servermove because my current provider might be quitting in the near future, ah well we will see I've got a backup plan in the works.

As for the update I found some manuals which I added, here they are:
A scanned manual for Heart of China, a first person adventure game from Dynamix.
A scanned manual for Law of the west, a game in which you play a sheriff of a wild west town.
Text manuals for Yes prime minister!, made after the tv series, and The saga of Erik the Viking a text adventure game.
Also a minimanual for Hunchback, but hey a simple game doesn't need too big a manual anyway.
Dec-26-2009 13:17  Merry Christmas
First of all I wish everybody a merry Christmas even though I'm a day late. I think this will be the last update for this year so I added an adventure game, one of my favorite genres of old and almost retired these days. Return of the Phantom is based on the famous play/book and at the night of the opening things start to unfold just like in the play with a chandelier falling on the audience. You'll have to investigate but soon you'll find that it's no accident and the phantom is actually running around the place! It's up to you to stop him once and for all. The game's pretty good altough a bit on the easy side but still worth checking out.
Dec-18-2009 21:02  Two more weeks
Only two more weeks till the end of the year, my how quickly the time has passed hasn't it.

I was send a manual for the sacred armor of antiriad by a friendly visitor of the site, he send me more manuals in the past which I greatly appreciate. To this end I started looking for more manuals and I was able to find some more which I also added to the site.

Two text manuals:
Deja vu, a fantastic (imho) point and click adventure in which you must prove yourself innocent of a murder.
Sword of Sodan, a hack and slash game with huge sprites and plenty of gore.

Three scanned manuals:
California games, one of the games series from epyx
Klax, a simple but very good puzzle game
The sacrad armor of Antiriad, a plaftorm game in which one man must find the armor from legends to fight of alien invaders.
Dec-11-2009 11:11  The end is near
Well the end is near, actually it's just the end of the year coming around soon hahaha. Depending on the circumstances I'll probably do two more updates this year. This time I added an adventure game based on a comic called the quest for the time bird. You take control of two and later more characters in your search for the imprisoned god who will be freed in a couple of days. Once you find the old god's prison you will still have to find the time bird where you can take care of him once and for all. The game is played from a map where you can travel across the land and each location is overlayed as a picture on top of another. Gameplay is somewhat trial and error but overal it's still quite good.
Dec-05-2009 18:02  a day late
I'm a day late with the update because of work (once again), I'm wondering how things will turn out for the new year though which is almost around the corner. Well you can't really see into the future anyway and I'd rather spend time on real things instead of thinking about them.

The game I added today is called the Oregon trail in which you take charge of a family of pioneers heading to the westcoast of the United States. There are loads of dangers apart from just trying to survive like fast moving rivers, poisenous snakes and disease are all part of the journey. The game can be quite unforgiving and you'll have to get over losing a family member if you're not carefull. The graphics have been updated from the first version released 10 years before this one, the biggest change is the hunting minigame which is now a first person affair. The game sounds a bit geeky but it's a classic so get on with it.
Nov-27-2009 16:50  eating fun
I went out to eat this afternoon but I'm eating out tonight as well pfff it's a good thing I practised eating a lot for a long long time hahaha. I better get prepared for dinner because eating out requires that if you're to eat a lot :)

Well today's update is quite rare, it's a strategy game called Omega in which you must wage a ground war but this being a civilized world people don't actually get hurt (a lot). You must program tanks with their own set of rules creating a basic artificial intelligence so they can battle computerized tanks from the opposing faction. You can test your programming in a testing environment and you'll need it if you are to win the war. There's one catch though, I haven't got a manual and to really get to grips with the progamming language you're better off reading it. You can do a lot of trying and stuff or use logic and testing to figure it out which is probably why I quite like it. If you're into that then surely you'll like it as well but I'm sure it's not for everyone.
Nov-21-2009 19:58  Uncle
Well a lot can happen in a short time but I won't bore you and list them all I can tell you I became an uncle again, maybe I'll teach him about all those classic games if he is big enough haha :)

Well now here is todays update and it's and motorcycle racing game called Road Rash but there's a catch, you not only have to drive your bike fast and hard but you will have to fight with your opponents if you are to win! Driving fast is easy but not so much when there someone with a chain swinging at you, with some skill though you can relieve your opponents from their weapons and use them for yourself. You'll slowly gain more money so you can buy better bikes and race with the big boys. Road rash is quite a fun game and it spawned several sequels so there are plenty of fans, maybe you'll be one too after playing.
Nov-13-2009 17:08  Friday the 13th
Well an update on friday the 13th, not that I believe in that thing anyways but the movies were (slightly) entertaining. I haven't got any game to add in the theme but I added an adventure called Nippon safes inc. It's the predecessor to big red adventure and it also stars the same three people. You can control three characters during points of the game and each will have to find their own path trying to find out what exactly is going on with Nippon safes and the mad scientist at the start of the game. I've seen sites that praise the game for it's humor but too be honest I didn't find it very humerous at all. It depends a bit on your own taste I guess, you might like the game much more than I did so check it out for yourself.
Nov-07-2009 17:57  Here it is
HA! You didn't think I would miss the first update after my vacation did you! Well here is the update. I added an action game called New York warriors which is set in an apocalyptic future where gangs roam the streets and even the bums carry AK-47's with which they want to stop you. It's a topdown shooter with plenty of powerups and enemies galore. Some of them are quite weird like the gang called the Ramboids who look a lot like John Rambo. Anyway it's a pretty simple game but there plenty of action and a good way to get some of that aggression out of your system.

On another note, the abandoned places webring hadn't been update for quite a long time but now they are back complete with a new design so go check that out as well.
Oct-30-2009 14:57  Back from vacation
I'm back again! That month of vacation went by far to quickly as far as I'm concerned, too bad I had to come back and go back to work but I guess there nothing much I can do about that (yet). I hope I'll be doing more regular updates instead of once a month which is rather slacking so today I added an interactive fiction title called Ooze: creepy nites in which you inherited an old mansion but it seems to be haunted so it's up to you to find out what's the cause and put a stop to it so you actually have a use for it. There's graphics and even sound effects in some places so it's not completely text based.
Sep-19-2009 15:00  Big news!
I can't believe it's been a month since my last update but I have been real busy and stuff. I've said that lots of times before but it was always work related but not this time. I'm getting married in a few days after which I'll be going abroad on a well earned vacation/honeymoon. I think it's quite amazing I managed to find a woman at all sitting behind my computer so much and playing abandoned games hahaha. I won't be updating for a while but don't think I'm out, I'll be back soon and be updating the site again.
Anyway I've added a scrolling shooter called UN squadron which is quite good. Also Mr Stefan also send me another manual this time for the Neverending story, so thank him for that one.

I'll be seeing you all soon.

Aug-18-2009 19:14  Going abroad
I though I'd do an update because this friday I'm abroad and not able to do anything.

The dark half is a game after the book of the same name by Stephen King, it's about an evil twin, or your dark half, committing all sorts of crimes and framing you for it. It's up to you to stop him and make sure he doesn't do it again. This is a pretty standard graphic adventure and there's nothing really to make it stand out from all the other adventures out there. If you like Stephen King novels though you might want to give it a go, the game isn't that bad or hard so you could have some fun with it anyway.
Aug-07-2009 11:16  extremely busy
I've been extremly busy and stuff because of this Mexican flu as my company deals with such matters and all, I haven't had much time off because of this so not a lot of funstuff for me to do. I was able to sneak in some time and I added a game called Narco police in which drugbarons practically rule the world and have set up a huge island factory producing the white stuff. You are head of an elite police force tasked with infiltrating and destroying the lab for good. The game's action based but there is a huge maze which you have to figure out apart from the automated defences and troops. You also have access to a terminal with which you can do extra actions like launching missiles, call for backup and even hack the defence computers. Pretty cool game if you ask me so why not try it yourself?
Jul-24-2009 09:18  sigh
I'm doing a lot of personal things at the moment and I have no idea what kind of updating schedule I can make but I guess I'll just do them whenever I can. I added an adventure game from Sierra called the Colonel's bequest which is somewhat of a departure for Sierra. You play the part of Laura Bow and you were invited by a friend to the Colonel's house. He's quite old and doesn't think he will last long and so the battle for the inheritance starts. It gets out of hand though and people start getting killed left and right and it's up to you to find the killer before he gets to you as well!
This adventure game departs from the regular humorous ones Sierra normally made and it's all for the better so check it out.
Jul-17-2009 09:59  Some manuals
I was send two scanned manuals by a friendly visitor so many thanks to you Mr. P. (you know who you are), since I didn't mention disclosing your name in any e-mail. The manuals are for Ark Pandora and Fist 2 - the legend continues both action adventures for the C64 and pretty good as well.

Anyway I also found and scanned a manual myself for Eye of the beholder 2 - the legend of Darkmoon which is the best in the trilogy and one of my favorite old AD&D games.

Jul-03-2009 09:03  Baseball
Man the weather is really hot which really drains you, it's a good thing many people from work are going on holiday so I can take a bit of a brake from all that hard work. I still have to work long hours though and I doubt it will change soon so I don't have too much time to update but I'll try to do it when I can.

Today I added a rare game from Cinemaware called TV sports baseball which was the third in the series. For some strange reason it was only released in Europe where baseball isn't very popular at all. There the classic Cinemaware style with television announcements and such before a game but it's not as good as other Cinemaware games. If you like baseball or are a Cinemaware fan you could give it a go though.
Jun-19-2009 14:41  even more busy
There loads of stuff happening for me which means I have little time for anything else. I do managed to add another game called the Oregon trail in which you control a family of pioneers in their travel west. You can stock up on items and food but you will have to hunt and trade along the way to make it if you don't have the supplies you need. The game can be very unforgiving and family members can easily be lost due to sickness or accidents. It's not entire realistic but the game is somewhat of a classic so I suggest you give it a go.
Jun-05-2009 22:06  busy
I've been quite busy now with working 6 days a week and some stuff happening in my personal life as well leaving me little time for anything else which I didn't update last week. I had some extra time and I always like an adventure game so I added one called Universe from Core who weren't specialists in the genre but released some which were quite good. This one not bad either as you play a regular guy transported to another universe and have to defeat the evil Golden King. The interface isn't really up to my taste with some unneccesary options but overall the game is funny and well done so give it a go.

Ps. I just read that there will be remake of the Secret of Monkey island which is probably one of the greatest adventure games EVER!!! HOORAY!
May-22-2009 12:23  Two games
I added two games this time, both are very simple, one is ok and the other is not so good really. Ofcourse just remember that not all classic games are classics in themselves but I like trying out games that I don't know and are not popular games, sometimes you come across real gems and other times it's just crap :) anyway here they.

Quest for atlantis is a game in which you pilot a craft through a maze in order to find Atlantis (I think). The only thing stopping you is your limited amount of fuel but you can fuel up at certain points throughout the maze, ofcourse if you bump into a wall or forcefield it's boom and a life lost. The game's not very good though, the object isn't clear and it gets boring quickly. Strangely it was apparently released in 1998 at which time the Commodore 64 was not commercially intereseting for a long time already.

The second games is called Zulu, it's a bit of a puzzle/action games where you must avoid the Zulu's while gathering items. The exact story or goal isn't quite clear much like the very first games like pacman. It's ok I guess but I doubt it will last you very long.
May-16-2009 11:04  More work
Well my jobcontract was changed but unlike most people I wasn't laid off or anything but I do have to work more hours, good thing is I get paid a lot more also mmm. Take the offer if they offer it themselves I guess so I agreed. Anyway I'm sure you're more interesting in the update so here it is.

Xevious was released back in 1982 and as a scrolling shooter was the first (as far as I know) that had both flying and ground targets that need to be taken out with different weapons. Unfortunately the port to home systems was made several years later by which time most shooters had evolved beyond this game a lot. It's worth the effort just for nostalgia sake though.
May-08-2009 11:28  Weird game names
Last time I added a game called up 'n down en this time a game called Zig Zag, what wonderfull names huh. Anyway they were named basically after what the game was about and in Zig Zag you pilot a craft through a maze and unfortunately the only way you can go is forward. Because of this you will need to bounce off all kinds of objects in the maze to get to the exit. You can even buy powerups that will allows you to jump over objects and things or keys that open doors to new parts of the maze. There are also enemy craft that you need to shoot so apart from the puzzle's you'll have to have a trigger finger as well. It all sounds pretty simple but it is quite nice.

Ohyeah I found a list of funny video game names there's plenty more but some name on this list are pretty funny.
May-03-2009 09:27  Bored
Lately I haven't felt up to doing much really, guess everyone has times like that. I almost forgot to update but that's because we're having some national holidays and stuff which really messed up my schedule. Anyway here it is, a game called up 'n down, which strangly is actually a racing game. You drive around a track filled with flags which you need to pick up, the difficult part is that there are multiple paths you can take on the track and sometimes you can't reach it from where you are. Luckily you car can actually jump up and down and by jumping the correct points you can actually change lanes by jumping over the road. There are other things like broken roads, mountains and ofcourse other cars as well. It sounds kinda lame but actually I really enjoyed the game so give it a go.
Apr-25-2009 10:18  X-men
I've been watching the new anime series called Wolverine and the X-men which I quite like so I though it would be nice to add a game based on the X-men as well. The uncanny X-men is pretty much a game where the license takes precedence over everything else. Yes you have six X-men like Wolverine, Cyclops and Colossus among others but other than their names they don't really act of play differently at all. Three of the characters are long range fighters while the others only have hand to hand combat skills. Close range attacks are very dangerous as you need to be very close to the enemies and some enemies are almost impossible to hit doing this. None of the characters even have any of their mutant powers available which are very important in the comics. You can choose two of them to fight in any of the four levels but when their energy level is depleted you will have to chose another pair to finish the level. I didn't get very far though, not every old game is a classic I guess.
Apr-17-2009 13:21  weekly updates
I'm hoping my schedule will be normal again from now on (well at least for a while) so I can do regular weekly updates again so here it is.

V the computer game is baded on a television show about an alien race that came to earth promising new technology in exchange for resources. All is not as it seems though as it is a plot to take over earth. As a member of the resistance you have found out what their real intentions are and you intend to stop them. You sneak inside a shuttle that is set for the mothership and you intend to destroy it thereby crippling the visitors. The game is quite a puzzle as I was unsure of what to do, even the interface uses alien symbols and no way of telling what they do. Once you figure it out though you have to spread red dust over the ship which will incapacitate the alien visitors and lay 5 bombs all over the ship to blow up main targets in the mothership. There are loads of robots who are standing in your way and you'll have to find the 5 main targets one of which is the shuttlehangar you arrive in but obviously you should take that last otherwise it will stop you from escaping. Not only that but the red dust is also scattered in 5 different places as well. Once you get a hang of the controls the game is quite good, there's a link at the bottom of the review to a site with a lot of information on the game so try that if you can't figure it out.
Apr-10-2009 12:08  Two games
To make up for the lack of updates I've added two games today both based on the movie/book of James bond: A view to a kill in which Max Zorin tries to destroy Sillicon Valley and thus creatures a monopoly for himself in the microchip industry. The first game is called simply a view to a kill and is an action game based on the movie and has three levels taken directly from the story, the car chase in Paris, the burning of city hall in San Francisco and the abandoned mine. Each can be played in any order but you will get a code when completing them in order which will make it easier to complete. The second game is called James bond 007: A view to a kill and is a textadventure which follows the events from the beginning where you find the body of 003 up until the final scene in the caves where you will face Zorin himself.
Personally the action game is rather buggy and with only three scenes it's a bit short so I prefer the text game as it allows you to follow the whole story.
Mar-20-2009 13:17  what happened?
Wow I can't believe it's already been 3 weeks since the last update, I have been working what seems like 24/7 for a while now. Luckily though things have calmed down a bit which has enabled me to make some changes to the site.

First off I got an e-mail from the original developer of nuclear war, since New World Computing went out of business the rights reverted back to them and they are now selling the original DOS version on their site. As such the game is no longer available for download but you can get the original on their site flyingbuffelo.

Secondly a friendly visitor of the site pointed out that there was a proper working version of Xenon 2 for DOS which I was not aware of. Thanks to him I have now added that instead of the broken version. Yes!

Lastly I added a new game called Quick draw McGraw which is yer typical shooter/platform game based on a cartoon of the same name. Platformers were basically the only type of game made for movie/series licences, it's not too bad but sadly not that great either.
Feb-27-2009 08:57  Dafastlane is back
In case you didn't know dasfastlane is back in the scene again, though I haven't had much time to check it out fully I suggest you go and have a looksee. They're saying a new ring will be up soon so I'm quite interested how that is going to work out.

As an update I added teenage mutant ninja (hero) turtles for several different systems, those four fighting turtles had a bit of a revival some time ago but it didn't turn out so well I think. Back in the 90's they were huge though with a tv series, movies, games and all sorts of merchandising. The game itself is a platform game in which you must rescue their friend April O'Neil, you'll face all the regular cast like Schredder, Beebop and Rocksteady along with the lesser baddies from the footclan. You can play as each of the turtles until one of them loses all their energy and they are captured, you can free them again buy finding them on the map where they are being held but until that time you will have to use one of the others. The game's quite good actually but depends a bit on which version you pick, I'd go with the NES version as it is the best I think.
Feb-20-2009 13:52  Full of idea's
My mind is filled with new idea's lately which isn't a bad thing because I'm always up to do something new, only problem is that I haven't really got time to do anything with it. I just got word a few days ago that my working days have been increased from three to five days or more because things are really busy! Tsss WHAT finincial crisis I don't seem to run into any of that yet. Anyway I always write down my idea's so I can read them back later and maybe do something with them which you can take as a free tip from me, it's really usefull!

For todays update I added a soccer game calles Microprose soccer. Personally I'm not really into soccer at all wether it be watching or playing. The game offers a choice of indoor or outdoor play and league, single play, two player game so there's plenty of options. The game doesn't really play very fast compared to the likes of kick off though it is probably a more realistic way of playing. Because of this I couldn't really get into the game, I know some people who do like it so soccer fans should give it a go.
Feb-13-2009 15:40  Gotta run
I haven't got much time here so here's the update.

Who dares wins reminds me so much of commando that I practically think I'm playing the same game. It's an overhead shooter in which you shoot your way through fields full of enemies while trying to free captured forces. You're armed with a gun and some grenades and the rest is up to you. This is one of those easy to pick up and play kind of games, it's quite fun also so give it a go.
Feb-06-2009 09:35  Time is relative
Time goes faster than you'd think altough some people would say time always passes at exactly the same interval, I guess it's in the eye of the beholder. I made a change to the game Lotus Esprit turbo challenge, a friendly visitor pointed out that the megadrive version is actually a port of the sequel so I removed it for now. I'm sure I'll add it again soon.

For the regular update I added war in Middle Earth, which is a wargame set in the middle earth at the time when the events of the Lord of the Rings took place. You'll control all of the allied forces ranging from hobbits, humans, elves and dwarves and though you can direct their action you cannot control directly control characters which is true of any general in a war. The game features all the places from the books and more since you the battle rages across the whole of Middle Earth. It's pretty unique because I don't think there is a game with this scope set in this setting. Fans of Tolkien and wargamers alike should really check it out.
Jan-30-2009 17:12  phew
Mmm I was partying last night and it was a bit late when I came back so I rather tired and stuff, I almost forgot to do an update but better late then never eh.

Mortal Kombat should be known to most people as it caused quite a controversy because of it's fatality moves after yo defeated an opponent, most were usually bloody and real messy with plenty of blood flowing around. It also used digitized graphics instead of the handdrawn ones most games were using giving it a very specific look. With 8 characters to select you had to fight in mortal kombat to save the earth realm from the evil sorcerer Shang Tsung, he will be your final opponent after you defeat the four-armed prince Goro. There were minigames and figuring out the specials moves and finishers took a while if you didn't have a faq handy, there were even secrets to uncover like a hidden character all of which were greatly improved upon by the sequel. This one started the whole franchise and it's a pretty good game at that.
Jan-23-2009 11:00  Oldy puzzler
Puzzle games were relatively popular in the beginning of computer and video games simply because it was hard to create flash graphics with the limited hardware of the times so designers had to be creative with gameplay. One man and his droid has you herding ramboids with the help of your trusty droid. You'll have to collect a number of ramboids into a selected number of places in order to finish the level which is easier said than done as the ramboids aren't very helpfull as they go about moving in all sorts of directions instead of the one you want them to.
Jan-16-2009 10:49  Another week another game
I've been really active lately and it hasn't even got anything to do with my work or even gaming! I'm feeling pretty good though because of it as somehow I've gotten a great boost of energy. Also I've been watching a lot of old tv shows as well (yeah I'm getting old) it was really 'refreshing' to hear Buck Rogers say: There's something wrong with you f*cking wagnels (whatever that is). See how I censored it and how everybody else does that these days?

Today I added a game which I must admit I never heard of before called X-15 alpha mission, it's pretty weird though because the intro screen and first parts of the game are viewed from inside an experimental aircraft much like a flighsimulator. You'll fly through the lower then upper atmoshpere and then in space to the spacestation threatening earth. When you land however the game switches to a scrolling action game where you control several vehicles to destory the station. It's pretty weird the mix of gameplays but it works quite well, it's also really difficult because if you happen to lose all your lives it's right back to the beginning of the game. You don't get that sort of thing these days!
Jan-09-2009 11:22  Time flies
Time is moving really fast which ofcourse isn't really true because it moves at the same speed as always but when you're busy with a lot of things you just notice it in another way. Anyhow friday is here again so time for the weekly update and this time I added Ultima 2: revenge of the enchantress. The plot continues right where part 1 left off as the evil wizard you destoyed had an apprentice who is now out for revenge. She doesn't do things lightly though as she travels back in time to your homeplanet (earth) and instigates a nuclear war thereby destroying your entire race from existence. Somehow you manage to escape and must now travel through time and space gathering your strength to face the evil enchantress. Pretty weird plot but unfortunately the game isn't differenct from it's prequel and most of the game has you fighting monsters just to increase your stats for the final battle. This can be said of most RPG's but this one doesn't really have any sidemissions or plotbits to keep you occupied. Probably the weakest of the Ultima series but still part of an incredible series nonetheless.
Jan-02-2009 16:08  Happy new year!
First of all I wish everybody a happy new year and all the best for 2009 and with it's on to the first update for this year and hopefully a lot more to follow.

Ocean ranger is a simulation of a (non-existant) combat class ship that uses hydrofoils to get greater speed and mobility. There are four area's in which you can get missions and each area has a certain difficulty level. Each mission usually consists of destroying a certain vessel but you always get a secondary objective as well if you feel up to it. You can outfit the ship with plenty of weapons as well as defensive items like chaff. Though it's not a heavy simulation and it's more actionbased I kinda liked it so give it a go.
Dec-19-2008 13:00  Donate
On another note I added a donate button on the left of the site. Running the site isn't cheap as it's on a dedicated server and it takes a lot of bandwith to support the downloads. Any donations will be appreciated and it will all go towards paying for bandwith and server costs.
Dec-19-2008 09:42  Gabriel knight
I've been feeling a lot better lately so I caught up on some work that I was supposed to do but didn't because I didn't feel like it. Good thing though because doing nothing is really boring and only gets you more upset in the process. Well enough about that, I added one of my favorite adventure games of all time.

Gabriel Knight: sins of the father is a game involving an investigation into some recent voodoo murders but soon it turns out that these have a relation to events that happened in the past and Gabriel's ancestors. Gabriel investigates by questioning people and you will uncover new clues this way as well as poking around interesting area's. The intererface is your standard point and click interface with the conversations held in a closeup of the two people involved. I can't stress how great the game is, the sequel is so great that I'd even give that a perfect 10 but this one is right up there. I've also added the scanned prologue book which tells the backstory of the game so get that and the game for some great adventuring.
Dec-12-2008 10:45  Another one
It's friday again so time for another update on the site, I don't have anything interesting to say really so here is the game for today.

Thunderblade was one of those arcade games in which you sat in a contraption that moved while you moved around the screen. You pilot an asault helicopter and basically have to destroy all enemies in your path. The game is pretty unique because it features three different modes of play, topdown view, backview and topdown scrolling. For shooting fans this should prove a welcome change and challenge as it's quite difficult. Check it out.
Dec-05-2008 09:08  Let's fight.
I felt pretty bad lately so I was in the mood for some buttkicking! Ofcourse I don't go out and beat up some stranger but I play a beat'em up instead hehe. Renegade was first released in the arcades and it pitted a lone fighter against a whole gang op enemies. A lot of the game takes place in places where movement is restricted so you can't move past that screen until all the enemies are defeated. There are plenty of moves and weapons as well, there's even a move in which you sit on a downed opponent and smash his face! The game can be difficult with up to eight enemies coming at you at once so you're in for a big fight.
Nov-28-2008 10:44  Minigame?
Today I added a game back from my Commodore 64 days, some people these days call these type of games minigames but I don't really agree on that. It's true that compared to todays games they are far less grand and complicated but back then they were the business. Also remember that it used to be only a few guys or even only one who made an entire game compared to the huge teams that are now doing it. Anyway enough ranting for now here's the game.

Mega Apocalypse is a bit of an asteroid clone in which you shoot objects, presumably asteroids, that come at you in space. The big ones break up into smaller ones until you shoot them enough that they desintegrate. There's no real way to win the game because as far as I know the game keeps going on until you lose all your ships. It's not a groundbreaking game but at least it entertained me for a while.
Nov-21-2008 15:41  Update
I promised I would do more regular updates and so here I am, for now back to a weekly schedule but if I feel up to it I might do another one during the week but I'll see about that.

Night mission pinball is one of the earliest pinball games that I know of as it was released way back in 1982. It has a single machine and at first glance it doesn't seem very special but there is a catch, there is a option screen in which you can set loads of settings like ball speed, flipper power and more than you could think of. Now that's an innovative game, I bet you wouldn't even find these options in much newer games!
Nov-14-2008 15:27  I'm back!
Well I'm back from holiday and I have to admit if it wasn't for some stuff I would have to handle back here I would have stayed there. Another time in the near future I'm sure but at the moment not quite yet. On another note my working days have been reduced somewhat and I don't plan to increase them anymore as I'm a bit fed up with all the annoying bits, in this case money really isn't everything. It does mean I have some more time for updates and stuff and I'm preparing to do regular updates again so here is the first.

Ivanhoe is a scrolling action game in which you play the knight Ivanhoe who has to rescue King Arthur, armed with you trusty sword and shield you go at the hordes of enemies awaiting you. There is some variety to the levels as well as there are bonus rounds in which you fight a single enemy to gain an extra life and one level where you ride your horse shooting your crossbow at enemies. The graphics are colorfull and detailed giving it a bit of a cartoonish look. I played this game quite a lot back in the days and it's good fun now so give it a try.
Sep-30-2008 09:17  Vacation!
Tomorrow I'm going on a long vacation, I'm not quite sure what will happen after that because I got some annoying news from work. Not like I'm out of a job or anything but not really nice stuff to hear before your going away for some fun and relaxation. Ah well I'm not gonna let it bring me down and I'm sure I will have a blast the next month. As a last update before I go I added another game called Shadowgate, I know someone was looking for this game but the e-mailadress you gave me with didn't accept a reply from me so if you do get the game this time send me a note or something. So with that I bid thy farewell till next month.

Shadowgate is another game by ICOM simulations who made one of my favorite adventure games called Deja Vu and btw which was the first game ever added to the House of Games. The game uses a windows engine in which you can drag and drop items from the main screen to your inventory and such. In Shadowgate you play the part of the hero who has to stop an evil warlock who is about to summon the dreaded Behemoth so he can rule the world. Inside the castle Shadowgate lies the only thing that can defeat the Behemoth called the staff of ages and only you can find it. There are plenty of puzzles to solve inside the castle but danger lurks around every corner and you can get killed very easily so remember to save often. The plentifull deaths can be annoying but hey at least you have a big challenge ahead of you.
Sep-19-2008 10:24  Almost vacation
Well in 11 days I'm going on a long deserved holiday for a month at which time I obviously can't do anything for the site. However I've been making some preparations and I promise there will be more regular updates when I get back, most likely on a weekly schedule.

For today's update I added another adventure game, King's quest 2: romancing the stone. You once again play the part of Graham who is now king after his adventure in the first game. This time he's off to rescue a maiden to be made his queen in the faraway land of Kolyma. There's plenty of dangers to face and puzzles to solve many of which involve fairytales so some knowledge of them really helps. The game is pretty much like the first but with a new story and such so if you liked that one I'm sure you will like this as well. It's still pretty annoying though that you can die from almost everything and you can also get into a deadend if you forgot to do something but alas that's the way it is.
Aug-29-2008 09:19  Some docs
Mmmm I guess there's little hope soon of working less since I've been at it for months now. I do have a long holiday in about a month which I'm really looking forward to. Even then I can't do much for the site since I'm in another country. Well we'll just have to see. I got a hold of a complete manual for Carrier Command which was send to me by a friendly visitor. The game's a really fun strategy in which two carriers have to take over a number of islands and then using their resources to gain an advantage.
Also I added a text manual for the Prophecy which is a pretty good adventure game from Cryo.
Aug-08-2008 12:43  Lost eden
Pfew I can't believe it's already been a month since the last update. I really still can't do much about it though, I have lots of work and very little spare time. I did managed to update add one game though called Lost Eden, an adventure game from Cryo in which dinosaurs and humanoid species have to band together to defeat the evil Tyran. It was a beautifull game when it was released with 3D rendering throughout the whole game but ofcourse compared to today's game isn't very special. It's an easy game though so perfect for some adventure relaxation. Oh it is rather big at 380MB since it's a full CD version from my own private collection, it's worth the download but I just hope my bandwith holds :)

On another note the olympic games are starting in like an hour or so and I'm gonna watch that opening dispite the fact I'm at work!
Jul-11-2008 11:54  pfffff
I've been incredibly busy lately working 6-7 days a week so that didn't leave me much room to do anything else, when I do I like to chill with an adventure game so I added Companions of Xanth. I won't say too much about it but you can read the review and/or get the game to see for yourself.
Jun-20-2008 14:55  Another update
Judge dredd is a wellknown comic in which judges are the judge, jury and exectutioner on the crimridden streets of mega city one. You play as Dredd himself and ride around town trying to stop and prevent crimes from happening. Armed with your trusty lawpistol which can fire six different types of bullets you are sure to stop the criminals. Most of the game is played as a sidescrolling platform affair and though it's nothing really spectacular it's not bad so give it a try.
Jun-13-2008 15:30  Dungeon hack
The RPG I most remember playing on a PC was eye of the beholder as it was one of the first with a 3D view instead of being mostly textbased like most D&D games were before. After three sequels they released dungeon hack whis is a game that inherited the engine from the third game but this time the dungeon in which you adventure is entirely randomized. Monsters, doors, puzzles are all in different places each time you start a new dungeon many of which you can control including size of the dungeon, strengt of enemies and how often items treasure can be found! It sounds great and altough it is the randomness of it does have problems like not having a decent story the dungeons can still look and feel the same. I had a good time playing the game though so I suggest you give it a try.
Jun-06-2008 08:03  Adventuring
I really like Legend of Kyrandia, and adventure game set in a fantasy/medieval world in which a prince has to stop an evil jestor who has taken over the land. In the sequel, legend of Kyrandia: the hand of fate, you play the part of Zanthia a sorceres who has to go on a quest to stop Kyrandia from dissapearring entirely! The interface is different from most adventure games because there are no commands that you can give like walk, talk, use but one click fits all in a way. This isn't my favorite way of doing things as it gives you less control but I guess for some people it helps. The biggest downfall is that your mousepointer does not change when you are over an usable object so it's easy to miss things. There was another sequel released and this one is the weakest of the three but that doesn't mean it's bad or anything and well worth a look.
May-30-2008 10:48  Weekly update
I'm still busy so without further ado here's the update. The ancient art of war is a strategy game in which you play a warlord and have to deal with other famous generals and warlords like Napoleon, Genghis Kahn and even Sun Tzu himself who wrote the book called the art of war. There is no campaign option but instead there are only single battles some are taken from wellknown places or actual battles like the battle for Sherwood Forest or the fight between the kingdom of Wu and Wei in ancient China. There are plenty of options to make battles more difficult like towns giving support and such. Altough it doesn't look like much it's a pretty decent strategy game so give it a try.
May-23-2008 13:06  I'm busy
Pfew I was really busy the last week as I got an increased work schedule which means at least five days work instead of just three ofcourse the good thing is I get a big increase in pay as well :) Add to that things like moving my mom into her new house after which I didn't have much time left for anything else. I'm still busy and all but I managed to add another game to the site. It's an Infocom interactive fiction called the lurking horror in which you play a student at a technical university who's just gone through a blizzard so you can finish your term paper which is due tomorrow. Unfortunately something goes wrong with the network and your paper is scrambled beyond help. This is the start of some very weird event which you will have to unravel. This is the only horror interactive fiction title Infocom made and it's pretty good so give it a go.
May-09-2008 12:58  Summer weather
Pff the summer weather has finally arrived here even though it's not really summer yet and it looks like it will stay like that for some time, not that I use it much since I sit inside most of the time relaxing hehe. Anyway thanks to a friendly site visitor called Rob I was able to add the Commodore 64 version and a manual for Supremacy which is a fantastic strategy game set in space in which you have to conquer a solar system by colonizing and battling it out with the native warlord.
I also added a strange little puzzle game called IQ which I admit I don't really get so I didn't have much fun playing it. You can try it for yourself though maybe you'll find out something I didn't.
May-02-2008 08:36  Free time
We're having some local holidays now which is always nice and the weather is getting warmer and sunnier as well, not that I really have much benefit of it since I sit mostly indoors behind a screen :) Anyway here is the regular update.

Volfied is yet regular fill in the screen with figure te reveal the background type of game. People who've played a lot of arcade games should be pretty familiar with the genre as there have been loads of them released many of which had scantly clad ladies in the background as a reward. This game doesn't have any of that which is good in my opinion but the rest of the game is pretty standard. It's not earthshaking in any way but pretty fun to play for a while at least so give it a go. If you want try and figure out the backstory of the game as there is actually one but it's so corny I completely blocked it out of my mind.
Apr-25-2008 15:09  More olympics
I've been adding a bunch of games based on the olympics but hey the 2008 olympics are coming soon and I've always like it a lot so you can expect more of them in the future. Track & field was one of the first of such games to come along and it features six events in which you can compete for the gold. The events are pretty common like the 100m dash, longjump, javelin, etc. Anyone who's played one of these games before is sure to know what to expect, sadly there are no special events to stand out from other games but being one of the first I guess that is to be expected.
Apr-18-2008 12:07  A classic rpg
The 8-bit console era was the start of the Japanese RPG's with the now familiar topdown view. Phantasy star was Sega's entry into the market and it contains a lot of what later was to be standard in almost every rpg out there. It had quite a few novelties like the main characters is woman seeking revenge for the death of her brother and it also has a scifi theme to it as you have to travel among the stars but it also has things like swords and sorcery, the dungeons are even explored in a first person 3D view! Unfortunately is also has some of the downfalls of other rpg's like the constant need to levelup in the same place to get experience and money. However this game is not one to be missed as it's one of the classics of the RPG genre so get it while you can.
Apr-11-2008 09:55  Time flies
Time flies when you're busy and I've been real busy lately with all sorts of things. I'm also thinking about another server move since my privately hosted server might not be available for much longer, I hope I don't have to do it though because of costs as bandwith isn't as cheap as you'd think especially if you host at at a hosting company. Well I'll see about that later I guess.

For today's update I added a Norse action RPG game called Heimdall in which you play Heimdall himself in his quest to return the three weapons of the gods stolen by Loki. You'll have to travel from island to island finding clues, solving puzzles and fighting monsters to get them. The game is played from a semi 3D topdown view and altough you walk around directly with your character the combat takes place as only a click on an action button affair. The game was a bit of a letdown for me but I know some who really like it so I guess you'll have to take a look for yourself.
Apr-04-2008 11:30  Your weekly update
It's your weekly update and I'd play a strategy game and I found one in high seas trader. You are the son of a once wealthy trader who was betrayed by his patron and robbed of his wealth and land, with the last of your gold and a ship you are about to set out to make fame and fortune for yourself on the high seas. As the name of the game implies trade is the main part of the game as you can buy goods in ports and sell them in different countries for a nice profit. The seas aren't exactly safe so you'll have to face pirates while trying to get your business running. I read some pretty bad reviews of the game so I wasn't sure about it at all but in this case the reviews proved to be wrong in my opinion. Don't expect an action filled game or a game like Pirates! as it's a pure trading game but it's quite a good one at that.
Mar-28-2008 12:19  Edutainment
Are you up for learning something? Well then why not try where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego. In this game Carmen Sandiego has escaped from prison and is now causing problems in the US. You're just a beginning detective though and you will have to catch some low rankings thiefs first. You always start you search at the scene of the crime after you get details about what was stolen and where it was stolen from. There are eyewitnesses who can give you clues about how the person looked or where he or she might be headed so you can fly to other states and cities in persuit. Meanwhile you can learn interesting fact en stuff about the places you come across. Edutainment is often said to be for younger kids but I kinda like the Carmen Sandiego series and you should check it out before passing judgement.
Mar-21-2008 06:48  Real oldie
Today I added a really old game called international soccer, I'm not even sure this is the game's name because there is no title screen. As the title suggest it's a game about soccer, you can select different colors for the teams and wether you play against a human or the computer with varying difficulty levels. It was one of the first games I had when I originally owned a Commodore 64 and I had a blast playing it. The game hasn't aged very well to be honest but hey it's now 25 years since it's release so you can't really complain about it. Anyway it's obvious the game is only really fun to see how games in those days were, it even has an option to adjust the colors to a black and white TV set :)
Mar-14-2008 15:15  a great rpg
Well I totally didn't update last week due to a very busy schedule and stuff, I won't bore you too much with details. I'm making up by adding a great RPG to the house that is part of the Ultima family. Ultima underworld: the Stygian abyss was one of the first RPG's that used a realtime 3D engine to display the environment. You walk around just like you would a modern FPS as it even uses the now standard WASD keyboard layout. The story has you once again asuming the role of the avatar but you enter Britannia at the wrong moment as a Baron's daughter is just being kidnapped and since you are the one left in her room you are charged with the crime. The baron doesn't really believe you are the avatar but gives you a chance by allowing you to enter the Stygian abyss to rescue his daughter. You will have to walk around levels of dungeons filled with monsters but also people who are trapped in the abyss and who can help you. With a great automap feature and great execution this game is musthave so if you haven't got it yet get it now.
Feb-29-2008 17:24  Olympics
When I was on vacation in China I was bombarded with the olympics on tv, the streets and pretty much everywhere else so I thought hey lets add a game about the olympics. Here is olympic gold: Barcelona 92 which is obviously about the olympic games in Barcelona in 1992. I was not there myself but on the tv at least it was spectacular. The game offers seven events from the many which are olympic events and though most are the run and throw kind there is also a dive and bow shoot. There are some nice touches to the game which make it slightly better than it's competitors so give it a try if you like sports games.
Feb-22-2008 09:16  The sim of sims
Well a week has passed since I came back from vacation and I'm still missing it, I shouldn't really since it distracts me from my job and stuff but I'll just have to keep on going for now. On another note I noticed bandwith usage is becoming higher and higher every month so I'm thinking of putting up a donation system, probably a paypal donate button or maybe some form of sms, call donate thing. I'm not sure yet and I'll have to look into it before I make up my mind. Anyhow here's the update for this week.

Falcon is a wellknown name amongst flight simulator enthousiasts, the falcon series always tried to be very realistic which was good for purists but it could put off a lot of people. The later games 3 and 4 were so realistic they contained 400+ page manuals but unfortunately were rather buggy. The first in the series is slightly less complicated and like the rest of the series is about the Falcon F-16 fighter. What can I say, if you like flight sims you should try it even though it might be somewhat dated by today's standards.
Feb-15-2008 11:07  I'm back!
I've been on vacation the past month and I had a blast, too bad I had to come back and go back to work but hey if I don't I won't make any money and I can't go on vacation anymore. What to do what to do. Life would be easier if I had some more money :P Anyway enough rambling, I said before I left that I was going to add Simcity and here it is. In case you don't know the game you are the mayor of a new town and have to build a great big metropolis from out of nothing. Build homes, shops and roads to get people to move in and then tax them so you can build even more stuff. Sounds like a chore but it's great fun and a must have.
Jan-11-2008 17:07  Vacation
Well I read that the source code for the original Simcity game was released under GPL which means you can use it to port to pretty much any system there is. I was hoping to put the game on the site as well but I'm almost going on holiday for a while and I haven't got the time to add it right now. I'll do that next time but you can get the source code here, it's been renamed micropolis as the name simcity is a trademark.

For now I added a game called Curse of Enchantia which is a point and click adventure game. What sets this game apart is that there is no text in the game and every action has an icon instead of text. The intro is pretty weird as a witch transports a guy watching a baseball game into a fantasy land and wants to use you as a way to gain more power. Obviously you aren't too happy about this and spend your time stopping her evil scheme. Altough the interface is a nice idea sometimes you have no idea what an icon does and you spend time just going through all of them to see what they do. Also it doesn't help that some icons only appear if you are close to an objects so you'll have to stand in the proper spot to actually do something. The game does have it's charm but for me the interface was just too fiddly.
Jan-04-2008 17:30  first update
Well the new year is here and here is the first update.
Rick Dangerous 2 is action game pretty much like the first one. Rick is a hero who carries a blaster and a bunch of bombs in his fight against evil. He will have to fight through four levels filled with enemies, traps and all manner of dangers before he can go to the lair of the fat guy. Altough lots of dangers are difficult to see before you're dead it keeps you on your toes. The addition of puzzles is a nice touch to the run, jump and shoot parts and overal it's pretty enjoyable so give this game a try.
Dec-28-2007 11:17  Last update
Well the last update of the year.
First off my surgery went well but I still can't see 100% though but good enough to at least do some stuff like drive and walk around. It'll take some time though to fully heal so I'm keeping a low profile till then. I still managed to add a game though so check it out and have a happy new year.

Eye of the beholder 3 - assault on Myth Drannor is the final part in a trilogy of RPG's that made a great impact in the PC rpg market when it was released. Gone are the text based interfaces and are replaced by a fully graphical interface with more emphasis on action. Once again the heroes of Darkmoon are asked to venture forth and defeat a Lich who has taken hold of the ruins of Myth Drannor. Create or import your characters from previous games and battle the evil creatures awaiting you to once again prove yourselves. The game is a lot like it's prequels but the execution isn't nearly as good since this game wasn't made by the same team. For fans of the genre and the series it's still a worthy end to the series and worth playing so give it a go.
Dec-14-2007 09:49  Yikes! surgery
Yikes! I'm having some surgery in an hour or so which is why I'm doing a rather early update. I'm sure everything will turn out ok but I'll still be out for a week or so.

The game I added is called Barry McGuigang championship boxing, aka star rank boxing, which is exactly that a boxing game. You can create your own fighter, his style and wether he is a contender or a new pro which starts you at rank 10 or 20 respectively. You can then select a fighter you want a match against, two ranks above or one rank below you. Train your fighter in several different area's before the match and fight. There's plenty different punches and it will take you quite a while before you are able to climb the ranks to challenge Barry McGuigan himself. Dispite being a very simple game at it's heart I had great fun when it was released and I still reckon it's one of the better boxing games I've seen.
Dec-07-2007 13:56  racing
I've been playing a lot of Gran Tourismo 4 lately so I thought it would be fun to add an old racing game. I decided on adding Super Monaco GP, a game first released in the arcades with only a single track. It was incredibly difficult to say the least. The home versions add tracks to increase the longevity but the Sega version add even more by allowing you to change the car and even a GP season mode. Try one of those sega version ad they are the best of the lot.
Nov-30-2007 13:55  old games rule!
Old games still rule indeed! I was into a game of colonization and it had me completely hooked until I finished the game which costs me some sleep but it definately was worth it. I'm not adding that game to the site today though because of various reasons which I will not name but instead I have another adventure game called flight of the Amazon queen which is an adventure game that reminds me a lot of monkey island. It's a typical hero saves the world story but it's done well enough that I had quite a blast playing it. Adventure fans should really check this one out if they haven't already.
Nov-23-2007 13:19  The olden days
I was really in the mood for one of those very simple games from the olden days and I found one from the very beginning of my gaming life. The game is called blueprint and like so many of the games back then you are a hero who has to rescue a damsel in distress. In this case the aptly named Daisy Damsel who's being chased by Ollie Ogre. You have to build a machine from a blueprint at the bottom of the screen and once you do you can shoot Ollie and save Daisy. Collect the parts from the neighborhood while avoiding Sneaky Pete and Fuzzy Wuzzy and disposing of some bombs in the process. I didn't make these names up they are actually in the manual which I also added. For some nostalgia check this game out.
Nov-16-2007 14:08  amored fist
I added a tank simulation called armored fist, a game I was really looking forward to back when it was released. It uses voxel graphics which were quite different from the regular vector graphics used in other sims. I was a bit dissapointed though as my expectations were really high. It's not a bad game though so give it a go.
Nov-09-2007 18:26  Finally!
After working fulltime (7 days a week) for a month I'm finally getting an actual weekend off, I'll probably relax a bit and maybe play an oldie or two :)

The game I added today is a pc-engine version of it came from the desert, a game in which after a meteorcrash the ants have grown to huge proportions and are taking over the small town of lizardbreath. Your job is to find enough evidence with the help of a local scientist to convince the mayor to call in the troops while staying alive battling the ants and such. This version is quite different from the other ones as it's a full CD version and uses digitized graphics and movies throughout the game. Some of the minigames are also different the most bizarre one is where a construction worker is being eaten by ants and you have to shoot them before he's reduced to a skeleton! Dispite the digitized graphics it's not nearly as goodlooking as the original amiga version but it's so different it's worth a go.

I got this game from a friendly visitor of the site so thank you Jaime Araiza for giving me another rare game in my collection :)
Nov-02-2007 15:28  crazy
I'm working like crazy here and I haven't had a day off for three weeks now which is really getting to me. There's are few signs things will let up soon so I guess I have no choice but too plow on then. Anyway I was relaxing a bit with a text adventure called the very big cave adventure which is a lot like other adventure games only this one doesn't take itself very seriously. There's plenty of humor in the game and plenty of cliches but the way they are handled is different enough to warrant a go. For once for instance swearing WILL actually get you somewhere in a game! :)
Oct-27-2007 00:07  pffff
I'm still really pressed for time but I managed to add another adventure called Rex Nebular and the cosmic gender bender. It's a bit like the space quest series but a bit less funny. I'm not the biggest fan of this game but it's not bad so give it a go.
Oct-19-2007 10:58  some manuals
I haven't had much time to do anything outside of work since I'm working 7 days a week for the moment. I only managed to add some manuals this time, here they are.

- A scanned manual for captain blood, a weird but good game in which you find yourself trapped in a computer game and have to find your clones that are scattered across the galaxy in order to get back out.
- A manual made from screenshots for Falklands 82, a strategy game which involves the Falklands war between Great Britain and Agentine.
- A text manual for Caveman Ughlympics, a game that's a lot like the winter/summer games series but set in the stone age. Great fun with a couple of players.
- A text manual for Forest of doom, an RPG in which the story plays a central part and you get to choose at brances what to do and how to continue.
Oct-15-2007 19:03  New server!
If you're reading this then it means you've reached the house of games on it's new server. I won't go into technical details but it's true what they say, linux systems are really better than windows systems for hosting websites. I haven't seen any problems so far and everything seems to be working but I'll keep my eye on it. Content wise there's no change but the site should be much more responsive and there should be less pauses from now on. Weeeeeee! :)
Oct-12-2007 14:10  Gobliins 2
I'm still into the adventure genre at the moment so I added Gobliins 2 - the prince buffoon, the sequel to Gobliiins (strangle written with three i's). You take control of two heroes who have to find the prince who was taken by a creature. Like the first game both heroes will have to work together to solve all the puzzles which are wacky and sometimes completely illogical. The humor is pretty weird too but the game's really enjoyable so definately give it a try.
Oct-05-2007 14:32  More adventures
Added another adventure game today called once upon a time, it's a bit of a kids game considering it's made after the animated film of the same name. Three young furlings (animals) go out to find herbs to cure their sick friend but there's humans and all sorts of other dangers out there. The game's pretty easy and won't take you long to finish but it kept me entertained while it lasted so try it.
Sep-28-2007 14:40  Great game
I finally had some time to play a game and upload it to the site and all that. It's called Another world (or out of this world in some countries) and the graphics are quite unique. They are made up of polygons instead of the regular handdrawn sprites, altough the graphics can't be detailed because of this the animation is top notch and it allows for some nifty cinematics without having the need for large amounts of storage. The story revolves around you a scientist who gets transported to another world while doing an experiment. Upon arrival you'll quickly find yourself in danger as this world is one nasty situation after another. Soon you'll find yourself captured and trying to break out of jail with an alien friend. Altough the basic gameplay is platform based there's plenty of puzzles to solve and fights you have to win. The difficulty level is pretty high and if you die you are sent back to the start of the level, aaa the good old days :) If you haven't tried this game yet get it now, it fantastic!
Sep-21-2007 11:05  Some more manuals
I added some more manuals to the site and here they are:

- a text manual for sport of kings, a horserace betting game. It's actually more fun than it sounds though.
- a scanned manual for archon, which is a bit like chess but you have to fight the battle between the pieces yourself! - a (mini) text manual for Aztec challenge, an incredibly hard action game in which you have to overcome several trials to prove you worth.
- a scanned manual for bubble bobble, a fantastic and quickpaced arcade game in which you have to beat 100 levels blowing bubbles and eating enemies.
Sep-05-2007 18:53  Darkseed
I got an e-mail about darkseed for dos not working and to my surprise it didn't so I checked it out. I made some adjustments to the files and added a note on the dos section of the page. Turns out you need to mount or unzip the game in a particular folder called c:\darkseed and change the driveletter in one of the files, funny it worked when I tested it but hey it can happen. You can find darkseed here, it's a pretty nice adventure games btw so check it if you haven't got it.
Aug-31-2007 12:32  Back from vacation
Well I'm finally back from my vacation but that doesn't mean I've been sitting still or anything. I took it upon myself to learn Chinese and to start working out again after gaining too much weight over the last year or so. Ofcourse I had to give up some stuff again like playing world of warcraft but hey there's more important things.

Anyway I still managed to make an update with a game called summer games from epyx. They were the first to make such a game and they made a whole lot more after that. Some of the events are a bit boring but this was the first game in the series, it's also an incredible 23 years old now being released in back in 1984 on the C64 amazing isn't it!?
Jul-20-2007 11:23  Almost vacation
It's almost time for my vacation so I'm preparing for that already altough it's still 2 weeks ago. I probably will do one more update or so before I go away for 3 weeks but for now I added another platform game called the New Zealand story. You play the part of a kiwi and you have to rescue your friends who have been captured by the evil Wally the Walrus. You can't fly on your own but you can kick enemies from their flying devices and use them for yourself. Pretty weird yeah but as a platform game it pretty good so try it.
Jun-29-2007 18:57  I'm back
I haven't updated in a while because I've been working ridiculous amounts of overtime which luckily is now over (for the moment). I though I'd relax a bit with an adventure game and I found ecoquest 2 - lost secret of the rain forest to be just the thing. It's aimed at kids like the first one but this time you have to save the rain forest. The game isn't too hard but it's pretty fun to play so give it a try.
Jun-08-2007 09:06  More manuals
I added some more manual today, here they are.

- Added a text manual for the last ninja 2, the followup to one of my favorite games of all time.
- Added scanned manuals for Prince of Persia 2 and Prince of Persia 1, both fantastic platform games. The pdf file contains manuals for both games and I also added some copy protection codes for pop2 even though you don't need them for the version available.
- Also added a scanned manual for pinball fantasies which has my favorite table ever called stones and bones. Try and beat my record of 633.892.270!
Jun-01-2007 14:22  Forgot
I made an update but forgot to post a newsitem so here it is.

Today I bring you operation thunderbolt, sequel to operation wolf, which is a first person shooter. Yep, well not a 3D one like quake or doom but your simple lightgun game in which you shoot the hell out of terrorists who have captured an aircraft and who are holding the passengers hostage. The game's pretty good especially the amiga version so give it a go if you want to blow off some steam.
May-25-2007 17:54  Weekend again
Today I have a pretty weird game called namcap, which is in fact pacman written in reverse. The name was chosen very well because everthing in the game, the text, graphics and controls is reversed as well. It's weird to play but that isn't neccesarily a bad thing at all so check it out.
May-18-2007 16:33  a real gem
I discovered a real gem the other day not because it's a low profile game or anything but I just hadn't played it before. Myth - history in the making is a game by system 3, the creators of the last ninja, and in their style you not only have to fight but also solve a problem or two. You play the part of a regular guy who is pulled back in time by the gods to defeat a number of creatures who have become evil. Each of them has their own stage and you'll have to figure out how to defeat them by solving a number of puzzles. Combined with the fighting this makes the game one tough cookie. I didn't think too much of it at first because I didn't really get the puzzle part but once you do the game becomes an excellent piece of work and well worth checking out.
May-11-2007 14:37  ye olde c64
I went back to playing a completely unknown game to me which often leads me back to the trusty old C64. I found a game called Mayhem in Monsterland which is a pretty standard platform game. It does have a twist though as each level starts out in 'sad' mode in which there is barely any color, you'll have to collect enough magic to turn it into a happy place again after which you can start collecting stars in order to finish the level. It's nothing special really but it isn't exactly bad either.
May-04-2007 16:53  Friday night update
I'm still into the adventure genre and this time I've got quite a rare one.
Jack the Ripper isn't you average adventure as you play the part of an investigator who is looking into murders who are apparently committed by Jack the Ripper himself. You can gather clues by interrogating people and looking for items at the scene of the crime. Later on you can deduct conclusions from the clues by simple logic as Sherlock Holmes would say. The presentation isn't very good with still graphics and practially no sound but the game is very challenging and each game is calculated on the fly so there is great replay value. Give it a go I'd say.
Apr-27-2007 17:12  Another full cd game!
I wasn't feeling too well last week which is why I didn't do an update but to make up for it I added another full-cd game!

The scroll is an adventure game in which the story revolves around a strange cult who worships snakes and from the intro can even change into them. You can play as either and occultist or an egyptologist and both will take you on conciderally different paths which increased the replay value. The game was released before as 'daughter of serpents' but the cd release adds full speech, yeah!
Apr-13-2007 21:11  A full cd game
Today I added a full CD version of Return to Ringworld, the sequel to Ringworld: revenge of the patriarch. You once again take control of Quinn accompanied by Seeker of Vengeance and Miranda Rees, all three of you are now fugitives and you have to go back to the Ringworld to find evidence of your innoncence. The game is much bigger than the prequel and there are less movies and more interactive bits and puzzles. The CD version has full speech and it's worth getting over the regular one so give it a go.
Apr-06-2007 17:40  Another adventure
It's friday again so it's time to make an update, another Sierra adventure called Conquest of Camelot. You play the part of king Arthur and you must go on a quest to find three of your knight that were out to search for the holy grail. Eventually you must find the grail as well because it is the only power that can save your kingdom. This game is actually the predecessor of conquest of the longbow so it shares the same cinematic feel. The graphics are surprisingly good considering it's an EGA game and it still uses the old parses instead of the point and click interface so take that into account.
Mar-31-2007 01:17  Regular update
It friday again which is the regular updating day, this time I have an RPG from SSI.
Unlike other SSI RPG's of the 90's, Buck Rogers: countdown to doomsday is not set in a fantasy world but in a scifi setting. In the future the new earth organisation fights for earths freedom and you have just joined up. You are soon trust into combat and rise soon to be an intregral part of freeing earth from the evil RAM empire. The game doesn't look like much but the story and the game are a lot of fun so give this a go.
Mar-24-2007 00:05  more coktel vision
More Coktel vision goodness today and one of their most famous games.

Inca is an adventure game but unlike previous games it also has plenty of action sequences. You play the part of El Dorado and you are seen as the one prophecy who will rebuild the Incan empire. You'll have to do this by finding the lost treasure and use them to stop your enemies, the conquistadors. There's plenty of annoying bits like the mazes and the action sequences can distract you from the adventuring but overall it quite good.
Mar-16-2007 11:34  More manuals
I added three more manuals today, here they are:

- a scanned manual for Aladdin, a fun platform game made after the (Disney) movie of the same name.
- a scanned manual for hostages, a game in which you play an entire swat team trying to free hostages from an emassy.
- a text manual for Lost in time, my favorite Coktel vision adventure game that has you travelling across time.
Mar-09-2007 21:29  another adventure
I'm still playing adventure games and so today I add one called the prophecy. It's an adventure by Coktel vision which made some classic (in my mind) games like Inca and lost in time as well as the gobliiins series. It's a firstperson adventure in which you must save the land from an evil wizard who is preparing to return and exact his revenge from those who banished him. You must fulfill the prophecy and stop him before it is too late. I know there are plenty of people who don't like Coktel's games but I do and this is a pretty good one so check it out.
Mar-02-2007 16:48  The train
I added a game today that I used to play quite a lot, it's called the train - escape to Normandy. In it you must steal a train that the Germans have loaded with valuable paintings and art from Paris and take it to safety in Normandy. You'll have to drive the train, take out enemy airplanes and boats while trying to stay in one piece. You'll get help from the French resistance who can make repairs or take out enemies at upcoming bridges or stations. Driving a train was never so exciting so give it a go!
Feb-23-2007 19:59  Some more manuals
I've been playing a bit of games again lately though not nearly as much as I used to. I think it was the old conquest of the longbow that did it, I can't believe I was still playing it 2 in the morning because I wanted to complete it. Aaaa the good old days, I'll probably be adding more games like it soon but for now I added some more manuals.

- a scanned manual for Winter games , one of the original games series from epyx.
- A text manual for xiphos, a space shooter.
- A scanned manual for Shadow Caster, a fantastic action RPG in which you can shapeshift into other forms.
Feb-16-2007 21:48  another add
I've been working way too hard imo as I haven't had much freetime and all my diners consisting of mostly pizza and stuff like that. After this update I'm gonna rest so here it is.

Alone in the dark is the granddaddy of the survival horror genre with it's cinematic camera angles and 3D characters. You'll have to fight tons of monsters before you can get to the bottom of the secret and get out of the haunted mansion. The only question I have is: why oh why do these people always go into these places with no weapons at all, and now after 15 years of survival horror they still haven't learned anything.
Feb-09-2007 14:52  Abandonware scene
Lately there has been some talk in 'the scene' about the future of abandonware after some sites shutting down like TART and Da fastlane. Some people are trying to set something up that might invigorate the scene a bit so if you would like to join the discussion or maybe help out check out the abandonwareblog for more info.

As for my update I added some more docs to the, now quite large, library.

- a text manual and a solve for Ultima 1, an ancient (now 27 years old!) RPG but one of the earliest and longest running series. There is even a first person bit in the game though it's extremely crude.
- a scanned manual for vigilante, a fun sidescrolling beat'em up. It plays very much like the old kung fu master as you can only walk left or right.
- a scanned manual for wizard of wor, an old shooter that takes place inside a maze.
- a text manual for world championship boxing manager, a game about managing boxers (DUH!).
Feb-02-2007 21:29  300 !
For my 300th game I had to choose a game that I really liked and I had this one in mind for some time. Conquest of the longbow is another adventure game from Sierra but it's miles above most of the others. Check it out while I enjoy my weekend.

Sierra adventures have been around for more than 20 years now and altough some people love them others hate them for their instant deaths and deadends. Conquest of the longbow strays from regular Sierra adventures by having a story that is quite wellknown in the form of Robin Hood and his band of outlaws in Sherwood Forest. The story only roughly follows the movies and such but adds more fantasy oriented themes which is a nice tough. Robin has to get ransom to get King Richard free but along the way he has plenty to do like rescue prisoners and meet maid Marion who helps him at times. You can even talk to woodsprite who might help save your life one day if you manage to capture him that is. With excellent graphics, music and a good story I consider this one of Sierra's finest adventure games so I suggest you get it now.
Jan-26-2007 23:49  One more till 300!
It's weekend again so time for another update and I see after this one I'm only one game short of 300! Not bad for one guy doing all the updating and maintaining of this site. Anyway here the update.

Karnov is a big firebreating man and he is out to recover the treasure of Babylon stolen by a big bad dragon. Along the way you'll find lots of powerups and you will need them to take out all those nasty creatures standing in your way. The game's a pretty standard platformer and it doesn't really stand out for me but I happen to know a lot of people seem to like it so you might want to give it a go.
Jan-19-2007 21:40  Some more versions
I haven't got all that much time today but I still managed to add some more versions of existing games, here they are:

- An apple, Amstrad CPC and Atari Lynx version of Rampage, a fun action game in which you take control of a giant mutated monster and have to destroy cities.
- An Atari 5200, Intellivision and Colecovision version of Pitfall, this is a classic action game in which you control pitfall Harry and have to gather treasure from the jungle while dodgine crocodiles and swinging on vines like Tarzan.
Jan-14-2007 00:32  That game I was promising
I was talking about that special game before and here it is. It's Lords of the rising sun from Cinemaware, a strategy game with some minigames thrown in much like other cinemaware titles. You are one of the lords in Japan and with the death of the Shogun, or military ruler, civil war has broken out and it will only end when one man controls all the castles there are. It's up to you to do this task and you can chose from two brothers, one a tactical master and the other a combat master. You'll have to play it very tactical because armies take a long time to travel anywhere and you cannot change orders once they have been given.

I seriously like this game and it stands as one of my alltime favorites. Because of this I went to great lengths to get a proper working version which unless you have a original boxed version is extremely hard to come by. In fact I have never seen it anywhere on the net so enjoy the version I made available here.
Jan-06-2007 14:28  Happy newyear!
Happy new year to everybody first of all and I hope nobody did anything silly during all the festivities. We had some great fireworks and stuff after which I immediately had to drive to work and get some work done, pff the life of a network specialist isn't all that! Anyway here is the first update of the year with a couple of manuals and a solve, I'm saving the game I was talking about in my previous update for next time.

- a solve for Ringworld, a fun cinematic adventure game altough a bit short.
- text manuals for Rush'n attack, a fun scrolling action game and Seven cities of gold , a wellknown and fun rpg/exploration game set in the 16th century.
- a scanned manual for UFO: enemy unknown, an incredible strategic game voted by many as the best abandonware title available.
Dec-23-2006 21:25  One more week
Only one more week till 2007 and here is another game. I'll probably make only one more update this year and it might be a special game at that, or I might safe it for after all the partying and stuff I haven't decided yet. Anyway I wish you all a merry christmas for now.

Knight games let's you play in eight different events like archery and swordfighting. Unfortunately there is no tournament mode which would make the game more interesting. As it stands the game is only a number of random events which is a shame because it could have been much more interesting.
Dec-10-2006 14:42  Big news (for me that is)
You know I actually stopped playing games! Well after I quit world of warcraft I haven't played anything except for the quick arcade game now and then (the old ones not the big machines). The other day one of my friends talked about gears of war which I described as being just another shooter he said the big improvement was a gun that was also a chainsaw. Now come one seriously if that is THE improvement in a game what are we talking about. I'm not missing much I reckon. Don't worry though old games are something else and I will probably not stop playing them for a long time to come.

Today I added another game called killed until dead, it's a detective game where five murder mystery writers are grouped together inside a hotel. One of them however is planning to kill someone and it's up to you to find out who, where and how. Detective games aren't very common so if you like that you can pick this one up as it's not bad.
Dec-03-2006 18:29  More docs
It seems a lot of sites that have to do with abandonware are having a difficult time staying alive, the most obvious problem is the lack of time the webmasters have. I understand them though because I myself haven't had too much time to do updates as well however I always make sure the site is as least running properly which isn't true of some other sites I've seen. I hope the situation improves a bit since it would be a loss if so many sites dissappeared.

Today I added some more docs and also fixed two who were already added but due to a mistake were not counted in the stats, here they are.
- fixed the text manuals for might and magic: book 1, a classic rpg the first of a long series, and James Bond: the stealth affair (aka operation stealth) a fun adventure game.
- a text manual for quarantine, a game in which you drive a cab and can outfit it with all kinds of weapons.
- a scanned manual for raid on bungeling bay, an overhead shooter.
- a solve and a manual for realms of Arkania, a decent RPG.
Nov-29-2006 15:11  Only 1 month till newyear
Well well time does fly, we're only one month away from 2007. I was hoping to get 300 games online before the end of the year and the way things are going now I'll probably just make it. I have to admit that I simply don't have the time to do daily updates anymore like in the beginning but I will still continue to work on the site. For today I added a basketball game featuring Micheal Jordan and Larry Bird.

Jordan vs. Bird - one on one is a basketball in which you can pitch both of these superstars against each other in three games. A slam dunk contest, three point shootout or a one on one game. Each can be played seperately so it's easy to pick up. Sadly there is no full game where you can play five on five but the game is still fun.
Nov-19-2006 12:04  Some more versions
I added some more versions for existing games today, here they are.

- An amiga and megadrive version of midnight resistance, a fun scrolling shooter. The amiga version is the best of the bunch so check it out.
- An amstrad CPC version of night breed the action game, a game made after the horror movie of the same name. There was also an adventure game released which is much better but released only on the amiga, you can find it here.
- An amiga, amstrad CPC and megadrive version of outrun, a conversion from the arcade racing game.
Nov-12-2006 12:35  Another game
I added an interactive fiction title today not from those wellknown infocom guys but from magnetic scrolls. In Jinxter you are the person who has to save Aquitania by recovering a stolen bracelet. The guardian angel who gave you this assignment helps you by saving your life at the start and during the game when you get into trouble so with that out of the way you can concentrate fully on the puzzles which are hard but mostly logical. There's plenty of humor in the game and the manual in the form of a newspaper is too. The manual is included as well as a solve so get this game it's worth it.
Nov-01-2006 15:24  Some docs added
I've been playing final fantasy for a while now and it's pretty great, not only as far as graphics but gameplay wise it's topnotch as well. My updating schedule isn't really great but I'll try to get it going once more. Here's some docs I added today.

- a scanned and text manual for the lost vikings, a great puzzle action game featuring three vikings.
- a solve for legend of Kyrandia, a fantastic adventure game in a fantasy setting.
- a scanned manual for kings of the beach, a fun beach volley game totally unlike today's 'beach volley' games that feature women in bikini's playing.
- a text manual for Jaws, and in case for those who don't know it (they exist?) you have to capture a big white shark who's terrorising islanders.
Oct-13-2006 11:55  A month without updates
Well over a month without an updates which is the longest since I began this website. As people say in wow (world of warcraft), in real life things have been taking up most of my time. I was recently promoted which meant I was working a lot the last month or so getting very little time for myself. I won't bore you with all the other stuff that was happening but on a good note I sold my house which means I won't have to work as much to pay the bills and such so I'm sure there will be more free time coming up soon which I will most certainly use to get in more updates. For today I added a darts game called Jockey Wilson's dart challenge.

Jockey Wilson's dart challenge is your basic darts game where you can compete in a tournament where the final opponent is Jockey Wilson himself. The aiming system is quite novel as it turns in circles constantly to make aiming just a bit harder. Other than that though there isn't too much to say about the game except that it's fairly enjoyable to give it a go.
Sep-03-2006 19:54  Update
I'm still busy with lots of different stuff so I can't write too much here other than the update.

Today I give you KGB a.k.a. conspiracy, an adventure game by Cryo. You play an officer who has to investigate corruption within the KGB. The game starts with a apparently simple murder but soon you find out there is a lot more to it and it goes high up the political ladder. I really like Cryo games and this game is pretty good so try it.
Aug-26-2006 00:23  Weekend again
I've been pretty busy lately not only with world of warcraft but at work as well. That leaves me very little time to update which is why there haven't been as many updates as usual. I hope the situation changes soon and I'm gonna enjoy the weekend but I have dded some more version of old games.

- An Amiga version of into the eagle's nest, a fun shooter where you invade a Nazi stronghold.
- An Apple and Amstrad CPC version of kung fu master, a sidescrolling beat'em up. The Amstrad version is one of the best there is so give that a try.
- An Amiga and Genesis/Megadrive version of lotus esprit turbo challenge, a classic racing game.
Aug-21-2006 16:13  Gaming
I haven't done much for the site lately because of my world of warcraft gaming, old things I had already done before suddenly seem to be fun again. No wonder this game is the most played MMORPG there is today with this sort of addictiveness. Ofcourse I could be wrong and I'll get bored again in a month or so, who knows.

I added a really old game today called Jupiter lander in which you must pilot a spacecraft to land on the surface of jupiter. You can use thrusters to move left,right and up, the gravity will take care of your downwards movement. Land safely and you will get points and you can do it all over again. This game is so retro only hardcore retrogamers need apply, others will probably not appreciate it much.
Aug-16-2006 13:45  Quick
I'm pretty tired because I've been sleeping badly again the last couple of days so I'll keep it brief.

International karate is a one-on-one fighting game and dispite it's single button control scheme works quite well. You face an opponent in a best two out of three bouts and the first to score two full points wins. There are plenty of different moves at your disposal and there are minigames between levels. This is one of the best fighters I played in the olden days so give this one a shot.
Aug-14-2006 15:25  Back to world of warcraft
I've started playing World of warcraft again. It was supposed to be just a quick get in and out to see some old friends again but once I started playing I was totally hooked which doesn't bode well for the projects I was working on. I'm not sure what will happen now because altough I'm not as completely hooked as I was the first time but it's still timeconsuming to raid again especially with the new naxxramas dungeon I'm doing with my old guild. Since I'm at work now I can't play and I usually get to do some stuff for myself when I have the time so I'm doing this update. Another couple of manuals added on top of the already growing supply.

Things added today:
- A Solve for Hugo's house of horrors, the first part of a shareware adventure game.
- A text manual for Indianapolis 500, a simulation of the race with the same name.
- A scanned manual for Infiltrator, a very early espionage game in which you must recover some stolen documents from an enemy hideout. What sets this game apart is that you have to fly to the base in your helicopter yourself in an action sequence.
- A scanned manual and quick reference guide for Jagged Alliance, one of my alltime favorite strategy/rpg hybrid game in which you play a teamleader for an organization where you can hire mercenaries. You're job is to take back an island and recover precious treesap, sounds weird but it's incredibly fun to play.
Aug-09-2006 22:31  stuff
I was working on a new website but it turns out the cms I made doesn't work properly on other people's configurations. That means I'll probably start working on another site which happens to be my blog so it should be coming soon. For now you I made another update.

Indiana Jones and the temple of doom is about the movie with the same name starring Indy in his quest to find stolen sacred stones. You control Indy while he searches the mines and the evil Kali worshippers temple for the kidnapped kids and the stones. You even get to ride in one of those mining carts like in the movie. Sadly though the game isn't nearly as enjoyable as the movie.
Aug-06-2006 19:53  More oldies
I'm currently working on some other websites after finishing the last one, once I'm done I'm sure you'll hear all about it and stuff but for now I'll make an update.

Added some more stuff:
- An Amstrad CPC version of the Addams family, a fun platform game.
- An Amstrad CPC version of barbarian, an early one on one fighter.
- An Amstrad CPC and Apple version of ghostbusters, a fun game about the movie of the same name.
Aug-04-2006 17:35  A new website
Yes, I finally finished work on a new website called The Game Archives! Well finished is a big word but at least it's working properly and online now. The site will contain an archive of games for all those old systems out there the difference with this being that it does not contain any information about the games like developers, year of release, reviews or even screenshots. The upside is that it's real easy to add new games and there are currently already 6000 files present all for the Commodore 64. Check the new site out and keep it in mind as there are sure to be plenty of additions in the time ahead.

As for the addition on the house today it's an interactive fiction title from infocom called Infidel. You are in search of a lost pyramid and all it's treasures but after you demand your workers to get back to work while they are praying they leave you alone in the desert. Now you must use your wits to find the pyramid and survive long enough to get to the treasure. Altough the game's not bad it's not on par with other infocom games but still good enough to give it a go.
Jul-31-2006 20:21  Cool off
Luckily the heat that has been here the past month is finally gone (for now) so I can get busy doing stuff like work on my new website and stuff. I can tell you already that it's close to completion and it involves games as well so keep an eye out for it soon. For today I've added another game and I see I'm closing in on the 300 mark so here it is.

Ikari warriors is a topdown shooter where two players can join up to free a captured general. The unique thing about this game is that sometimes you find a tank which you can get into and use it to blast your way through some enemy soldiers. Pretty decent translation from the arcade original so give it a go.
Jul-28-2006 20:59  100 manuals
Some stuff has been happening in the abandonware scene, most notably something which I already said which is the fact that the ancient amusement ring is no longer active bringing the total number of rings to only three. Also the XTC abandonware domainname appeared to have been 'stolen' by one of those big domain registars, luckily it seems everything is in order now. The same thing happened to the-underdogs so if you have a site and want to keep it make sure you renew it before it expires. Things aren't all bad news as the abandonwareblog is finally back with a new script and Muaddib the webmaster said that his old site abandonstuff will be back soon. I might start my own blog as some people have said that's basically what I do here. Anyway enough about that here's the updates for today before I'm going to enjoy my weekend.

Added one game, a solve and three more manuals bringing the total up to 100 manuals, yeah!

The game added is called high noon which is an old shooter set in the wild west. You are the sherrif and your job is to keep all the badguys from robbing the bank and trying to kill you. It's a pretty simple shooter but it's quite fun for a while and the intro tune will stick in your head.

The other stuff added is:
- A text manual and a solve for Elvira: mistress of the dark, a cool horror rpg.
- A text manual for the Clue!, a great and unique game where you are a master burglar.
- A scanned manual for golden axe, a fun hack and slash arcade game.
Jul-24-2006 19:05  WOW again?

Lately I've been tempted to play world of warcraft again with some of my old mates ingame whose forum I've been visiting lately. I haven't done it yet because I know it will take up all my precious time and that is something I can't really use at the moment. We'll see what happens. As for the update I added yet another system, this time the Atari 7800 and some new versions of games. This will probably be the last system added for a while because it's getting to be a bit much otherwise.

- MESS, the multiple emulator super system. It emulates a large amount of systems but you'll need the right BIOS files to run it, you can get it from the utils section.
- Atari 7800, Amstrad CPC and Sega master system versions of ace of aces.
- Amstrad CPC versions of the young ones, wings of fury and xenon.

Jul-21-2006 23:38  Late update
Because of the continuing heat this update is a bit late but nighttime is the only time you can do anything without totally exhausting yourself. On another note the ancient amusement ring has stopped updating but one of the crew has gone over to abandoned places who have restarted a new version of that ring. That leaves only a couple of rings in the abandonware scene mmm...

Igor: objective Ukokahonia is an adventure game that reminds me of Indiana Jones and the last crusade by Lucasarts in terms of graphics and feel. You play the part of Igor and you're trying to win the heart of the schools prettiest girl called Laura. Not an easy feat for a Nerdy guy who hasn't even got the grades to go on the school trip to Ukokahonia. Guide Igor through his quest to go on the trip and to get the girl he loves. The game's pretty good so give it a go.
Jul-18-2006 11:55  Heatwave
There's another heatwave heading my way, actually I feel like it's here already so before it gets too hot to do anything I thought I'd add another game. Have fun with it.

Heart of Africa is the followup to seven cities of gold, you must explore Africa in search of a lost treasure written about by a lost madman. You'll have to find clues from all over the continent and you will need to enlist the knowledge of local people to find what you are looking for. This is a great adventuring game and if you can look past the graphics I'm sure you will have plenty of fun with it.
Jul-14-2006 09:14  More manuals
I've added some more manuals today and I'm close to having 100 manuals, not bad considering the number of games is about 280 now. Since I've been adding manuals the number of games that come with a manual has risen from about one in ten to one in three, great stuff!

Added three scanned manuals for:
- Double dragon, a beat'em up that was fantastic in the arcades but sadly the conversion to home systems wasn't that good.
- Dragon's lair, a really good looking game that looks and plays more like a cartoon than a game.
- Vikings, a strategic game in which you have to conquer Britain. It has no sound whatsoever but it's quite entertaining.

Finally added a text manual and a solve for Floor 13, a pretty unique game with black and white graphics only and a conspiracy theme.
Jul-13-2006 23:10  A bit late
I'm doing this update a bit late as I spend a lot of time outside today as the weather was quite good. I've been having a lot ideas for websites lately but I've just begun to work out what to do and when to do it. I hope I will be able to realize some of them soon because to me they seem to have a lot of potential, stay tuned I'd say. Here's the update for today with another game added.

H.E.R.O. is a puzzle / action game first released on the Atari 2600. You fly a oneman, backpack mounted helicopter and your task is to rescue miners trapped in caves after an accident. Avoid the creatures and blast your way through rocks to get through the maze and get the job done. This is an incredibly addictive game so get it now.
Jul-10-2006 13:47  More
I went fishing the other day again but this time near where I live in a small harbor and I actually caught something which is a small miracle given my earlier attempts. I'm still thinking about making a site purely about fishing games but at the moment I'm busy with lots of different stuff. If there's news about the site you can be sure you can read about it here. For todays update I added some more versions of existing games, enjoy.

- A C64, Amstrad and megadrive version of turrican, a great shooter that has some fantasic tunes.
- The Atari ST version of Sinbad and the throne of the falcon , an early game by Cinemaware in which you must sail across the seas having adventures.
- The Colecovison version and a DOS remake of River raid, a classic overhead shooter.
- A NES and SNES version of kick off, a fast and furious soccer game.
Jul-05-2006 15:05  Too hot!
It's been blistering hot the last week so I haven't done much in terms of updates, today it's a bit better so I thought I'd add a game. On another note I've shut down the forum because of the lack of interest apart from the spammers but given the amount of people who registered I doubt it's a big loss.

The happiest day of your life is a puzzle game in which you play a student who stole the headmaster's wallet and lost it. Now you must return to school and find it and some evidence supporting your innocence would be good as well. It's not too good because you only have two inventory slots and the controls aren't very good so only for those who already know the game.

Also courtesy of a friendly visitor of the site I replaced the SNES version of Aladdin with a proper one, apparently the old version bugged out on one of the bosses. So thanks to you Mr. Mallia for letting me know abuot his AND sending me a good version.
Jun-30-2006 23:04  Speeed
If you haven't noticed already there was a bit of a speed increase today on the bandwith side so things should be much speedier now, hurray for more speed! I won't go crazy and put up a ton of big games or something like that but updates will be made just like usual so the site can keep running well. I also made an update so here it is.

Hardball! is a baseball game/simulator but given the fact that I don't know that much about baseball it was kind off hard to review. The review is bad I'll admit that but the game itself isn't bad and it's easy to pick up though probably not as complex as some would like it. Give it a go I'd say.
Jun-28-2006 21:17  Where's the fish?
I've been fishing for a couple of weekends and I'm rather fed up because I haven't caught anything except for some sunburn and some silly crabs so it seems the sea is empty or something. I think I'll try my hand at some freshwater fishing the next time I go or maybe some digital fishing which isn't as much fun but at least I'm sure of catching something then. Ah well we'll see what happens, first up here's an update with two scanned and two text manuals.

Added a text manual for wolf, a unique RPG in which you play the part of a wolf! Also added a text manual (with some pics) for airborne ranger, a fantasic shooter. Added a scanned manual for desert strike, a shooter in which you pilot an apache gunship in operation desert storm. Finally added a scanned manual for commando , a classic shooter.
Jun-25-2006 21:00  Tetris
In the last couple of days I've been into tetris a lot which is still one of the greatest games ever. Actually I've dug a little deeper into the origins and found out the theme of the gameboy version (the most famous one) is actually from a Russian folk song called Korobeiniki. There's plenty of people around who are into the game as you can in this video of some person playing the theme on his piano.You can find plenty of them so I'll leave that to you, for me I did an update.

Hawkeye is a scrolling shooter for the Commodore 64 released late in it's lifespan. You run left and right on the level finding the puzzle pieces and blasting aliens. The boys without brains, the creators of the game, only worked together on this one game but later went on to work in the industry and the most wellknown group to form from this are the maniacs of noise. The game can become a bit tedious after a while but it's fun while it lasts.
Jun-23-2006 21:27  Weird stuff
The last couple of days have been a bit weird for me as I had a number of (physical) problems and stuff happen to me, I won't bore you with details but let's just say now I know what's it's like to grow a new layer of skin in a single day :) Anyhow I added some more versions of games that were already on the house, here they are.

Added the DOS version of Vroom, a racing game which is not very good imo. Added the Atari ST version of Arkanoid, one of the first breakout games ever and one of the best as well. Added the zx spectrum version of the saga of Erik the Viking which is a graphical interactive fiction game. And finally added a BBC Micro and Apple version of Monopoly the wellknown board game. There are now thirteen different version of this game available for download which is the record on the house.
Jun-19-2006 19:28  Update
I haven't had much time to do anything for my site and I have to get to work again in a while so without further ado here's an update.

Today I added Ghosts 'n goblins a really great platform game. The story is the usual save your girlfriend from the badguys but it's done really well. You can get many diffent weapons all of which are thrown. The difference between this and most other platformers is that you don't die as soon you get hit by an enemy but you will lose your suit of armor and you'll have to walk around in your undies. You can find a suit and get a new chance unless you get hit again at which point you are reduced to a pile of bones. This is an excellent game so don't miss out on it.
Jun-14-2006 15:01  Heatwave
Well the weather has completely turned about as it went from very cold to an actual heatwave. Luckily today has been a lot better and we've had some rain to cool off but the next couple of days will be hotter again. So before it gets too hot again to do anything I'll make an update today.

Today I have three scanned manuals for you namely: Robocop a fun platform shooter, Rampage a great action game especially when played with three players and finally Pitfall one of the earliest platform games which was highly addictive. The last one has the manual as well as Pitfall Harry's diary scanned in.
Jun-11-2006 23:40  Power problems
There were some power problems during the weekend which lead to some downtime which luckily I was able to minimize when I found out. I'm not sure how long exactly the downtime was but I hope this won't happen again in the near future. It's getting a bit late so on with the update.

Ghettoblaster, which was also released as street beat, is a game with a musical theme. You have to walk around finding music tapes with which to make people dance and if succesfull you can deliver the tape to the studio. There isn't much to the game but you might like the tunes you can find. Apparently the game was inspired by a nameless rasta in a London park.
Jun-08-2006 13:17  Getting sunny
The weather is getting better and better so I'm probably gonna do some fishing soon and hopefully catch something as well. Also summer vacation is almost here and when it does it means I will be pretty much alone with a couple of diehards at the office since my plans to go on a fishing holiday is no longer possible. Still plenty of fish over here I'd say just have to find the right spots. Anyway I added some more versions of games that were previously unavailable.

I Added Q-bert for three more systems namely the Atari 5200, BBC Micro and the Sega master system. Actually the SMS version is for the SG-1000 which is an early computer version of the SMS only released in Japan. The SG-1000 isn't properly supported by my favorite SMS emulator DEGA so I added another emulator that does work called MEKA, it's a great emulator but it doesn't work properly on multi-monitor setups like I have but I suspect most people won't have this problem. You can find the emulator in the utils section. Also added an Atari ST and ZX Spectrum version of X-out, one of my favorite shooters on the C64. Finally I added the Atari 5200 version of Zaxxon, a great semi-3D shooter.
Jun-05-2006 23:19  Update
It's starting to get late so without further ado here's another update.

Free D.C! has quite an interesting story where in the near future the world is controlled by robots and humans serve as a tourist attraction like a zoo. You have been send to find a human who has terminated a large number of robots and to make for a good incentive you will die from a lethal substance implanted in your body in twelve hours. To be honest there is plenty wrong with the game but I kinda like weird games like this, you'll have see it and decide for yourself.
Jun-01-2006 15:50  Workathon
I've been spending way too much time working even to the point where I have to close up the place after the cleaning crew has left the building. Not that I have much of a choice with deadlines and stuff and I'm just happy I don't have to travel for ages when I go home. Actually I was hoping for some extra time but I guess I'll have to wait some more. Enough ranting about work for now as it's boring so without further ado here's the game.

Gauntlet is an action game that originated in the arcades like many early video games and later ported to home machines. You can choose from four different heroes and you will have to fight through one hundred levels filled with mazes, monsters and traps. Luckily you can bring a friend to help you and there are plenty of items to find inside the levels as well. Sadly though the home versions lack the four-player mode which made things much more fun but even with two players there's plenty of fun to be had.
May-28-2006 20:49  Another new system
I'm pretty close to getting settled down in my new appartment so I'll be back to my regular schedule soon. Haven't got much else to say at the moment though so let's get to the update.

I added another new system today in the form of the Atari 5200, it wasn't a real succesfull machine and many of the games released on it were also released on other systems as well but it's still worth adding. The emulator I use for it is called Atari 800 win plus which emulates both the Atari 8-bit and the 5200, you can find the program in the utils section.
As for the games the Atari 5200's first game on the house is the Activision decathlon, a fun sports game I used to play a lot. Other stuff I added was the Atari lynx version of rampart which is very good for a mobile system. Finally I added the DOS and Amstrad CPC version of North & South, a great strategy action game the DOS version of which should prove most popular.
May-24-2006 14:46  My new place!
I've been away for a while because I just moved into my new house. The move was relatively quick and easy with the help of some buddies but the place is a total mess now with all my stuff lying around. I'm finally getting a grip on things now but I've stil got a lot to do before I can properly relax and stuff. I'm supposed to be free but today I'm filling in for my collegues which I don't mind since they helped me move and stuff so I actually have some spare time and I thought I'd add a game so here it is.

Gods is another action game from the Bitmap Brothers and like their other games this is one very good. You are a Greek hero send to clean up four vast worlds and if you succeed you will become immortal. With a superior A.I. engine and excellent graphics this is one game you must have played so get it now.
May-17-2006 17:44  Almost there
Tomorrow I'm getting the keys to my new house and if everything is correct there should be a nice new internet line waiting for me. Till then I'm still stuck at work which is currently the only place where I can go online properly. If everything works out and the move is over I should have plenty of free time which I've been waiting for for a long time. For now I just added a couple more manuals.

Added a text manual for midnight resistance and scanned manuals for paperboy and pac-man.
May-15-2006 16:42  Sigh
After having been without a proper internet connection at home for almost a week I got some bad news that I can't get into my new house for a couple more days because the mortgage wasn't there on time (stupid bank people!). It ironic though because there is a 24-Mbit dsl line waiting for me ready to go right now but I don't have the keys yet grrr. Anyway I'll survive a couple days more by borrowing another persons line and staying late at work. Enough of that now so here's yer update.

Gamma Force in pit of a thousand screams is an 'interactive' comic by infocom. Actually you can't really interact with the actual story but at some points in the game you can select to follow a different path in the storyline or view things from another perspective. Luckily you can rewind so you can see every branch which is some cases lets you understand more of the story. It's not the only one of it's kind but it's definately an uncommon game worth checking out.
May-12-2006 18:47  Added a new system
I added another system to the list of supported ones on the House of Games namely the Atari Lynx. It was the first color handheld ever but due to being so powerhungry and it's big size it was never a real hit. Still these days those things don't matter much on an emulator. Ofcourse I added an emulator called Handy with which you can play the game, you can find it in the utils section. This is the first of a couple of systems I will be adding so stay tuned.

With the addition of the lynx I have added some games that were already present on the house but now for even more systems :) First is california games for the Atari Lynx, one of my favorite 'games' series, unfortunately there are only four events instead of the six that the others have but many people regards this as one of the best versions. Secondly I added Stunt car racer for the Amstrad CPC, a fun racing game. The Amstrad is a system I seem to find a lot of games for that are already on the house but I knew nothing about ever being released so keep tuned if you are into Amstrad games there are more games coming. Last but not least I added an Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum version of Antiriad, a platform game I remember playing very often back in my C64 days. Both versions were completely unknown to me until recently.
May-10-2006 14:57  Still at work
Since I still have no internet connection at home I'm staying most of the time at my work where I've got pretty much anything I'd want except for maybe a television set. I'm going to add a couple more systems soon but I'm still trying to find the emulators and such. Till then enjoy yourself with this game.

Galaxian looks and plays a lot like space invaders but this time the aliens will actually fly towards you instead of just mindlessly going from left to right. You might think this isn't much of an improvement but for the time it was a big one. It's still pretty fun to play, for a while at least, so try it.
P.S. Forgot to mention that I also included a scanned manual.
May-08-2006 17:51  NO INTERNET!
Well since I can no longer reach my home network it seems they have cut my internet connection at home in preperation for the move. Unfortunately that leaves me with 1 week of no internet but luckily being a network engineer means I will most likely find a way to get around it. I haven't actually been home to see it for myself because I'm staying at work to do some stuff before I go home. Dispite all this I still managed to make an update so here it is.

Added some more manuals today. A scanned and text manual for the classic space trading game Elite was added. A text manual for Jack Charlton's match fishing, a simple fishing game from the early eighties that can be played with up to eight players. Finally I added a scanned manual for Mega-lo-Mania, a great strategy game. The last manual is kinda big (15 Mb) but that's because it's in eight different languages.
May-07-2006 22:29  One more week
One week to go before I move into my new house but before that I still have a long week ahead of me as it seems I'm working more overtime then ever. Still it's not that bad as it helps my bank account a lot so can't complain there :) On another note I'm thinking about adding support for more systems like the Atari Lynx and 5600 among others but I have to look into that yet, for now here's another game.

F-15 Strike eagle was the first of a series where you could pilot the F-15 Eagle jet on a number of missions. It's not very complex as a simulator and more of an action game but personally I think it doesn't contain enough of either. If you like this game from your past you can check it out but there are far better games like it out there.
May-06-2006 21:15  Updates
I added some more stuff to the site so here it is.
Added a manual for leaderboard and Lotus Esprit turbo challenge. Added the apple version of Lemmings as well as a scanned manual. The lemmings apple version was donated by a friendly visitor so thanx dude :)
May-05-2006 16:38  Nice day for walk
Well not that I like going for a random walk but the weather is so good that you might :) I'm gonna be moving in about a week or so and I just hope that my internet downtime is kept to a minimum, my provider says they will do their best so I'll cross my fingers. Before I go to enjoy me weekend I have an update.

The elder scrolls: Arena is the first of the elder scrolls released. It already has much of what made the sequels so great which is free-roaming and the ability to create your own class and such. The story is pretty straightforward with you being the only hope to safe the country from an evil wizard but the freedom in the game allows you to do other things without worrying about it too much. Best of all with the release of the fourth game called Oblivion this game has been released as freeware, yeah!
May-01-2006 17:48  Planning vacation
Well I haven't even moved yet but I'm already planning a vacation. Actually one of my fishing buddies said we could go to Norway for some fishing and it looks good because there's plenty of big fish over there. I'll go by the shop later and ask if there is still space available. Anyway I added another game and it's quite a strange one.

Ford simulator is just that it allows you to drive several models of Ford cars and lets you calculate thing like payments and stuff. I'm not sure why they released this as it's nowhere near the real thing but I guess being able to check options and prices was easier this way before the internet was available, as a game though it isn't very good.
Apr-29-2006 22:57  Quicky
I slept very badly so I'll just do a quick update and be gone.
I added forest of doom, an old RPG. Actually much of the story is told through a book and occasionally it will give you a choice on what to do next. It's quite different from other RPG's as you don't have nearly as much freedom but it's worth a go.
Apr-27-2006 15:39  Tired again
You know selling your house is pretty tiring stuff, cleaning up before people come and making sure everything is in the best shape. Not only that but you have to keep it that way if people return which is exactly what happened today. I still have some more stuff to do because I'm also in the process of buying a new house and it's all a bit much so hopefully it'll pass soon. I still added a game and it's another boulderdash clone.

Flasch bier basically means a bottle of beer in German and that is exactly what this game is about. You are a guy who will do anything to get his beer and you'll have to navigate mazes filled with rocks and other dangers to get your precious liquid. It looks and plays a lot like the old boulderdash but it's much more difficult so if you're looking for a challenge this game is a good one.
Apr-25-2006 23:21  Misc stuff
I added some misc stuff today as I'm supposed to be preparing for people coming to see my house that's for sale. It's a bit of a mess so I better get going.

Added the Megadrive/Genesis version of King's bounty as well as a strategy guide. Added a text manual for Into the eagle's nest and King of Chicago as well as a solve for the latter game. Finally I added a scanned manual for Kung-Fu master.
Apr-23-2006 11:52  Forum is up
Well I finished the forum and it's online now. There isn't much information on it at the moment but if you register and let me know what kind of stuff you would like to see then I might be able to help. Anyway since forums are user-driven it needs your help to get anywhere so go ahead and visit it HERE.
Apr-21-2006 20:28  Coming soon
Today was pretty uneventfull so I spend a lot of time figuring out how to set up a forum, yup that's right The House of Games is getting one. Pretty soon you can request games, ask for help running games and maybe I can get an answer to an ageold question of mine about why the majority of abandonware is about PC games. I hope I can get it up and running this weekend but if I don't you can be sure it will get here soon. For now I added another game so enjoy.

Freddy Pharkas is one adventure I had never played before and I heard some good things about it so I was quite anxious to try it out. Unfortunately after playing it I have to say I disagree with all that praise I read about, I won't write too much about it here so you'll have to try it for yourself.
Apr-20-2006 19:51  DONE!
Well actually my project at work isn't completely done yet but I finished all the hard stuff so from now things will at least be a bit easier for me. I used the extra time I had to get some more manuals to the growing list.

Added a text manual for final assault and scanned manuals for ghostbusters, gyruss and frogger.
Apr-19-2006 20:29  So much to do so little time

I haven't had much time to work on the site as much as I've wanted to mainly because I'm still busy at work with a big project. When you get home from a hard days work and long travel I can tell you that you have little energy to do much else. Anyway I hope that the project will soon be done so I can have some more free time. Till then here's a oldie wargame for you.

Falklands '82 is a strategic wargame in which you play as the British forces tasked with taking back the Falkland islands near Argentinia. The game is modeled after the actual war that took place during may and june in 1982 and the maximum number of turns in the game is similar to the number of days it took before the British were victorious. With a group of units you will have to take out any enemy forces on the island to be victorious. The game is quite simple but entertaining nonetheless.

Apr-16-2006 22:29  Lords of the rising sun!
I DID IT! I am now probably one of the few people on this earth that has all three versions of Lords of the rising sun from Cinemaware, ranking very high as one of my favorite games of all time. What's so special you say? Well first off the CD-I version is quite rare and even though I have it there isn't an emulator yet that plays it properly. Second the turbografx CD version is changed with an anime theme and it also is quite rare. Third I have a full properly working game of the amiga version which I have yet to see online anywhere. All Amiga versions that you find online are broken (even the one on the cinemaware site itself!) as when you start the game you get attacked constantly by ninjas making the game unplayable as one character and severly weakens you as the other one. Well enough ranting and gloating for the moment as I added another CD version of game including the full scanned manual.

Dune is an adventure game from Cryo and it follows the story of the movie/book of the same name. The one I added is the Sega CD version which is the same as the CD version of the DOS game. It improves the 'normal' versions by adding a full motion video introduction, nicely rendered dunes in the flying scenes and full speech throughout the game. The speech is the most notable addition and it definately adds greatly to an already great game. The graphics are slightly toned down because of a smaller amount of colors but other than the DOS CD-version this is the best. Both additions are huge as the manual is 10 Megs and the Sega CD rom is 200+ Megs but well worth the wait.
Apr-15-2006 17:57  Easter
Well easter is almost here but I spend it working a crap job for the past years but this is the last time I'm ever gonna do that wheee. Anyway I'm off to eat so here is a game for you all.

Eon is a shooter released for the C64 in 1993 which is quite remarkable as the C64 was commercially no longer viable at that time. I believe that it was more of a private project and you can tell from the work that went into it. The game is a sidescrolling shooter in which you can scroll to the left or right whichever way you want which is necessary to hunt down the power stations that are protecting the exit to the next level. It has it's share of weapons like any other shooter but it's executed very well making it one of the best to be released on the C64.
Apr-12-2006 16:11  More manuals
I added some more manuals and the list is growing steadily which is a good thing. I might add a big (cd) game including a big manual soon but I'm gonna check to make sure about bandwith issues and stuff. For now here's the manuals for today.

Added text manuals for Dino eggs, Castle master and Barbarian and a scanned manual for Battle chess.
Apr-11-2006 13:58  @work
I've been busy at work lately with a new project involving server based computing, I'm not gonna explain it here but suffice to say it's a big project. I also have to read about and test a lot of new stuff so I have to put in some overtime which limits my freetime but the good thing is I get extra $$ :) gimme gimme!

Today I have a game that tells the story of the exodus from the bible called Exodus: Journey to the promised land. You play Mozes and you must navigate levels filled with enemies, traps and puzzles to lead your people to the promised land. Gameplay is very similar to boulderdash with falling rocks and secrets to find but in between levels you get a quiz with five questions. The questions relate to what happened to Mozes and events before and during the exodus and each one you answer correctly will earn you a bible, ten of which will gain you a life. Some knowledge of the bible is definately helpfull altough you don't really need to know about it to enjoy this game as it's good enough on it's own.
Apr-08-2006 23:13  Kingdom hearts
I've been playing Kingdom Hearts lately for quite a bit and altough I already finished it I'm still trying to complete all the extra's and stuff. However the main game is quite easy as are most games released these days. The fact that gaming is mainstream now probably means that we will not see the kind of hardcore games anymore that were the norm 15-20 years ago. Luckily we still have these old games and there's plenty of them to last a lifetime :)

I added some more manuals today, two scanned and a text one. The scanned manuals are for the Addams family and Gobliiins and the text manual is for bad street brawler.
Apr-06-2006 09:31  A new house
Well actually not as in a new house of games but a new house for me, closer to work and thus increasing my free time by 3 hours each day which is great. Actually I haven't bought it yet but once all the paperwork is done I can move in about a month and a half. I'll have some more free time from now on as the act of searching and packing is already done so I can rest up a bit and work some more on the site. For now I add this fighting game for you to enjoy.

Fist 2: The legend continues is the sequel to the fairly popular game "the way of the exploding fist". The main part is a scrolling fighting game with some adventuring parts thrown in as you can go in several direction trying to find sacred scrolls to increase your fighting skill. Your journey will prepare you for the ultimate showdown which will take place in the heart of enemy territory. There is also a training option which works like the first game with one on one fights so at the time it was like getting two games for the price of one. I still enjoy this game and you should at least give it a try.
Apr-03-2006 13:40  Mondays
Another monday and as always the week starts very slowly for me basically doing nothing at work at the moment. Still it frees up some time for me to do other stuff like look for manuals and stuff. So without further ado here are today's additions.

Added a scanned manual for Turrican, text manuals for Ace of Aces and Xenon and finnally added a strategy guide for They stole a million.
Mar-31-2006 19:47  Weekend
After a really busy week I can finally enjoy some wellearned rest and most likely I will do it playing kingdom hearts 2 which was just released. I also happen to add a great RPG for you to enjoy.

Eye of the beholder 2, subtitled the legend of Darkmoon, is the sequel to a very popular first person RPG. Once again the four heroes are called upon and this time you must investigate strange happenings at the temple of Darkmoon. Once you enter it though things seems to be far worse than you could imagine and it's up to you to stop evil once more. This improves upon the first game and it's definately the best in the trilogy so a musthave really.
Mar-29-2006 19:13  T-shirt!

Here it is: the house of game T-shirt! Very simple design but still pretty fun if you ask me. Also I found out that the house is one of four finalists at Da Awards so thanks to all who nominated me. Da awards aren't over yet though so vote for whoever you think deserves the title. I'm gonna play a new game for my PS2 right now but I added three more manuals and some tidbits for you.

Added a scanned manual for Spy vs Spy. Added a text manual, a comic book and level maps for Rick Dangerous and finally also added a text manual for Sinbad and the throne of the falcon.
Mar-27-2006 13:21  The house of games on tv?
Well some national childrens program was going to film at my cousins school so I took the opportunity to get in some sneaky advertising, I printed some T-shirts for him and a friend and they wore the shirts when filming hehe. I have no idea wether or not it's gonna be cut but it was quite fun I think, at least I got a nice shirt from it and I'll post a picture of it tomorrow or something but for now here's another game for you to enjoy.

Elevator action should be quite wellknown amongst older gamers and it stars you as a secret agent who has to retreive some stolen documents hidden inside an enemy hideout. Luckily those guys marked every door containing documents red so simply collect them while dodging enemy spies and get to the bottom of the building to escape. Gameplay will get boring after a while but while it lasts it's quite fun.
Mar-23-2006 15:58  Obscure games
Have you ever played a game and wondered how many other people have ever seen this game. The fabulous Wanda and the secret of life, the universe and everything is such an obscure game. It is actually an adventure game with a couple of minigames where you must find Wanda and try to find out what the secret actually is. The entire game is programmed in basic which was uncommon but not unheard of back in those days. I actually had some fun with it many years ago but it's really limited and there's no real way to complete your quest but you could always take a look and see how these old games work.

Ohyeah also added two more manuals, one text manual for matchpoint and a scanned manual for river raid.
Mar-21-2006 20:33  Sleepy
I've been way to busy cleaning my house and taking care of business and stuff so I'm rather tired and sleepy. I'm gonna take a hot shower and relax a bit so here's an update and seeya later.

Accolade released many games but this is the only RPG that I know of, it's called don't go alone and it's a horror RPG. You must gather a party of four to venture into a haunted mansion and rescue your grandfather who is now being held be an evil being. Instead of the usual hitpoints you have fear levels and if they get too high you will flee in terror or maybe even get a heart attack. Magic is also not present and you get to mix potions instead with the items you find. It's a nice idea but the controls ruined it a bit for me as it's very hard to control four members in battle and you end up using only a single person to fight which is not very usefull. It's a decent try though so you might give it a go.
Mar-19-2006 22:27  Quick update
Just a quick update today as I don't have much time so here's two scanned manuals for Impossible misson and boulderdash.
Mar-17-2006 19:46  Cleaning
I've been cleaning lately to prepare for selling my house, make sure it at least looks good and all. Actually I've already started packing because I'm hoping I can get it over soon and all. Between it all though I managed to update with an adventure games from Sierra so have fun with that. Ohyeah the datacenter is going to have some upgrades tomorrow which might cause some downtime but I'm trying to make sure it's as short as possible.

Ecoquest is an adventure from Sierra that looks much like their other games but because it is geared towards younger players it has some noticable differences. There is no death lurking around every corner end as far as I can tell there are no dead ends or mazes either which is great. You are a young boy and have to help an injured dophin to find the king of the underwater city. Combined with the usual nice graphics and sound it's a great adventure game dispite the cheesy story.
Mar-16-2006 17:44  Half update
Not a full update today but instead I added a CD version of a game already on the house. Eye of the beholder is a classic first person RPG and the Sega CD version adds speech, music and a proper ending. Well worth the 50 Mb download is you ask me.

If you have problems downloading or it asks you for a password then most likely you are using a download accellator which is NOT supported. Also right-clicking and selecting save-as doesn't work either so simply left-click on the icon of the version you want to download and you should be ok.
Mar-15-2006 13:53  Pfff
Pfff this moving business is tiring stuff but it's all for a good cause because after I have moved I won't have to travel three hours a day anymore. That will surely free up plenty of time for me to get some more stuff done but for now it will mean things will be a bit hectic. Anyway I added three more manuals for you to enjoy so take a look.

Added scanned manuals for Defender of the crown, Arkanoid and The activision decathlon.
Mar-14-2006 16:59  Moving
I'm planning to move closer to my work so I'm a bit short of time and all but as usual I always find the time to update the site which is very important for me. Have fun with the game while I go check out some houses tonight.

The Eidolon is apparently not a very wellknown game by Lucasfilm. It's actually a first person shooter with the areas made up in 3D fractals which is amazing given the fact that the game is over 20 years old. You have to navigate through caverns inhabited by weird monsters and a dragon guarding the exit but first you must find the lost crystals in the maze. The game can become a bit boring as the mazes get bigger and bigger but while it lasts it's good and technically it's amazing.
Mar-12-2006 12:42  More manuals
I'm off for some more work which is becoming really sad, it's not even my proper job anyway. Hell I'll solve it one way or another today because it's ruining my freetime and that is one of the most important things for me. Anyway I added some more manuals while I still had the time so enjoy.

Added scanned manuals for Monopoly and Team Yankee, a text manual for the way of the exploding fist and finally added a solve and level maps for eye of the beholder.
Mar-10-2006 22:27  RTS
I just had the opportunity to play battle for middle earth 2 which is a realtime strategy game based on lord of the rings. It's really great and you don't need to be a fan of the movies/books to enjoy it but you'll definately get something extra if you are. I though it would be fun to add the granddaddy of all RTS games because of this.

Dune 2: the building of a dynasty is like I said the granddaddy of all RTS games. It incorperated much of what these types of games have these days like realtime controlable units, buildings that need to be constructed so you could make new units and gain new abilities. Since this is the first game that incorperated all this it's not as finetuned as newer games obviously and you have to put up with controlling single units at a time and you have to look where you build because it's easy to build a virtual wall with your structures stopping your vehicles from going through. Dispite this and some bugs as well the game is still as enjoyable as it was when it was released. If you haven't played this before I suggest you get it NOW!
Mar-09-2006 11:20  Inspiration
I have to say that the events from the last week have inspired me quite a bit to start working harder because it's true, when you're succesfull and have enough money you can do what you want and not do crap you don't like and there will be nobody who's gonna tell you what to do. That doesn't mean I will spend less time on games, probably more so now dispite the fact it costs more money than I get back. Still the more you work the more you also need to relax I think. Anyway I added five more manuals as I was given a whole load of them by a friend so have fun.

BTW There are some abandonawards coming up and if you think my little site merits such an honor you could always enter it as an applicant, just click de button for Da Awards above and you can get more info there.

Added a scanned and text manual for North & South, Operation wolf and Q-bert. Added a text manual for X-out and another scanned manual for Zaxxon.
Mar-07-2006 19:26  Sleep
I'm trying to recover from working too much so I'll just do a quick update and go to sleep early, hope it helps a bit. The VIC-20 version of the game I added doesn't seem to work on my older emulator so I updated the Winvice emulator to version 1.19, you can get it in the utils section.

Centipede is one of those original classics like pong and space invaders that was released in the arcades and ofcourse home versions would follow. You have to fight against four nasty critters who have infested your people's mushroom fields. There is a spider, flea, scorpion and a big centipede who can survive even if you shoot him in half. Once you take them out it's on to the next level where you have to face the same opponents but stronger and faster. Gameplay is quite basic for today's standards but I think it's still a classic and worthy of taking for a spin.
Mar-05-2006 10:15  I'm beat
After working long long hours the last couple of days my body is hurting all over and I could barely stand yesterday night, I won't bore you with details about why and stuff suffice it to say it's a miracle I managed to update the site at all.

In Camelot warriors four strange objects have suddenly appeared in the world and now it's up to you to find these items, bring them to the guardian of that level to be destroyed and then to find the portal that will lead you to the next object. It's a basic platform game where you jump and run and use your sword to take out any monsters standing in your way. There is a bug that makes it very frustrating to play at times which shows that playtesting should be done on every game which sadly isn't the case.
Mar-03-2006 23:02  Almost dead
I feel like I'm almost dead from working two jobs today which is ridiculous, hope it ends before it brakes me up completely. Gonna rest now so check out some manuals I added.

Added a manual for Heart of China, a manual and a strategy guide for all 30 levels of Jumpman and finally a scanned manual and a guide for Rampart.
Mar-02-2006 14:53  What a mess
I was supposed to have a day off so I could fix up my house a bit but during that time there was a poweroutage at work so I was called in to solve some problems which left my house looking like it was ravaged by a storm or something. It doesn't look like I can fix it up till the weekend though so I'll just have to live in the mess for a couple of days. Ofcourse that doesn't stop me at all from playing games though :)

I once again added a game from my childhood, an educational game called Donald Duck's playground in which you play Donald and have to work to buy toys for his three nephews. There are some simple things you can learn like sorting boxes according to the letters written on them but the most important lesson is to work so you can play. It might sound a little childish but that's exactly who the game was made for namely kids. I think it's not a bad game though and it's fun playing games that you had almost 20 years ago.
Feb-28-2006 13:10  Spring cleaning
I've been doing some (early) spring cleaning both at home and at work also, actually management thought our room was too messy but it took them long enough to notice hehe. Anyway I might find some manuals and stuff like that though and if I do I'll be sure to add them to the site.

Today I added a horror adventure game called Dark seed, I'm not sure about wether or not the title is supposed to be written like that but it doesn't matter much I guess. You play the role of Mike Dawson and after having a horrible nightmare about having a thing planted in your head you wake up with a splitting headache. It doesn't take you long to figure out that something was actually implanted and you have three days to find out what exactly is going on and to get that thing out of your head before it's too late. There are some flaws with the game but I think you should try this if you like adventures even if it was only for some great artwork throughout the game. Ohyeah I also added a text manual and a solve so if things get frustrating you can cheat a little.
Feb-26-2006 22:46  Sunday's suck
I just came home from work and it was incredibly busy, I can tell you that working sunday's is no fun AT ALL so I might quit it one of these days because I've had about as much as I can take. I like to play some games to improve my mood a bit which I will do in a sec but I still managed to find some manuals and added them so enjoy.

Added a solve and a FAQ for It came from the desert and text manuals for Batman the movie and Fiendish Freddy's big top'o'fun.
Feb-24-2006 21:50  Tired
Man things can certainly change quickly at work as yesterday I was bored to death and today I'm actually tired from all the work. I'm gonna get some rest in a moment but here is another update for you.

David's midnight magic is the first pinball game I ever played on a computer, a C64 actually. It's a fair simulation of a pinball machine even having an option for you to push the table and sometimes TILTing it in the process. It looks and feels dated by today's standard but that's not too hard as it's reaching quite a fair old age now but still for a game this old it's definately not bad.
Feb-23-2006 13:31  Boring ...
I'm sitting here at work getting pretty bored, I even cleaned out the serverroom which is amazing because I rarely do that even at home! Well at least time passes faster when you do stuff so the day will be over sooner. During cleaning I added another game called Caveman ugh-lympics which is like a prehistoric summer games. You can compete in six events and with a couple of friend it's a blast to play so try it. I've been collecting some more manuals and stuff also which I might add tomorrow coz right now I'm a bit tired from the cleaning so check back then.
Feb-21-2006 14:14  stuff
My WOW account was going to end on march 1st but because we had so much downtime I can actually continue playing till the 14th or something, it's good that they repay you with free time but kinda sad there is so much downtime to begin with.
Anyway I've actually finished two games lately, King Kong which was fun but too short and the other one is called ecoquest, an educational adventure game by Sierra. That one will be added to the house's collection soon so check back if you're looking for that one. Today I added a game and a couple of (text) manuals as actual printed manuals are pretty hard to come by, I'll try to get some but don't expect any miracles though. Personally I've never bothered too much with manuals and boxes as they were the first things I threw away because they take up so much space and they often add nothing to the game itself, but that's just me.

Card Sharks from Accolade is quite a neat card game where you can play poker, blackjack and hearts. Poker can be subdivided into three different types but I don't really remember which ones exactly. You can play against up to three opponents and you can select them from six characters such as Ronald Reagan and Gorbatjov. The players will make remarks while you play to entertain you a bit and if you like cardgames you'll get into the game without too much fuss. I like to play cards occasionally and this game was quite fun dispite it simplicity.

Other stuff added today are text manuals for: Stunt car racer, Klax, Prince of Persia and a solve for Pool of radiance.
Feb-18-2006 19:40  Games games games
Well I have to say that quiting World of Warcraft is one of the best things I did in a long time because now I can go back to other stuff I wanted to do for a long time which is basically play more games hehe. I bought an XBOX 360 and been playing dead or alive 4 with my friend online and after watching King Kong the movie I'm now playing the game also. It's quite fun but rather easy and from what I read it's really short but hey there's plenty of others waiting for me. First up here is an update for ya.

Captain blood is a really wellknown game because when it was released there was nothing quite like it. You are a computer games programmer and you must retreive your blood from five aliens who have taken it from you before you turn into a robot. You must fly to planets questioning the aliens using a icon based language and try to get info on where to go next. The game does have somewhat repetetive gameplay but many people like this game to this day so it does have it's appeal.
Feb-14-2006 13:12  Xbox 360
I recently went to my friend and was able to play on his new xbox 360 with dead or alive 4 and I was quite surprised that it was so good actually. The online fighting part of DAO4 is very nicely done and I've been waiting for just such a thing to have some human 1on1 fighting competition for quite some time. I'm still a bit skeptical about the games though as all launch games have been pretty much the same old games that have been released so far on the old xbox. Still I might give it the benefit of the doubt and get one myself though this time. Down below you'll find a game I added and some more manuals/docs etc.

Battle of Atlantis is a sidescrolling shooter that was only released on the BBC Micro. You have to pilot a submarine that has to stop the original inhabitants of Atlantis who have come back to earth to claim their city. It's pretty standard and one of the earliest scrolling shooters I know about but still being almost 25 years old hasn't done the game much good and unless you know the game from your childhood I doubt you'll have much fun with it.

Here is the stuff I added for some previous games.
Added a solve for Deja Vu. Added a manual in doc format, a solve and some level maps for The last ninja. Added a text manual for Spike's peak. Added a strategy guide for Supremacy. Finally I added a manual in text format for California Games
Feb-12-2006 13:04  End of wow
I didn't actually add a game today but I added some extra's for previous games. Now you can get the manual, a solve and some codes if you might need them for Dark sun: shattered lands. Also added a manual (not much of one though but needed to complete the game) and the codes for Battletech: The crescent hawk's inception. Added a solve for the penguin scenario in Batman the caped crusader. Added the manual for B.A.T.. Added the manual for Cruise for a corpse .
I'll try to get more manuals/solves/docs as I have been a bit slacking in that department but they are harder to get for me because I haven't really collected nearly as much of them as the games themselves.

On another note I have recently became a bit tired with world of warcraft for a number of reasons one of which is the sad things blizzard does with the game such as add useless crappy stuff like valentines day perfume, x-mas reindeer and such things nobody really cares about instead of fixing the numerous bugs that are in the game. Not to mention the fact that every time the servers go down for maintenance they never come up at the scheduled time but they keep us waiting for hours and sometimes a day. Actually I heard from a friend they use simple blade servers to save on costs which is pretty sad given the huge profits they are making of this game. The worst thing is the raiding though which are mainly to get better items but the last time I had to raid late and was not able to get up for work was the last straw for me so in a couple of weeks I won't renew my subscription and end it before it gets really out of hand. I actually enjoyed yesterday without playing any wow for a change and I got to finish Gabriel Knight 2 again which is still a great game, quiting wow will give me time to play the games I love the most which is old games. Mmm this was supposed to be a quick update but I've been ranting a bit I see so I'll quit it now and play some more games :)
Feb-10-2006 17:32  Weekend
Once again the weekend has arrived and that's a good thing because I was able to get a DVD version of Gabriel Knight 2: the beast within which happens to be one of my favorite adventure games of all time. If you ever come across this game and haven't tried it yet I suggest you do because it's well worth it.

Dark sun: shattered lands is an RPG from SSI which uses a fully graphical interface instead of the earlier ones they released. You are the leader of a band of four slaves who have to fight to survive in an arena but you are destined for something great. You have to get out of the arena and the city to rally troops from the desert for your cause which is to defeat the opressing troops once and for all. There are some problems with the interface and the game uses the AD&D 2nd edition rules which can be difficult for firsttimers but overal I quite enjoyed the game.
Feb-08-2006 14:23  AGAIN!
I forgot to update AGAIN so I've decided from now on I will update the site in the afternoon when it's not so busy at work. It will mean I won't forget to update so easily and I can game away at night without worrying about updating :)

Cabal is a shooter that was originally released in the arcades. You and a friend can control a soldier and you have to take out hordes of enemy troops and vehicles. Enemies will drop stuff like temporary machineguns and grenades to increase your firepower. The interesting thing is that even though each level consist of only a single screen a lot of the objects are destroyable so enemies cannot hide behind them, the same goes for you as well though so watch it. Quite fun to play especially with a friend.
Feb-03-2006 20:44  A new baby girl !
Well it was happy days yesterday coz my sister just had a little baby girl :) I'm not ready for that kind of thing though if ever haha. Ah well we'll see what happens but for now I'll stick to my gaming so here is another update.

Bubble bobble is a one or two-player game where you control a dragon. There are 100 levels in total and each has a simple onescreen but sometimes really interesting layout. Your main weapon is blowing bubbles with which you trap enemies and then literaly burst them and pick up any goodies they drop. It sounds a bit lame but actually it's very fun to play especially with two people so get it without hesitation.
Feb-01-2006 16:10  Forgot to update (again)
I totally forgot to update yesterday and since I'm waiting for those stupid world of warcraft servers to come back up again from their weekly maintenance I thought I'd update early today before I go raiding and forget again.

Battletech: the crescent hawk's inception is an RPG featuring large robots that you can pilot in combat. You are the son of the head of security for your clan and now you are in the academy on your way to follow in your father's footsteps. Soon however things will get earnest and you will have to survive on your own. Make some money on the stock market to upgrade your mechs while you try to figure out what happened to your father and get some revenge in the meantime. Most of the graphics aren't really worth mentioning but the game itself is quite fun to play so give it a try.
Jan-27-2006 19:41  Phew!
After some problems such as downtime and stuff it seems they are pretty much sorted now so I can update normally again. After the update I'm gonna enjoy me weekend which is basically a long gaming run hehe :)

Batman the caped crusader is based on the comics not the movie and it involves batman trying to tward the evil plans of the joker and the penguin in two different scenarios. As batman you have to find your missing equipment scattered throughout various places and also you must find items which will help you continue your quest to stop the badguys. There is some combat but I think the focus is more on the puzzling and itemgathering. It's different from what you'd expect from a batman game but it's pretty good so try it.
Jan-24-2006 14:48  Weird problems
After seemingly fixing the problem yesterday the server was down again later that day but I was unable to fix the problem. There haven't been any problems so far today so I hope nothing will happen but I will keep an eye on it.

Ark pandora is an action game with adventure elements thrown in. You walk around an island that has been overrun by evil cultists and you are the only one who can stop them. Each screen might have objects which you can pick up and use to solve a puzzle or free a captured islander. The interface isn't very userfriendly but apart from that I enjoyed the game so give it a try.
Jan-23-2006 12:40  Network problems
There were some network problems the last couple of hours (as far as I can tell) but the defect was found in a faulty switch and it looks like everything is working fine now again. On another note there is a very good chance my internet line is going to get an upgrade soon and with bandwith more is always better :)
Jan-20-2006 18:30  Tired
Well this week was pretty hefty at work with some big problems that I had to solve and I was happy when I did but it left me rather tired, luckily I've had the day off today so I could rest up a bit. I might turn in early today so before I forget I'll add another game to the library.

B.A.T. is an RPG that takes place in the future where mankind has spread across the galaxy. A very dangerous person has escaped from prison and now threatens to blow up a city unless he is given control of it. You have been given the task to find and take out this person. With lots of adventuring, questioning people and fighting dangerous folk you might be able to complete your quest. This is an excellent game and should be in every gamers collection so get it now.
Jan-17-2006 20:04  Bad luck
I've been having a stroke of bad luck recently ranging from ingame stuff to disasters at work. Mind you I'm glad it's nothing really bad so I can live with it and I ordered myself a nice PDA to help me through all those hard times hehe :) Anyway I don't have much time as I'm dead tired from overwork and stuff so here's a quickie.

Aztec challenge is not unlike games of it's time with one level consisting of a single screen and some incredibly difficult and unforgiving gameplay. You have to complete several challenges like running to a temple with spearthrowers trying to stop you or running across a bridge with huge gaps in it. Unless you are a real hardcore abandonware gamer this game will most likely be too much for you but still I dare you to complete it.
Jan-13-2006 22:49  Work work
Like an orc peon would say "work work" which is exactly what I've been doing the last few days. Luckily during travel to work I found some time do prepare an update so here it is.

Asterix and the magic cauldron is based on the popular comic book and in the game you play the part of Asterix followed by his trusty sidekick Obelix. The magic cauldron is used to create the magic elixir that makes Asterix and his people so strong but it's lost and now you have to find the pieces again so your village will be safe once again. Battle your way through countless Romans and wild boars in your search for the missing pieces. The idea is nice but the fight sequences are somewhat random based so it can be rather annoying.
Jan-10-2006 19:59  Pffff
Well I found out that there is a LOT (and I mean with big capital letters) of work coming at me in the next weeks which is not exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for but I'll try to make the best of it so without further ado here is an update.

Cruise for a corpse is an adventure game where you have to find out who murdered the rich person on his ship at the beginning of the game. You will have to question people and snoop around their cabins to gather information before it's too late. The game uses vector graphics instead of the usual sprite based engines used at the time giving it a very distinct look. The game itself is also pretty good so check it out.
Jan-07-2006 19:35  Oops forgot something
Well I actually updated the site yesterday but I forgot to activate it. I'll do it today before I go raiding again in world of warcraft or I'll forget again.

Archon can best be described as battle chess but this time you must control each piece as they do combat. There are many different units each with their own attacks and movement. The board has a great strategic value because depending on which color the tile is the light or the dark units will have an advantage. Quite fun to play if I say so myself so give it a go.
Jan-03-2006 20:19  Another year comes
Well the new year has already begun and as a departure from what others do as a new years resolution I've decided to do less sports :) mainly because it took too much time out of my already busy schedule. It will give me more time to spend on the site though and for gaming which is how I like it!

The first game of this year is called sport of kings and it's revolves around betting on horse races. It's not random though as many things can change the outcome of the race including weight of the horse and the jockey among other things. I kinds enjoyed the game even though you there isn't a lot of action involved, still it's a nice game to play when you want to relax a bit.
Dec-30-2005 19:56  And a happy new year
Well this is the last update of the year and although I have to say I didn't exactly do as many updates this year as I would like to have done it was still fairly good. Next year I'm gonna spend more time on this as most likely I will no longer work five days a week anymore. Lets just hope for the best!
The last game to be added in 2005 is the last ninja 2, the sequel of one of my fave games of all time. You once again play the ninja but this time he is transported to New York and he has to battle his arch enemy in alien surroundings. The game has it all: puzzles, combat, nice graphics and music which shows as it has a large following to this day. For fans of the original this one is a musthave and others should check it out as well.

P.S. funny story I remember from way back about this game. My friend and I bought this game and the next day my friend didn't show up at school so naturally I thought he skipped school to play the game. Turns out he broke his toes kicking against garbage instead hehe :)
Dec-25-2005 13:46  Merry X-mas!
Well merry X-mas everyone, it's been a fairly good year for me and I hope it's been good for you as well. Here's is one update for you, probably the second to last before the end of the year.
Spirit of Excalibur is a game with rpg, strategy and adventure elements combined even though it's listed as an RPG here. You control Constantine after King Arthur has died in battle against Mordred and you have become successor to the crown. Many nobles do not agree with you becoming the king so the round table is now desserted and it's up to you gather them and other allies to once again become strong and fight evil once more to become the rightfull king. It's a bit of a slow paced game but other than that I quite enjoyed it.
Dec-16-2005 20:38  Prince of Persia
Well seeing as the release of Prince of Persia the two thrones is near (or already here) I thought I'd put on the sequel to the original game called Prince of Persia the shadow and the flame or simply Prince of Persia 2. The game starts where the first ended and once again the prince finds himself on the run in order to escape and get back at the vizier. Many puzzles and dungeons await you in this excellent sequel. Be prepared though the game can be incredibly difficult at times and death is always near but hey I like a challenge.
Dec-10-2005 21:37  C64 rulez!
I got myself a nice gadget the other day, it's a joystick with a buildin Commodore 64 ! Also included are some classic games like summer games, california games, impossible mission and speedball. So now I can take this thing anywhere I go and plug it into a TV for some retro gaming fun. I haven't got a link but just search under C64 plug and play and you will find one, definately recommended for the diehard retro gamers.
Today's game added is another favorite of mine called pinball fantasies. It's much like it predecessor but it uses a high resolution to show more of the playing field making the scrolling a lot less thus giving better gameplay. It was at the time regarded as one of the best pinball simulators out there and to me it still is. Give it a try and while you're at it try to beat my record on stones and bonus of over 633 million :)
Dec-02-2005 20:29  Wheee weekend!
Finally after a hard weeks work I can have some relaxation which basically means I sit behind my computers the whole day :) I have a game for you today I haven't seen on many websites before.
The adventures of Willy Beamish is the third and last adventure made by Jeff Tunnel for Dynamix and though it's different from the other two games it's by no means bad. Willy is a boy who wants to compete in the Nintari world-championship but he has to do what his parents say or otherwise he won't be able to go. Get into weird and wonderfull troubles during Willies summer vacation while trying to foil an evil plot by some local badguys. Great adventure game this one so check it out. The sega cd version has full speech and is quite rare but unfortunately the voices are a bit average but try it anyway.
Nov-25-2005 19:41  Another week has past
I was sick the last week so I did not work and as I was on medication I slept most of the time. Between sleeping though I was able to work on getting quite some rare games some of which I might put online later but for now it's a platform game.
Aladdin is a game made after the movie by Disney and it contains pretty much what you would expect from a movie licenced game as it contains many characters, locations and tunes from the movie. The game isn't anything special in terms of originality but it's done very well so if you like the movie I suggest checking out the game also.
Nov-18-2005 23:29  Sick
I've been sick at home for a couple of days now which gave me some time to get some very needed rest. Also between sleeping I updated the utils section with some newer versions of the emulators namely beebem, ccs64 beta, emuzwin, magic engine and znes.
The ormus saga is an RPG that has the same topdown view that most old RPG's have even though it was released in 1991. There are things you won't find in a standard RPG though as you have to assault enemy towns with forces you gather during your travels. The ormus saga has quite a following (many from Germany) and there was also a sequel released. If you can look past the graphics then give it a go.
Nov-12-2005 22:01  When will the hurting stop
Well more work so won't bore you but here is a nice adventure game from cocktel vision.
Lost in time is similar to previous adventures from cocktel with the first person view and some insanely hard puzzles. This is one of the later ones and definately among the best imo so give it a try.
Nov-02-2005 23:46  Phewww
Finally some relief at work so I can catch up on some business. Here's a game for you and since things are going well for the new server I reupped the sega cd version of rise of the dragon, it's a full talkie version and well worth checking out.
Hunter patrol is a shooter with a third person view from behind, not a vertical or horizontal one like they usually were in those days. It becomes boring real quickly so only those with real nostalgia need apply.
Oct-29-2005 19:22  Blah
I tell you this @#$% ain't funny anymore as I was given an even bigger workload, if this keeps up I won't have any time left... mmm lets hope it gets better soon.
On the ball is a business sim with football (soccer actually) as it's theme. You don't actually have much to do about the game itself though as you run the business part of the team with advertising, seating prices and sponsorships. If you want a serious business sim then check this out.
Oct-21-2005 20:08  Damned job
All this work is getting in my way of gaming and updating the site, a bit annoying really. So here is a game before I have to go again -_-
The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy should be a familiar name to you as recently there has been a movie made. The interactive fiction title from infocom was and always will be one of the best in the genre. If you are into this type of game it's a must have.
Oct-14-2005 18:58  Busy again
Sorry for the lack of updates but I have been real busy lately with work and other projects. I'm also making plans for several websites but it's too early to say anything about that yet so on with the update.
Hostages is an action game in which you control a SWAT team and have to liberate an embassy that has been taken over by terrorists. First put your snipers in place by avoiding the searchlights and then sneak inside the embassy to take out the badguys. This game is quite fun so give it a go.
Oct-05-2005 19:37  A quick puzzler
Here's a quicky add for you as I'm off to do some stuff.
Xiom is a puzzle game where you have to color in tiles by jumping over them. You must try and color the entire playing field in one color but the patterns will make it difficult. Quite a neat puzzle game if you ask me.
Sep-30-2005 20:11  No problems
The new server seems to be working pretty well so I'll be able to update it again. I'm off for some hardearned rest but before that here is another game for you to enjoy.
Nascar racing is exactly that, a simulation of nascar racing. It's not an arcade game like most but you can adjust so many parameters and options that sometimes you don't even know where to begin. I'm not really into racing games/simulations but this one isn't bad.
Sep-29-2005 10:53  New server
In case you are reading this then you have come to the new server hosting the House of Games, let me know if there are any problems.
mail Erdekaiser
Sep-28-2005 20:29  Still not done
I've been working hard to get the new server up and running and it pretty much done but this is still on the old server as the DNS and stuff hasn't been updated yet but it will be soon really.
Perseus and Andromeda is nr. nine in the mysterious adventure series made by Brian Howarth. The story comes from ancient Greek mythology and as Perseus you have to find a way to defeat the kraken and save princess Andromeda. Check it out.
Sep-23-2005 19:17  New server problems
Well the move to the new location didn't go too well as there were a load of problems including database incompatibilities among others, most of it seems to be sorted now but I'm still working on some small issues so this update is still on the old server.
Wonderboy 3 , subtitled the dragon's trap, is among my favorite platform games of all time. You get to play the hero once more but instead of being your normal self you are turned into a monster! It's up to you to find a way to change back and defeat the dragons who have cursed you. There are many different forms you can take which will allow you to reach places in earlier levels which you couldn't get to before. Any gamer should have this game so get it and enjoy.
Sep-16-2005 19:19  Last update before new server
The house of games is moving to another server next week so this will be my final update before that, ofcourse I will let it be known when the move has been completed as you might not even notice.
The lost files of Sherlock Holmes is a classic point and click adventure game featuring the famous detective. You have to solve a murder which has apparently been comitted by Jack the Ripper himself but Holmes has doubt and as you progress you will unravel the mystery. Fans of adventure games and Sherlock Holmes should definately check it out.
Sep-14-2005 20:05  New server
Due to financial reasons I'm currently planning a move to another server which should take place in the next two weeks. The new one is in a place with a less speedy connection but the bandwith is a lot cheaper so I might be able to place some larger games, we'll see how it turns out.
Shadowcaster is a game made by Raven software in their earlier days and even back then they used an engine made by ID software. You play the role of Kurt after he finds out he is a shapeshifter and is the last of his kind. It's up to you to fight the evil and stop them once and for all. The game is an action oriented RPG and it allows you to morph into six other characters each with their own ups and downs. I had great fun with it so check it out.
Sep-09-2005 20:41  Happy B-day
Happy birthday to me! Today is my 29th birthday which I think is kinda old buy hey things haven't changed much for me since I started playing games about 20 years ago as these days I still play the same games :) Here is a great RPG for you to enjoy while I enjoy the rest of my day relaxing and stuff.
The legacy is an RPG that takes place in a haunted mansion. You inherited the place and thus it is your job to finish what you ancestor started by defeating the evil within the mansion. There are loads of stats and plenty to explore and the occasional scary moment. There are some problems with the game but they are manageable and other than that the game is pretty great so give it a go.
Sep-07-2005 22:06  Sleepy
Well i went all out yesterday and played wow until the servers went down for maintenance, because of that I lost some sleep but hey it was worth it :)
Here is another game for you called pacific islands, it's the sequel to Team Yankee and the engine is basically the same. You control four squads of four vehicles each and you have to make tactical decisions about where they go and how to attack the enemy, in this case the Russians or Soviets. The game adds to the prequel by allowing you to buy your own vehicles and ammo which is always fun. The game is quite good and hard as well so give it a go.
Sep-02-2005 19:24  Downtime
Well no downtime for the house but on world of warcraft, the servers have been very unstable the last few days which stopped me from playing the game. Probably the only way to do that though :) but it gave me some time to check out some oldies and here is a great one for you.
The incredible machine is a creation of Jeff Tunnel who also made two of my fave adventures (rise of the dragon and heart of china). It's a puzzle game where you can use loads of weird stuff to reach your goal. Most of the levels have you trying to get items somewhere else on the screen by figuring out how and where to place the items you are given. It sounds somewhat boring but I can tell you the game is excellent so check it out quick.
Aug-30-2005 20:10  Stuff
Well I'm getting somewhat used to gaming way past my normal bedtimes which is a good thing. Today another game for you which I have to admit isn't too good but hey, I have to empty my collection.
Yoghi's great escape is a simple platform game based on the cartoon. You control Yoghi and you have to jump across the forest picking up picknick baskets which are his favorite meal. It feels very much like a game which was made to cash in on popular (?) show but this wasn't the first and certainly not the last of those.
Aug-26-2005 20:36  Weekend again
I took the day off as I had a serious lack of sleep this week so the weekend began a day early for me which is always good. Now before I'm off for a late night gaming run here's another game for you all.
After Elite there were lots of other space shooters / sims released and Xiphos is one of them. You fly a spacecraft which you can upgrade with more powerfull weapons and armor by blasting enemy ships and collecting rewards for them. The game is nowhere near as large as elite and is lacking options the most notable one being that you can only fly one type of craft. This game is an average space shooter so check it out if you're into that sort of thing.
Aug-23-2005 20:06  A quick add
I'm off to do some stuff so here is another game for you.
Zybex is a horizontal shooter very much like other shooters as enemies drop powerups to improve your weapons with which you have to shoot an endless wave of baddies. There is a two-player option which is quite nice but otherwise the game doesn't really stand out in any way.
Aug-19-2005 21:40  What a week!
I've been spending too much time gaming, working and training this week and it has made me somewhat tired. Ofcourse when the weekend arrives I suddenly feel myself filled with energy again :) I was gonna update earlier but some guys asked me to do a dungeon quest in world of warcraft so I was detained a bit.
Thunderhawk is an action sim that lets you equip and fly a state of the art chopper into combat. There are many missions you can do and there are plenty of different weapons that you can choose yourself and fit onto any of the six positions on the chopper. Give it a whirl.
Aug-17-2005 20:51  Strange weather
Well the weather went from near hurricane-like to very hot in a matter of days which is pretty weird. I spend most of my time in a room without windows though so usually it doesn't bother me too much :)
Today I have an old text adventure for you called journey to the center of the earth. The name might make you believe it is based on the famous book but I don't think it really is (I never read it) as the content is pretty simple. The entire game is written in basic so you might try and figure out how the game was made which was pretty fun for me being part programmer myself. The game isn't too hard or very long but not bad for a game written by a person only 12/13 at the time.
Aug-13-2005 21:12  No news really
Nothing new really, still making long hours and playing well into the night and getting too little sleep. I still made the time to go out with a couple of my friends yesterday which turned out to be very very good :) maybe I'll tell you about it some other time but for now another addition.
Realms of Arkania is an RPG based on a German pen and paper rpg. This is the first in a trilogy and this part is actually called blade of destiny. There are tons of stats, it's a bit too much for my tastes but the game is not bad. Check it out.
Aug-09-2005 16:04  The ultimate RPG ?
I would write something about myself but you probably know what I'm gonna say what I've been doing so here is another game :)
Ultima 1 is the first in one of the longest if not longest running RPG series that is around. First released in 1980 on apple platforms only many years later is was remade for a number of different systems. The story is the basic kill the evil wizard stuff as the avatar plotline that was such a large part of the series begin with part 4. The outdoor areas are viewed from an overhead perspective but dungeons are shown in 3D wireframe! Check out that screenshot of that gnarly looking skeleton hehe. Anyway the game looks incredibly dated today but as the game is now 25 years old that's to be expected. Check out this real classic.
Aug-05-2005 20:10  Two games added
I'm glad the weekend is finally here as I have quite a long week behind me. I'm gonna enjoy some wow soon but here are two games for you first.
There have been plenty of games released about movies and series and many of them are no good but this one is utter crap though. Zorro (for DOS) is a prince of persia like game. You run and jump across various dungeons but unfortunately the resemblance to pop is only skindeep as the game is really bad and frustrating. On the other hand I also found another game based on the movie that is worth your time. Zorro (for the C64) is a puzzle game in which you control Zorro across several screens trying to figure out how to rescue the kidnapped barmaid (forgot her name). There is no action however and you can't even use your sword but the puzzle are good and not too difficult. This only goes to show that you don't need graphics and sound to make a good game.
Aug-04-2005 20:12  Busy !
Well normally I'd already be enjoying the weekend but I've been given extra time at work so that means I'm working fulltime right now. It's not really a bad thing though as I can play world of warcraft at work when there isn't much to do :) (I'm serious!) and I'm getting paid more as well. In between I managed to add another game, a real oldy this time.
Mr Mephisto is unlikely to ring a bell for most of you out there but I played the game quite often when I had my first C64. You control a guy that has to walk up moving platforms to get the key that opens the door to the next part and avoid demons while doing it. The control systems leaves much to be desired and the game overall is not outstanding or anything. Still I still remember this game from my childhood so I did have some fun with it, try it yourself.
Aug-01-2005 20:09  Losing sleep here
I've been playing world of warcraft pretty much nonstop the last couple of days which means I haven't spend too much time playing oldies. However I took some time off wow to give you another game.
Indianapolis 500 is a racing simulation about the indy 500. You can set loads of different options on your car to tune it and get max performance out of it. Altough it doesn't look very nice the simulation part is quite good so give it a try.
Jul-29-2005 20:47  Hooked on wow
Well I've been playing world of warcraft for quite a few hours since yesterday and I have to admit it's very addictive. Luckily I have a friend who is helping me a bit with advise and some cash as well :). Here's an update for you before I get on with some more wow.
Winter games was the second in the games series from Epyx to be released, the first one being summer games (mm it's not yet added here I forgot!). There are seven events in total for you to compete in with a maximum of eight players. If you like the the others in the series you should give this one a go as well.
Jul-28-2005 20:57  World of warcraft
Well I finally got myself a decent videocard so I can play some newer games. The first game I got is world of warcraft and I've been looking forward to playing it as I heard plenty of good things about it. I've only played for a couple of hours so far so I can't say too much about it yet but I'll keep you posted.
Game nr. 201 is just as great as the previous one, maybe even better. UFO: enemy unknown (aka X-com: ufo defence) is a strategy game which is made up of two parts. The first has you building bases and developing/manufacturing equipment so you can find and intercept UFO's running amok around the world. Once you down one of them though you can investigate and the game switches to a tactical combat part. Here you control a squad of men (and women) which you can outfit in your base and the aim is to take out all enemies in the area. Each person has a set number of action points with which you can move, shoot and search around the place. If you manage to capture an extraterrestrial or some or their weapons you can research them to improve your chances of success. This game is fantastic and if you haven't played it yet I suggest you check it out right now.
Jul-27-2005 19:40  HOORRAAY ! Game nr. 200
Today is a great day as this is the day the 200th game has been added to the house of games!! On to 300 I'd say but for now here is a worthy nr. 200.
Xenon 2: megablast should be pretty well known amongst (former) amiga owners and some others as well. This is probably the most well known and popular scrolling shoot'em up on that was released on that system. The graphics are great with plenty of weird and wonderfull enemies, lots of weapons to buy and an incredible soundtrack by bomb the bass. If you know the game then give it a go for old time's sake and if you don't then check it out NOW!
Jul-26-2005 20:32  I'm back
Well I didn't stay for an entire week but it's still good to be back home. I can't believe how much money you spend while you're away so it's a good thing I rarely leave for a long time. The gamecount is almost up to 200 but before that here is nr. 199.
World championship boxing manager is one of the few boxing manager games I know of. You manage up to four different fighters and you have to arrange fights, train them and take care of any injuries they might sustain. You can watch fights at the end of the week or rather hear about them from the commentators as there is very little animation in the game. There is no action here but if you like manager games then give this one a go.
Jul-21-2005 19:27  VACATION!
Yep I'm finally off for some well deserved rest and relaxation, I'll just have to remember not to go crazy on the food as I have been training hard to get in better shape pfff.
So before I go tomorrow here is my last update.
ZZT looks really crappy with it's ansi graphics but the game itself it not that bad actually. It's basically a puzzle game where each screen presents you with a problem that you have to solve before you can move on. There is also a level editor which allows you to create your own games and you can find lots of stuff on the net that has been made with it. If you can look past the exterior than give this game a go.
Jul-19-2005 21:28  Almost vacation
Just another day here and I'm gonna go on vacation for a while. Here is a real oldie for you, I might add another game before I go away though so be sure to check back.
Wizard of wor is a very early game where you control a guy who has to play through tons of levels filled with baddies. The gameplay reminds me of pacman with the single screen layout and stuff but the good part is that you can compete against a human player which makes things more interesting. Give it a go for old times sake.
Jul-16-2005 18:40  Gone fishin
Well I was gone fishing for a whole day but apart from cathing one little fish and some sunburn there wasn't too much action so we just hung around the water a bit. Here's another game for you though.
The Carmen Sandiego games are probably the most wellknown educuational games series to date, the first of which was where in the world is Carmen Sandiego. You are an investigator for interpol and you have to track down the masterthief Carmen Sandiego and members of her gang who are causing trouble around the world. You'll visit countries around the world trying to find clues that will lead you to the badguys and in the process you will learn stuff about the country you are visiting. Many educational games are a bit childish but this game is actually not bad so give it a go.
Jul-12-2005 20:40  Busy busy
I'm preparing for holiday here so updates will only come occasionally but here is another one.
Seven cities of gold was first released in 1984 on the atari 800 and dispite it's simple graphics the gameplay was quite good. Several years later an updated version was released on some other systems and the game is still quite popular today. You are Christopher Columbus (not sure about that) and you have to discover and explore the new world so that you can bring back all kinds of things and make a nice profit. There plenty of strategy involved in the game and it'll keep you playing for a long time so give it a go.
Jul-07-2005 19:31  Quick one
Here a quicky update. Ringworld is an adventure game based on the novel by Larry Niven about a manmade world in the form of a circle created around a sun. You play the role of a mercenary who has to recover certain artifacts to stop the Kzinti race from dominating the galaxy. The game is quite easy and some scenes are intersecting with long cinematic sequences but it's fairly enjoyable so give it a go.
Jul-04-2005 21:38  Late update
I came home a bit later than usual as I've been training a lot at a new gym, quite a nice place I have to say and there are plenty of nice women there as well :)
Vigilante is a fighting game much like kung fu master, you move from left to right with plenty of enemies waiting to have a go at you. Ofcourse at the end of the level there is a big boss waiting for you but luckily you can pick up some nunchakas to even the odds a bit. There is no vertical movement apart from jumping and crouching which seems somewhat limited but it works ok for this game.
Jul-01-2005 19:14  A good week
This week was pretty good so far and I think I'll relax tomorrow. For now though here is another game to keep you occupied and it is the first sequel to be put on the house.
Wonderboy in monsterland is the sequel to wonderboy and altough it is still a platform game like the original it has been improved in pretty much all categories. You can upgrade your sword, shield, armor and boots as well as buy some new weapons and gather info from friendly bartenders. There are bosses waiting for you all over the place and it will be al long time before you finish this game. Give it a go you won't regret it.
Jun-30-2005 20:13  Good training
Well I came back yesterday from my training but it was kinda late so I didn't do much after that but here is another game for you.
The trap door is a game that I used to play regularly when I had my first C64, I was quited stumped as to what to do most of the time. Your job is to give your master what he wants, usually food, but the trap door you use to get the items doesn't always yield the stuff you want so you'll have to get rid of unwanted things. The game doesn't look like much but it's a pretty unique puzzle game so give it a try.
Jun-28-2005 21:45  Free internet
Well after my last post about an hour ago I had nothing to do in my hotelroom so I scanned for an internet connection and the hotel just happens to have a free wireless connection :) which isn't shown anywhere btw but that's just fine with me.
Anyway I changed the terminal velocity that was for downlod with a shareware version so you can still play the game, thanx to the guys at the abandonwarering for notifying me.
Jun-28-2005 20:36  Oops
I got a message today that terminal velocity is still being sold which I did not know. I have disabled the download and I will be replacing it with the shareware version tomorrow once I get back home, sorry bout that but shit happens.
Jun-27-2005 20:24  Whooo weekend :)
Well my weeks already over hehehe, well not really I have a two day jobrelated training coming up but still it's better than going to work.
Today's addition is the newest game to be added to the house but it's still 10 years old. Terminal velocity is a 3D shooter but unlike most you don't control a person but a single ship. The gameplay isn't really a lot different from other first person shooters though as you fly around doing some missions while taking out enemy vessels and picking up new weapons. This game was released fairly early in the 3D game era but it does support a high resolution mode which did not work on my PC btw. Give it a go.
Jun-24-2005 19:04  Still hot !
Man the heat just won't let up! They said tonight and tomorrow might bring some rain but after that it's sunny all the way again next week pfffff.
Anyway I still managed to add another game called shadow president in which you are the president of the united states of America and you use your shadow network to gather info about world events. As always your job is to keep the public happy come election day but there is a feel of authenticity to the game as you can call up all kinds of information about any country and it gives you control over the entire nuclear arsenal as well! If only for that fact you should give this a go.
Jun-22-2005 19:59  Too hot
It's been way too hot the last few days to do much so I didn't update either, I'm starting to get used to it now though so here is another game for you.
Tag team wrestling is exactly what the title says, you play the part of one tag team and you have to defeat another team to advance in the competition. Funnily enough the entire competition consist of only two teams so you keep wrestling the same team over and over. It sounds kinda boring and actually it does get tiresome after a while but I had some fun with it so give it a try.
Jun-17-2005 19:55  Spring cleaning
Well actually it's more like summer cleaning as the weather is getting better each day. I spent most of the day cleaning up my house and I must have thrown out at least 10 bags of stuff and some old computer hardware.
These days there are plenty of games with violence and stuff but ten years ago nobody really cared much if they did, guess people are somewhat sqeamish these days. In quarantine you drive a cab in a futuristic setting and you add all kinds of weapons to your cab to take out the competition or maybe an angry customers or two. I'm not really into this kind of game but if you are then take a look.
Jun-16-2005 18:41  No news
Nothing really interesting happening today so I'll get to the update.
Midwinter island has been taken over by general Masters and now you have to try and stop him. Altough the main goal is to blow up the enemy HQ along the way you'll have to recruit new personnel to help you wage a guerilla war against the much more powerfull opponent. The game's a mix of strategy, action and adventuring so anyone looking for a something different should check this game out.
Jun-15-2005 19:08  Pffff
After a hard weeks work it's good to get back home and rest up a bit but not for too long as I have plenty of stuff to do yet.
I added another shooter today, one that I played quite a lot on my C64. Retrograde allows you to fly around in an armor and you can attach weapons on 16 different points so you can shoot in all directions. There are also nonflying levels inside the normal ones so it has more variety than most shooters, give it a go if you like shoot'em ups.
Jun-14-2005 19:13  Busy day
It's been quite busy lately at work with a lot of new stuff being implemented and today was no exception, luckily I can always escape by hiding in the serverroom and it's pretty comfy with aircondition and all that hehehe.
RPG's are one of my favorite genres and might and magic is among the oldest series. It follows the standard as far as creating characters and stuff but the thing that set it apart from the rest is that it is entirely played from first person view and not an overhead view like the rest. This is game is seriously hardcore so only the hardened RPGers need apply, ofcourse you can always give it a go anyway.
Jun-13-2005 19:19  Wheeee
I've been getting lots of exercise lately and to tell you the truth I feel a lot better than before, I can recommend it to anyone who often feels tired and stuff like me.
M1 tank platoon was quite revolutionary when it was released because the entire game was done in 3D, even the overhead map so you can zoom in on it. Beside from controlling a squad of tanks you can also take control of lots of other ground vehicles in first person mode or you can take a tactical approach and let the crews do the fighting. Check it out.
Jun-12-2005 15:24  Gotta run
Gotta go so here's a game for you called Rush'n attack, aka Green beret. You play a green beret who has to rescue some prisoners of war, armed with only your trusty knife and maybe some weapons procured onsite you set out. The game's fairly simple but quite enjoyable.
Jun-09-2005 21:03  Great day
I went to the strike today which basically was a gathering of the people on strike, it was quite fun to see an event like that and we hung around town afterwards.
Car tuning has become popular these days but in Street rod you play in the sixties and you can upgrade your car to make it a real hotrod. Race around to win cash and maybe even a car or two until finally you become king of the road. Technically the game is somewhat lacking but I still like the game, check it out.
Jun-08-2005 20:35  Strike
Tomorrow I'm gonna go on strike along with some buddies, well actually to tell you the truth I'm free anyway so I'm just hanging out with them :)
Today's game is called raid on bungeling bay, a shooter that is now over 20 years old. The unique thing (at the time) is that the playing field is a 360 degree rotating screen instead of your normal side or vertical scrolling one. The object is to blast enemy vessels from your helicopter and bomb bases to get to the next level. Other than the level type there isn't really much to distinguish from other shooters though.
Jun-06-2005 21:45  A bit late
There was some kind of accident today which meant I came home later than usual which is quite annoying really mmm.
Added a flightsim today called Red Baron by Dynamix. The red baron was a WW1 fighter pilot famous for making over 80 confirmed kills and flying a bright red triplane. In the game you can fly tons of other planes from that era as well from both sides of the conflict. If you like flight sims then you should check this out.
Jun-05-2005 15:21  What's up
There has been some talk at work that I have to work fulltime instead of just three days, no more long weekends WHAAA! We'll see what happens though as you never know till it actually goes down. BTW anyone know what has happened to the emulation ring? they've been down for weeks now.
Today I bring you a trivia game called Quizmeiser and altough trivia isn't really my type of game this one has one category that is about games. I don't know what year it was released but at the time the game in the quiz weren't that old but these days they are considered abandonware. Check it out to see how much you really know about old games!
Jun-01-2005 19:30  Been gaming too much
I recently got dynasty warriors 5 and I've been playing it way too much lately. I know it's basically more of the same but I still like the game. Today was an easy day as I attended a presentation about some work related stuff but the good thing was that there was free food and drink, hoorah!
I added a real genre defining game today called populous, it was the first godgame and even though it almost never got published it was a hit when it did. You can control people and have to wage war upon another diety by generating earthquakes and doing battle. Excellent game so check it out.
May-25-2005 19:28  Excellent weather
The weather has been great the last couple of days, I think I'm gonna try a bit of beach fishing catch a big one eh :)
Here's a classic game for you called pitstop, it's a racing game where you race a formula 1 car. The unique thing is that every lap you can go into the pit and and make a pitstop to change tires and refuel. You can even blow your gastank by filling it too much. It might look real dated but it's actually quite fun if you like old games.
May-23-2005 19:37  Another week
Well the week didn't start too well as there were tons of problems at work, hope it will get better tomorrow.
Anyway here is another Sierra game called Police quest: in persuit of the death angel or simple police quest 1 as I like to call it. This one is much like the other ones except that it's quite heavy on procedures which for me takes some fun out of the game (it is still a game) but I know many like this one so check it out for yourself.
May-20-2005 19:30  Episode 3 rocks!
Well I saw star wars eps 3 and I have to say it's as good as they say, even better maybe :) If you're a fan you've probably already seen it but those of you that are still doubting I suggest you see it coz you won't be dissapointed.
Here a game for you from Sierra and it's quite different from what they normally released. Oil's well plays a lot like pacman as it has you controlling a robotic arm that collect pellets of oil. There are critters running around and even a powerup that slows time so you can get at the hard to get areas. Fairly simple game really but quite fun for at least a little while.
May-17-2005 19:21  Back from vacation
Well I had a great time London but now it's back to work and here is an update.
Ninja gaiden is also known as shadow warrior and it's a beat'em up where you control a ninja fighting thugs and badguys in the USA. I've seen better fighting games around but I played it quite often when it was released. Maybe that's because I really like fighting games but still give it a go if you have some spare time.
May-10-2005 20:56  Going on vacation
Tomorrow I'm off to London, England for about a week so here is another update. After I get back expect some more regular updates.
NFL pro league football is a football manager game where you can pick from tons of different teams from the 70's, 80's and 90's. You can choose what kind of plays to execute and hope your players do it right. I'm not really into the sport but if you fancy a try at managing a football team then give it a go.
May-05-2005 20:52  Another adventure added
Another adventure added today to boost the house's collection. James bond: the stealth affair or operation stealth as it's also known is another adventure from Delphine. It uses an updated engine from the one used in future wars and altough it's point and click it's not as easy to use as some other engines. The game itself is not bad and it has you playing a secret agent that has to find a stealth plane that has gone missing. The Bond license was added later so don't expect too much from that other than the name.
May-01-2005 15:13  No I'm not gone
Well it's been a while since my last update but if you read the previous one I'm sure you understand why. I'm still taking it easy though so I don't know when the next update will be.
Mad TV is a strategy game where you are in control of running a tv production company. You decide which shows to run and also have to pull in those advertisers to make money. Not bad this game so check it out.
Apr-26-2005 19:40  What's up?
Regular visitors have probably noticed that I haven't updated for a couple of days now. The thing is I was almost to the point of collapsing the other day because of lack of sleep and work and stuff so I'm taking some time off to really get some rest and relaxation. I'll not be doing my regular daily updates but when I feel ok I'll add a game like today. Jagged alliance is one of my favorite games of all time, you have to hire and command a bunch of mercenaries in turnbased tactical combat to take back control of an island. Each character has a distinct personality and there are plenty of different weapons and items around in the game. This is the disk version missing lots of speech found in the CD version which is a shame but the game is still great.
Apr-22-2005 17:24  Let's party
I'm doing an early update because I'm off to a party in a moment. Normally I don't like crowded places but I never pass up on some free food and drinks :)
Today's game is called kings of the beach which is a beach volleyball game. These days beach volley games are merely used as an excuse to have some busty ladies running around in their bikini's but not in this game. You can practice different shots and play a single game before entering a tournament. Not my favorite beach volley game but not bad.
Apr-21-2005 19:23  Good weather?
Today there was suddenly good weather but I had to stay home and do some stuff, grrr I'll never get out like this.
I added the Legend of Kyrandia which is a very nice looking adventure game from the early eighties. You play Brandon and you have to stop the evil jester Malcolm who has escaped from prison and who is now wielding the most powerfull magic in the land. Besides the graphics the sound is also very good and the interface couldn't be easier to use with. This is definately one of the better adventure games so get it quick.
Apr-20-2005 21:26  I'm wasted
I was working way too late yesterday and only got a couple of hours sleep so I'm feeling pretty wasted right now. Here's an update before I go to get some much needed rest.
The lost vikings looks like a platform game at first but it's really a puzzle game where you control three vikings who are lost and have to find their way home. Each of them has unique abilities which you have to use to solve the puzzles. This game is great so get it quick.
Apr-19-2005 19:54  Rain and more rain
It's been raining all day which can be quite annoying but luckily it's perfect weather for gaming. :)
I added a really original game today called life and death where you play a doctor who has to diagnose and treat sick people. You can even do an operation on some but fail and they won't survive. Don't play this game if you need surgery anytime soon but otherwise check it out.
Apr-18-2005 19:08  Need more sleep
I gotta go to bed earlier because I'm so tired but gaming is so much fun I can't put it down :) mmm
Here's yer update for today, kingpin is a bowling game but this kind of game doesn't really do much for me. I can't say that it's really bad because it's better than most bowling games I've seen. If you like digital bowling you might give it a shot though.
Apr-17-2005 21:00  Late update
I didn't do an early update today because I was watching a movie and had to run because I'd be late. The one I saw is called the house of flying daggers, a martial arts action flick like Hero. The movie was nice but the ending was crap which always annoys the hell out of me.
Here's the game I added today called Jones in the fast lane which is a sort of life simulator where you have to work, eat, get educated and pay rent. It sounds boring but it's a fun game actually so take a look.
Apr-16-2005 20:49  Oops !
Well I just saw when doing this update that I added a game yesterday but did not activate the newspost that came with it. If you didn't realize it you can still get the game ofcourse but here is today's update. Pretty much everyone knows the movie jaws but this game is actually loosely based on the fourth (yup nr.4) movie.You move around in your ship and dive for shells and stuff to trade in for better equipment. It's a fairly simple game but I have to admit that I played for longer that I expected to try and get jaws.
Apr-15-2005 19:09  Another adventure
I've added another adventure game and the genre still remains high among my favorite list but sadly these days you won't find a lot of them anymore, luckily old adventures are still fun and there's plenty of them around! Innocent until caught is a fairly standard adventure game and altough it's not spectacular it's still fun but the biggest surprise was that it was made by Psygnosis who usually made action games. I'm off to the gym so enjoy the game and be sure to check back tomorrow.
Apr-15-2005 12:59  Added a manual
As I promised last night I added the manual and bay of Quinte map for Gone fishin'. You'll have to excuse me for the quality of the map because I pieced it together from several different scans as the original is a really large foldout map. Check back later for a game update.
Apr-14-2005 19:45  forgot something
Tomorrow I will add the manual and maps for gone fishin' which took some time to scan in as the map is pretty big, today there is another game.
Infiltrator is a game with two parts, one where you fly a helicopter in a simulation like sequence and a stealthy sequence where you sneak around an enemy camp trying to photograph planes and secret plans. The first part doesn't do much for me but the stealth part isn't bad. Take a look if you want to experience some oldschool stealth gameplay.
Apr-13-2005 19:35  Rest is good
I've earned some rest after three days of hard work so I'm gonna relax in a moment but not before I do another update. Hugo's house of horrors is an adventure game where you, Hugo, have to rescue your girlfriend who is being held in a scary mansion. This is the first part which was released as shareware but because the others have different storylines I decide to seperate them. It's pretty short and quite easy but if you're in for a quick adventure then check it out.
Apr-12-2005 19:30  Busy Busy
I can't believe how busy the last two days at work have been as we had a couple of large updates on some programs, there's more to come but luckily for me I only have one day to go :)
Hacker is a game that any 'old' gamer should know because it has you hacking into an unknown server and getting control of a remote controlled robot. You receive a mission about returning stolen plans and you'll have to travel the world in underground caverns to get them all. Check it out.
Apr-11-2005 19:15  Mobile gaming rulez
I recently got a PDA for free and I found some cool emulators for it, that means that I can play my C64, nes, master system and gameboy games anywhere! Now if only someone made a DOS emulator for PDA that would complete the collection hehe.
Gone fishin' is the latest addition to the house and it is my favorite fishing game to date because there loads of different species to catch, not only the usualy bass and big fish but also the little ones like perch and sunfish. I played this game so often I actually broke my mouse after casting for the xth time, check it out if you like fishing games.
Apr-10-2005 15:32  The weekend flies
Wow the weekend is almost over already, maybe I need to work even less to get some more rest he :) I added an RPG today called Elvira mistress of the dark by horrorsoft. Like all their games is has a horror theme altough not as heavy as some of their later games. You have to rescue Elvira in her own castle which has been taken over by Emelda. She can help you out by making magical potion throughout the game. Altough not spectacular the game's not bad and probably one of the last big RPG's for the C64 that I know of.
Apr-09-2005 20:26  Supersize me
I just watched a movie called 'supersize me' where this guy eats nothing but McDonalds food for an entire month, pretty interesting and funny so if you haven't seen it yet I can recommend it.
I added a game called the great Giana sisters today which is such a blatant ripoff from super mario bros on the nintendo that it was only for sale for a week before they were forced to take it down. Like super mario the game is pretty good so check it out.
Apr-07-2005 19:50  Quick update
I gotta run so here's a quick update. The clue! is a game where you have to plan and commit robberies. Find accomplices, buy tools and a getaway car between jobs and try to stay away from the cops. Excellent game even though it has some technical problems.
Apr-06-2005 19:58  Whoooo!
Wrestlemania was excellent especially the part when Hulk Hogan came out, if you have any interest in wrestling I suggest you see it as soon as you can. Today's game is a scrolling fighter called Golden axe, actually you fight using weapons and occasionally you can even ride a beast to increase your chances. This is an excellent game especially if you play it with a second player so check it out quick.
Apr-05-2005 19:30  Wrestlemania !
I'm gonna watch wrestlemania 21 so without further ado here is the update. Eternam is an adventure game that features the usual adventuring parts but also a first person 3D mode where you can travel around the planet. It has a cinematic feel to it with cartoonlike graphics as well as digitized ones. Personally I don't like the game much mostly because of the user interface but I know many who do like it so check it out for yourself.
Apr-04-2005 21:45  Getting late
I need to get some sleep and it's getting a bit late already (well if you can call 21:41 late) but first the update. Vikings is a strategy game with no flashy bits but with plenty of management. You have to conquer most of England and some of it's surrounding neighbors as well. This game is for strategy enthousiast only because of the nature of the game.
Apr-03-2005 14:25  Another Sierra classic
I've played plenty of sierra adventures but quest for glory definately ranks pretty high on my list. As a departure from their other games you can choose to play a fighter, thief or a mage. This and the fact that you have statistics like health,stamina and other skills you can improve by fighting gives this game a real rpg feel. Originally it was called Hero's quest but because that name was already taken they renamed it. There were also plenty of sequels made and a remake of the first with improved VGA graphics and a point and click interface. This one started the series so if you haven't played it yet I suggest you check it out now.
Apr-02-2005 21:56  Parties galore
I've had too much parties lately which not only takes up a lot of time but also makes me eat too much bad stuff. This is also the reason the update is later than usual but starting next week things should be back to normal. Here is today's update with a game called double dragon and if you were in an arcade in the late 80's you must have seen this one. The game is a sidescrolling fighting game with lots of different moves and plenty of weapons, it spawned a host of similar games but this one still remains on top of my alltime favorite list so check it out.
Apr-01-2005 11:41  Wedding day
Well I'm leaving for a wedding in a moment so I'm doing this early update, btw I REALLY dislike getting dressed up in a suit -_- . Anyway this game is called Face off! and it's an icehockey game. You see closeups when you take a shot and occasionally you can get into fights which you can also control. I'm not really into the sport but if you are you can give this game a shot.
Mar-31-2005 21:23  Damn trains
I was travelling by train today and some lines broke or something and I had to spend an hour waiting to get into a cramped train and I was late for dinner grrrrr. Tomorrow I will go to the wedding of one of my friends so I might not be able to update tomorrow but check anyway to be sure. Today I added Dragon's lair, a conversion from the original laserdisc arcade game. It's really low on gameplay but you can turn on the cheat so you can watch the game play by itself.
Mar-30-2005 20:11  Back to working out
I haven't been working out the past few weeks because of several things but I'm gonna go in moment as otherwise I'll be completely out of shape. First here is today's game and it's a pretty different.
Floor 13
puts you in control of a government organization which sole purpose is to keep the current party in power. Spy on people, search their homes and pick them up for interrogation but even more drastic measures are also available like assasination and assault teams. The game is played from a menu and it seems pretty boring from the start but after a while it becomes intruiging
Mar-29-2005 20:58  Busy day
I had a really busy day which is why this update is a bit later than usual but better late than never hey. Detroit is a game where you run a car company in the early 20th century and you have to research, design, manufacture and sell as many cars as possible to become the biggest in the world. In some cases the game's not very historically accurate but it's still fun and you might learn a bit about old cars so check it.
Mar-28-2005 15:30  Quicky
I have to work again so I'll do a quick update. Desert strike is an action game where you control an apache gunship on missions located in the gulf region. You have two types of missles and a chaingun to take care of enemies and along the way you can pick up fuel, ammo and friendly troops to help you. The game's pretty good so check it out.
Mar-27-2005 20:49  Second game of the day
Well it wasn't as busy as expected so I came home earlier and here is the second game of today. Commando is a game I played quite a lot when I first got my C64, it's a fairly simple shooter where you control a commando in levels filled with baddies. You have unlimited bullets and you can pick up grenades to increase your firepower. Compared to later games this one seems somewhat limited but considering it was released first in 1983 it's not bad and I had fun playing it again.
Mar-27-2005 14:43  Bachelor party
Yesterday I was at a bachelor party which is why I couldn't do an update. I might do two today but it depends on what time I get home as I have to work in a little while. Checkers should be pretty familiar to you and this is a windows version of the game. No extra's at all in the game and the interface can be a bit annoying at times when you do a move which is not allowed. If you like checkers give this one a go.
Mar-25-2005 19:32  Another game
Haven't got much to say right now so here is another update. Borrowed time is a text adventure with graphics displaying your surroundings. You play the part of Sam Harlow and you have to find out who kidnapped your ex-wife. Not only that but you have to do it before the goons find you and it's game over. I like detective stories but even if you don't the game is still good enough to warrant a try.
Mar-24-2005 19:07  What a slow day
I didn't do anything today apart from watching a lot of movies and eating too much so it's a good thing that I'm doing this update now before I completely start doing nothing, or should that be stop doing anything? This is the second fishing game added to the house and like the title suggests it's about big game fishing. You get some money to hire a boat and equipment and you're off to catch that big marlin. If you're not a fishing game fan I doubt you'll get much out of this game as it has less action than most games of this type.
Mar-23-2005 19:57  Phew another week already
The week passed quickly as I was quite busy and stuff at work, now that my weekend is here I'm gonna take some time out but here is an update first. Airborne ranger is a shooter where you play a lone ranger on a mission and waiting for you along the way are hordes of enemies, bunkers and minefields. You can try and sneak past a lot of the enemies as well instead of an allout firefight. This game is a real classic so check it out.
Mar-22-2005 20:22  Whaaa I'm ready to explode!
Man I just came back from a birthday dinner and I ate waaaay too much and I feel like I'm about to explode. I'm gonna take it slow for a while so here is today's game and it's called Centurion: defender of Rome. You play a centurion and your task is to conquer the known world for the glory of Rome. Not only that but you have to keep the people happy by holding chariot races and have gladiators fight in mortal combat. This is a pretty good strategy game so check it out.
Mar-21-2005 19:58  Back to work again
Man it's not easy getting back to work again after a holiday especially when the first day is so busy. Anyway here's an update with the blues brothers, a platform game based on the movie (shocking! :| ). Altough it's nothing spectacular as far as platformers go the game's not bad and it has some nice music from the movie as well so check it out.
Mar-19-2005 19:09  Car broke down
Well I was supposed to do some stuff yesterday like eat out and do updates and stuff but my car went dead on me so I spent most of the evening waiting for it to get fixed. Anyway here is the game I was supposed to put up yesterday and it's called B-17 flying fortress, a simulation of the WW2 bomber. You can control up to ten (!) different positions on the plane so there's plenty for you to do while on a mission. The game's pretty challenging even for simulation fans so if you like that then check it out.
Mar-17-2005 18:37  I'm baaack
Well after slightly less than a week of vacation I'm back and I have to say that taking time off once in a while is definately a good thing to do. I'm straight back into the game though as I added a game today. The adventures of Robin Hood is an adventure game based on the story of Robin Hood. This time around you'll have to start from scratch as you'll have to gather the merry men and try to defeat the sheriff after he has taken your lands and castle for his own. Pretty fun adventure if you ask me but I might be biased because I like Robin Hood, still check it out for yourself.
Mar-11-2005 10:25  Vacation !!
Well I'm off on my vacation in a moment but before that is my final update, after this there won't be an update for about a week. The third courier is a spy adventure / rpg where you play a secret agent tasked with finding a NATO courier who was carrying vital equipment. The other two have already been found dead and you have to race against time before the courier and the equipment is lost.
Mar-10-2005 20:15  One more day
I'm packing for my vacation today so I'll keep it short. Zool is a simple platformer in which you control a ninja and you have to collect lots of candy. The only reason this game was made is because it was sponsered by a well known candy manufacturer who btw is shown throughout the entire game. -_-
Mar-09-2005 19:35  Got my new internet
Yesterday they installed my new internet which as far as speed isn't much faster but it is much cheaper than my dsl line and it gives me some more options to do stuff :) hehehe. Anyway here is another game and it's called Xenomorph, it's an rpg with a 3D first person view like dungeon master or eye of the beholder. As the name suggest the game involves aliens and you have to find out what happen to the people of the mine where you crashlanded. The game isn't very well known as far as I know but it's not bad so check it out.
Mar-08-2005 19:32  Vacation soon !
I'm going on vacation on friday so I'm preparing for that a bit but until that time the updates will keep coming. Here is the untouchables, another movie licenced game from ocean. Some levels are platform based but all of them involve shooting of some kind. This game isn't bad compared to other licenced game so check it out.
Mar-07-2005 20:39  Added a classic adventure game
I'm off to get some early sleep soon so here is today's game. Zak McKracken and the alien mindbenders is the second game from Lucasfilm that uses the SCUMM engine and I think it is great fun like pretty much all adventures from Lucas. Check it out.
Mar-06-2005 15:23  Quick one before work
Well I have to get to work in a moment so here is a quick update for you. Video poker is a pretty simple game of videopoker, no bells or whistles just plain video poker. You insert money and draw cards, if you get a good hand you win and otherwise you lose.
Mar-05-2005 19:37  Still feeling bad
Man this flew is much more persistent than I had hoped and today I'm feeling worse than I have for a long time. Again usually on saturday I would do two updates but I slept most of the day away so only one game today. Ulysses and the golden fleece is a very early textadventure from Sierra that puts you in the shoes of Ulysses to find the golden fleece. It uses a completely text based parser and it shows pictures of your locations. There is no controlling a character onscreen like later sierra games. The graphics are very simple and I don't know why you control Ulysses because the original story has Jason and the argonauts searching for this treasure. This is one of the earliest sierra adventures and it's clear they didn't quite get the hang of it yet because the game is a bit average compared to later games.
Mar-04-2005 19:37  Ah weekend is here :)
Luckily the weekend is here so I can relax somewhat, here a quicky. Yie ar kung fu is an early one on one fighting game from Konami. It doesn't have combos or multiple selectable characters but for the time it was one of the better beatem ups. Give it a try.
Mar-03-2005 20:12  What no update?!
Yesterday I was feeling worse than before because the weather has only gotten worse and there was a ton of snowfall the other day so I turned in early and did not do an update. I was gonna do two games today but I'm still feeling pretty bad which is why this update is later than normal, hope it gets better tomorrow. Anyway the game I added is called wonderboy, a fun platform game by Sega. Nothing spectacular but the quick gameplay is just what you'd want from an arcade game, too bad about the lack of levels though.
Mar-01-2005 20:06  Caught the flew
I though I was feeling better yesterday but today I'm feeling the effect of the flew I caught. (damn the bad weather!) Ah well I'll take it easy the next few days. Here is today's game and it's called uninvited, it's an adventure game from ICOM simulations and is uses the same system as Deja vu and Shadowgate. This one is definately the least of the adventures released by ICOM but I thought it was worth a go so give it a try.
Feb-28-2005 19:28  COLD!
It's very cold outside which is probably why I felt a bit sick the last few days, I'm feeling somewhat better right now. I added a game called world championship squash which is as the title suggest a squash game. It hasn't got any bells and whistles so don't be expecting a very indepth game.
Feb-27-2005 22:55  Better late than never
I came home really late today so the update is a lot later than normal. Waxworks is a horror rpg where you have to defeat a number of different baddies in several areas. Each area has a seperate story and any items and experience you gain are lost once you complete the level. The game is pretty good but it does contain plenty of gore / violence so don't play it if you can't take that kind of stuff.
Feb-26-2005 20:42  Only one update today
Normally on saturdays I do two updates but I fell asleep this afternoon and slept most of the day away, ah wel guess I needed some rest. Yesterday I mentioned sky captain and the world of tomorrow and it reminded me of a cinemaware game called rocket ranger. It plays out in second world war but things aren't going as they should as the Nazi's experience a sudden leap in technology with which they are going to win the war. Scientists from the future send you a rocket pack and three other items with which you can beat the Nazi's. Fly around the world stealing technology and lunarium fuel the ultimate goal of which is to build a rocket to fly to the moon and destroy the source of the nazi's power.
Great game so check it out.
Feb-25-2005 19:26  An uneventfull day
I've been relaxing mostly troughout the day and I watched sky captain and crimson tide. Sky Captain reminded me a bit of a certain Cinemaware game called rocket ranger which I will be adding soon. The game I added today is called King's bounty which is the prequel to heroes of might and magic. It has the same combat with lots of different monsters but instead of lots of levels the entire game plays out as one big level. Pretty fun game if you ask me so check it out.
Feb-24-2005 18:49  A hard days work
I worked way too much today but luckily the weekend has arrived,. I'm gonna enjoy my dinner in a moment but here is another game for you. Plan 9 from outer space is billed as the worst movie of all time, it's so amateuristicly made that you see the cardboard props and mics hanging around. The game doesn't follow the story of the movie but instead the movie reels have been stolen and you are hired to find them again. The game itself isn't too bad but the interface is a bit annoying to use.
Feb-23-2005 20:03  It's getting cold here
It's been snowing a lot lately here, not the kind that stays on the ground though. I hope it gets better the next couple of days as I don't like this cold weather at all. Anyway today I added another original game called insider trader where you have to trade stocks to make huge sums of money. Occasionally you can buy some inside information which you can use to your advantage. This kind of game is not for anyone though as most of the time you'll be staring at numbers and reading news but I had some fun with it so check it for yourself.
Feb-22-2005 19:30  Gotta run
I have very little time here so here's a quicky. Pitfall is a classic action game where you have 20 minutes to find as much treasure as possible while avoiding deadly animals and traps. Pretty simple but fun game so check it out.
Feb-21-2005 19:27  Added another game
The game I added today gets top marks for originality, it's called wolf and it simulates the life of a wolf. You have to hunt or scavenge for food and live your life while avoiding the wolf's deadliest enemy, mankind. If your looking for a different game then look no further and check this game out.
Feb-20-2005 14:26  Daily update
Man don't you ever wish the weekend would last a bit longer? Ah well no use nagging about it so here's today's game. Test drive is a long running series that lets you drive a number of sportscars. The first game gives you a choice of no less than five cars to drive. The game focussus on action instead of simulation so if you like that sort of game then check it out.
Feb-19-2005 19:05  Downloading problems
I heard that some people had problems downloading but the solution is quite simple. If you want to download a game simply leftclick the icon like this one to download the version you want, don't use the save as feature or a download manager as they will simply generate an error. This has to be done because otherwise it would be easy to steal the links and most of the games aren't so large that you have to use a download manager anyway so.
Feb-19-2005 18:59  Added another game
I added Teen agent today, an adventure game from an unknown eastern European developer. You play a teenager picked randomly from the phonebook to solve a bunch of bankrobberies. After getting some secret agent training you're off to find the person responsible. The game is pretty fun and most of the puzzles aren't too difficult so you can progress nicely throughout the game. Check it out.
Feb-18-2005 19:45  Second game
As the second game today I added Robocop, another game based on a movie. This one isn't too bad though compared to most movie games. On another note, I see that I've been adding a lot of arcade games lately so I'll try and add games from different genres in the weekend.
Feb-18-2005 13:40  First game of today
The first game added today is called Rampage in which you can select from three different giant monsters who are terrorizing the country. Knock down buildings and eat some of their inhabitants to gain energy while avoiding the military. This is a pretty fun game especially when played with three players so check it out. I will add another game tonight so check back later.
Feb-17-2005 18:39  Not much time
I haven't much time today to do the update today but tomorrow I will be adding two games so be sure to check back then. Here is pac-man for you, a classic game where you control a yellow smiley guy eating pills while being chased by ghosts.
Feb-16-2005 19:41  Bad sleep == tired
I've been sleeping very bad lately which means I'm very tired, not so tired that I won't do an update though :) Today's game is called outrun by Sega, a racing game in which you drive a ferrari across the highway. You can select which way to go at the end of each level giving you some variety in the scenery. This was originally released in the arcades with a moving cabinet which was great. The home versions aren't bad either so check it out.
Feb-15-2005 19:45  Added paperboy
Well today I added another classic game called paperboy. In it you have to deliver newspapers while avoiding hazards like dogs, manholes and crazy kids. This was really popular in it's days so why not check it out.
Feb-14-2005 19:29  Monday's are annoying
Man monday's are always so annoying, getting back to work and stuff. Well actually I worked yesterday but that doesn't mean I can't complain eh? :)
The Persian gulf inferno is a shooter where you control a single soldier who is trying to stop terrorists from blowing up the worlds largest oil reserve with a nuclear bomb. Apart from having a single gun and some explosives all other equipment has to be gathered onsite. The game is nothing spectacular but it's fun nonetheless so check it out.
Feb-13-2005 15:22  Short weekend :(

I have to work today so no more weekend for me, AAAHH! Anyway here is todays game and it's called Millenium 2.2. This is a space stategy game where you are the commander of the moonbase which houses the only remaining human population after a nuclear war. It's your job to rebuild human civilization and colonize the rest of the solar system but lurking in space are unfriendly aliens who want it for their own. This game is a pretty good strategy game so check it out.

Feb-12-2005 21:26  Second update
Like I promised here is night breed the interactive movie. I'm busy playing shadow of Rome right now so check the review for info about the game. Laters.
Feb-12-2005 14:18  Another game added
Night breed is based on horror movie in which a man named Aaron Boone is looking for a place called Midian where all sinners are forgiven. This place is also the home of the night breed, a race much older than man. Now you have led the sons of the free into Midian and you must fulfill the propecy that a man will bring destruction to the night breed but ultimately will same them. Can you do it or will they be doomed. Ocean made another standard platform game out of a movie which makes you wonder why as 90 percent of them aren't really worth it. This game doesn't do much for me either though but ocean also made a semi-adventure game out of this movie which I will be adding later today.
Feb-11-2005 19:48  Finally weekend
It's been a busy week but the weekend has finally arrived so here is today's update before I get some wellearned rest. Midnight resistance is a scrolling shooter in which you control a soldier who has to battle his way across levels filled with badguys. Altough it's not groundbreaking I had fun with the game so check it out.
Feb-10-2005 19:52  Added another game
Pff I've been busy lately which is why today's update is later than normal. Still better late than never he. Anyway Oil imperium (aka black gold) is a fun strategy game where you have to start and run an oil company. Can you beat the competition and create you own oil imperium? This game is great fun so check it out.
Feb-09-2005 19:43  Daily update
Today's game is a fishing sim called Jack Charlton's match fishing. It isn't your average bass fishing game as this simulates match fishing with a fixed rod and line. This is the first computer fishing game I ever played but these days the game is rather dated. Still I have some nice memories of playing it so why not take a look.
Feb-08-2005 19:52  Quick update
I've got stuff to do in a moment so here's a quick update. Mega lo mania is a strategy game in which you play a god and you have to control your people in your quest to conquer the lands. This game is excellent so check it out.
Feb-07-2005 19:35  Keep going
There are now 100 games on the house but that doesn't mean I'm going to take it slow or anything, I will still be updating daily to reach my goal of 500 by the end of the year so here is game 101. Lotus esprit turbo challenge is a racing game where you get to drive a Lotus Esprit (Duh!). The game itself doesn't really stand out though but if you like the car you can give this game a try.
Feb-06-2005 13:57  Added 100th game!
Elite is a freeroaming space game where you can battle and trade among several galaxies containing hundreds of star systems. You start with only a simple ship and a single laser but by trading you can gain credits to upgrade your ship so you can go after the big money. Can you survive and gain the rank of Elite? Many will agree with me that it is a true classic and it remains fun to this day.
This is the 100th game to be placed on the house of games exactly three months after the first one and with 328 days remaining this year I better get to it if I am to reach my goal of 500 by the end of the year. Enjoy the game and now I'm off to enjoy some well earned rest.
Feb-05-2005 19:20  Second game
Well here is the second game I promised and you must have heard of this one. Lemmings is a really fun puzzle game where you have to save a bunch of characters called lemmings. The hard part is that they keep walking no matter what happens but you can give them jobs to do so that they get safely to the exit. Check it out.
Tomorrow I will add the 100th game and it's a real classic so be sure to return then.
Feb-05-2005 12:15  First game of the day
The first game to be added today is called Katakis by Rainbow arts. They made some really great shooters like x-out and turrican. Katakis falls a bit short compared to those, it's still good mind you just not great. Still if you like shooter you should check it out, also be sure to come back tonight as I will be adding another game.
Feb-04-2005 19:33  Another Cinemaware game
I added another Cinemaware game today, one of my favorite game companies. The king of Chicago plays a lot like Sinbad (also from Cinemaware) with lots of mini action games and multiple choice options to further the story. You play the part of Pinky Callahan and the goal is to rule all of Chicago as the largest crimeboss. Not as good as other Cinemaware games but this is one of their earliest games. Tomorrow I'll add two games so be sure to check back then.
Feb-03-2005 18:47  Gotta get up early tomorrow
I'm gonna help some friends move a bunch of stuff tomorrow but I have to get up really early. So much for sleeping late, ah well. Today I added Veil of darkness which is an adventure game with RPG elements from SSI. You can select to make combat easier at the start of the game so you can concentrate on the adventuring part. The story is about you, a traveller getting stuck in a small town in Romania and the only way you get to leave is if you defeat a vampire who is terrorizing the town. Pretty good game if you ask me so check it out.
Feb-02-2005 19:32  I'm hungry
For some reason I've been very hungry the last couple of days, don't really know why as I'm eating plenty of stuff. Ah well I'll rest some tomorrow and maybe it will do me some good. Today's game is called Leaderboard which is an excellent golf sim by Access. They later made the links series but this game already has the gameplay only with less sophisticated graphics. Check it out.
Feb-01-2005 19:32  Another day another game
Today's game is called kikstart, a game where you ride a bike trough an obstacle filled course. Jump your way across as fast as you can and you will be the winner. I had fun with the game while it lasted so check this game out.
Jan-31-2005 19:25  Getting close to 100 games
With this update the gamecount is now up to 93 which brings us very close to the big 100 mark. Given the daily updates it will probably be next week for that number to be reached. First here is today's update, The Goonies is a fun puzzle game based on the movie. You control two characters from the goonies each level and you have to work together to solve all the puzzles to get at one-eyed Willy's treasure. I really like the movie but even without the license it's still a pretty fun puzzle game so check it out.
Jan-30-2005 14:53  Only one update today
I'll only be able to this one update today because I know I'll be back late and I have to get up early again in the morning. Today's game is Superhero league of Hoboken, a wacky rpg/adventure game from Legend. The adventure parts are like other legend games such as Companions of Xanth but it adds RPG elements like choosing parties, outfitting them and random battles. The game is pretty fun to play so check it out especially if you like other Legend games.
Jan-29-2005 22:17  A bit late but another update

Mmm I came home rather late, much later than I expected but here is the update I promised.
Jimmy White's wirlwind snooker is as the name suggests a snooker simulation. I played snooker a lot when I was younger and this game does a good job simulating it. Altough you can't really replace the actual game I suggest you give this a try because you won't find one much better than this one.

Jan-29-2005 13:39  First update today
I'll be doing two updates today and here is the first. Kung fu master is a classic arcade game in which you have to beat five levels filled with baddies. The 'rescue your girlfriend story' is bogstandard but the game is pretty enjoyable so give it a try. I'll add another game tonight so check back later.
Jan-28-2005 18:55  Weekend is here
The weekend has arrived and here I am with today's update. Ghostbusters is a game I used to play over and over again, in it you have to run you own Ghostbuster francise. You start with a 10.000 dollar loan from the bank with which you can buy equipment and you're off to start busting some ghosts but watch out for that marshmallow man!
Jan-27-2005 18:45  Added another game
Today's game is called into the eagles nest which is a WW2 game based on the movie 'where eagles dare'. You have to infiltrate a German castle where three prisoners are being held and you must rescue them before they talk and finally you must blow up the castle to complete the mission. I played this game a lot and it's pretty fun so I suggest you check it out.
Jan-26-2005 19:31  Daily update
Here I am again with an update. Football manager is a game in which you manage a soccer team from the English leagues. Trade/buy players and try to win the division which will lead to better players available and ofcourse more money. You don't have to like soccer to enjoy this game so if you like managing stuff then try this game.
Jan-25-2005 20:01  Damn weather
It's very cold outside and my heater broke down and is leaking which means I have to keep the door open to make sure the water doesn't run into my house, AAARRGH. Didn't get much sleep because of that but here is my daily update anyway. Indiana Jones in the lost kingdom is a fun puzzle game in which you control Indy on a quest for fame and fortune. The entire game is only six screens but it's not easy by any means so check it out.
Jan-24-2005 19:31  Another week begins
Well the first day of the week is almost over. I'm actually already wasted and I didn't know why but I just found out I set my alarm an hour too early :| Ah well I'll go to sleep earlier I guess.
Gyruss is the game I added today, it's an old shoot'em up that has you moving in a circle instead of just left/right like most shooters of that time. I had a blast playing this when I got it on my C64 and I had fun playing again so check it out.
Jan-23-2005 21:36  Second update
Here's the second update of today and I added Gold of the Aztecs, an action platform game with some puzzles as well. This is one of the most difficult games I have ever completed because you have to do some split second timing on a lot of the screens. After a while I was getting much better at it though and I was able to complete the first area without dying at all. If you're looking for a challenge you should check this game out.
Jan-23-2005 13:49  Quicky
I'm cooking some food so not much time here. I added Falcon patrol, an old game from a time when most games were pretty simple (as far as gameplay is concerned). I might do another update tonight so check back later.
Jan-22-2005 19:22  Uneventfull day
I've had a rather uneventfull day trying out some new foods, cleaning up a bit and fixing a hole in my coat (seriously!). Anyway here is today's game and if you don't know this one you must have been living in a cave the past 20 years. Frogger is an early game where you controlled a frog that had to get from one side of the street to the other while avoiding cars and jumping on logs on the water. It has been ported to lots of different machines but the original was released by Sega in the arcades. The ones here are all from different developers and it goes to show how well known this game is. Check it out for some real nostalgia.
Jan-21-2005 19:31  A very original game added
Today's game is called Final assault and it is very original. You have to hike and climb up several mountain paths to the top. The more difficult levels require you to make camp as well so select your equipment well. I used to play this game a lot and I suggest you check it out as well.
Jan-20-2005 18:35  Weekend!
Finally weekend, actually a day later than normal for me so I can sleep late tomorrow ;) Today's game is Eskimo games which takes the formula of Epyx's games series but changes from sports to other kinds of events. I personally don't think it benefits the game though but check it out for yourself.
There was a weird problem with the server a while ago and they can't seem to find the problem, it's gone now but I hope it won't come back.
Jan-19-2005 20:01  Another game added
Today's game is called Escape from Colditz where you control four pow's in a Nazi prison and your job is to escape. Use lockpicks and get keys to secure areas where you can find guard uniforms and other usefull items. If you like prison escape movies I recommend you check this game out, and if you don't I suggest you check it out just the same :)
Jan-19-2005 13:47  Finished Impossible mission !
WHEEEE!!! Last night I did something I was never able to do before and that is to finish the Impossible mission. I have to admit that the name was well chosen because it was really hard but not quite impossible since I beat the game. If anyone's looking for a challenge you should definately check this game out. Check back tonight for the daily update but right now I'm gonna reward myself with something nice to eat :)
Jan-18-2005 19:44  Daily update
Today's game is Dune, an adventure game with stragic elements from Cryo. This game is excellent and I suggest you try it. I haven't got much time now so I'll leave it at that.
Jan-17-2005 19:03  I'm tired
With the risk of sounding like a broken record I have to say that I'm very tired again, probably because I've been working for four weeks straight pfff. Anyway here today's update and it's called Dinopark tycoon, yes you have to build your own "Jurassic Park" and try to attract visitor so you can make money. Pretty fun game if you ask me so give it a try.
Jan-16-2005 15:23  Database problem
Mmm there was a weird problem with the database and it showed no info on the Zork game I added even though all information was correct. It seems to be sorted now though so check the game.
Jan-16-2005 14:33  Added Zork 1
I will only be able to do one update today so here it is. Zork I or Zork: the great underground empire as it was know before the sequels were released is one of the earliest and most well known text adventures there are. It featured an excellent text parser that understood entire sentences and had a good story. Many people enjoy playing this game to this day and it does not need fancy graphics to do so. The manual gives lots of background information that you'll never need in the game but it only adds to the depth of the game. Everyone should check out this classic.
Jan-15-2005 23:56  Very late update
Mmmm a very early and late update on the same day... I came home rather late but I'm still gonna do an update so here a platform game called Dino Eggs. When I added Jumpman I was actually looking for this game, you jump around platforms and collect dinosaur eggs to transport them to the future to save them from death. Mostly standard stuff but I used to play this game a lot so you might like it too.
Jan-15-2005 10:32  Very early update
I'm doing this very early update because I have to do some stuff today that I couldn't last week because of the weather, so much for catching up on some rest -_- Anyway here's Commander Keen 1, the first part of the 'invasion of the Vorticons' trilogy and this episode is called Marooned on Mars. The Vorticons have stolen parts of your ship and scattered them across Mars, now it's up to you to find them and try to stop the Vorticon invasion. This platform game was made by ID Software in their early days and it proved that the PC could compete with consoles in action games. Even better this first part was released as shareware so you didn't even have to pay for it! How's that for value.
Ohyeah I'll probably do another update tonight but I have no idea what time so check back later.
Jan-14-2005 19:55  Weekend is here!
The weekend is finally here! I'm gonna catch up on some sleep soon but first here is an update. Most adventure games have 2D graphics but castle master was on of the first to put you in a 3D environment where you could walk and look in all directions. Many puzzles involve finding a key or an exit but the game is otherwise pretty good so check it out.
Jan-13-2005 18:31  Quick addition
I'm off in a moment to go to a birthday dinner/party so here is today's update. Camel Trophy is loosely based on the offroad event but many of the games' sequences are short and easy. I had some fun with it while it lasted so why not check it out.
Jan-12-2005 19:30  Another game added
Hiya, todays game is Barbarian from Palace software. The game's known by a number of names but I always just prefer the short one. It's a pretty good one-on-one fighting game with lots of different moves and even a finishing move. This game was released way back when there no ratings and such so I played it when I was like 10 years old or something. If it were released today it would probably have warnings about graphic violence and partial nudity or something so be warned :)
Jan-11-2005 21:18  500 screenshots !
I just noticed that the house now has over 500 screenshots from 70 different games! If you have an interest in more statistics you can always go to the stats page.
Jan-11-2005 19:11  Daily update
I was gonna rant about what kind of a crappy day I had but I won't bore you with that instead here is the daily update. Battle chess is probably the game which I used to learn how to play chess, it doesn't have tutorials or anything to get you started but it does show you where each piece can be moved. This added with the battle animations might be enough for someone who hasn't played chess before to stay interested long enough to learn. Experienced players probably won't be able to get much out of it though.
Jan-10-2005 19:30  Still busy
I can't believe how busy things are starting this year, ofcourse when your new years resolution is to work a lot harder I don't think you can complain :) Anyway here is Bad street brawler, a wacky beat'em up with some really weird fighting moves at your disposal. Again during weekdays I will only be able to add one game a day so be sure to check back in the evenings for the update.
Jan-09-2005 21:16  Another game
I'm back a bit later than expected but I'm doing another update anyway. The Addams family is a platform game based on the first movie, it does not really follow the plot of the movie though. You are Gomez and you have to find and resque your family who are kept somewhere inside the Addams residence. Nothing groundbraking and sometimes frustrating but fairly fun nonetheless.
Jan-09-2005 15:17  Quick update
Haven't got much time to do this update so here is Aces of aces, an action flight sim. I'll be back tonight to do another update so check back later.
Jan-08-2005 20:24  Second game for today
I came home earlier than I expected so I added another game. The Young ones is an adventure game based on the comedy show. You have to collect all items for one of the four characters before your landlord comes to collect the rent.
Ohyeah I also fixed the javascript that changes the pictures above the review so it should work alright now in other browsers as well.
Jan-08-2005 10:35  Early update
I'll be gone for most of the day so I'm doing an early update today. I added Al-Qadim: the genie's curse, a great action rpg from SSI. You are the son of a wealthy mercant and your family has been accused of trying to kill the caliph, it's your job to find who really did it and restore honor to your family. I played this game many times and once in a while I still play it because I think it's great fun. I don't know how late I'll be back but I might do another update when I do so check back later.
Jan-07-2005 18:59  Finally weekend
Finally the weekend is here, I won't get much rest though coz I'm taking my niece and cousin out to an amusement park tomorrow. Anyway the game added today is Xenon, the prequel to the famous and very succesfull Xenon 2: megablast. The first game is rather unremarkable with very little to set it apart from most other shooters except that you can change from drive mode to fly mode in an instant. Still this is as far as I know the first game to be published from the Bitmap Brothers so as a first game it's not bad.
Jan-06-2005 21:03  Added a special game
This is it, this game is pretty special (to me at least). Rise of the dragon is an adventure game from Dynamix and it feels a lot like the movie blade runner. You play as a private eye who has to investigate the death of a girl who became disfigured after using a deadly drug. Once you start investigating you find out there is a whole lot more to it than just a case of bad drugs and it's up to you to try and save to day. The game uses the same point and click, first-person view, engine like in Heart of China. This is actually the first of the three adventures from Dynamix and it is also my favorite. I've played this game many times and it is now available on my site. The special thing I was talking about is the SegaCD version of the game which is the only one to have full speech for the entire game and it is pretty rare. That version is 60 Mb large so I had to wait for the new server but here is it. Ohyeah you should check out the manual as well it's made like a comic book complete with useless but fun ads and reader letters. Enjoy the game :)
Jan-06-2005 13:29  New server is online!
The new server which will run The House of Games is now online! You can see if you are on the new server by the fireworks next to the logo. It might take a day or two for all DNS servers to point to the new server so the old one will stay online for a little while. Tonight I will add something special to celebrate so be sure to check back.
Jan-05-2005 19:11  Daily update
I didn't get much work done today because of some stupid setbacks (damn new software) but I did get word that my dedicated server is ready. Once I make sure everything works alright I can transfer the site to it. Here's the game of the day, Zombi is based but not licensed on the movie dawn of the dead (original not the remake). You control four people stranded with their helicopter on a mall and you have to secure the mall and get rid of all the zombies so you can get supplies and fuel. It's a tad easy especially if you have seen the movie but it's pretty good so check it out.
Jan-04-2005 20:04  My brain is almost fried
Man my brain feels like it has been deepfried. I've been working on a project at work involving RSA security and it's been taking up most of my time but ofcourse I always make some time to do an update. The vindicator is and old style game where each level is completely different from another. This one doesn't get it quite right because the first level is good but the later two are a bit average. Check it out for yourself though because this is only my opinion.
Jan-03-2005 19:41  Second update
Wings of fury is a game I used to play quite a lot. You fly a hellcat and you have to wage war on the Japanese empire in this sidescrolling shooter. It also has a bit more depth than an average shooter because you can attack islands and ships and you have to adjust your bombs accordingly.
The coming days and maybe weeks are gonna be real busy for me so I'll probably only be able to update the site once a day but hey that's still not bad.
Jan-03-2005 13:36  missed an update yesterday
My plans were to update the site yesterday evening but I was really busy at work and I was invited to a late dinner afterwards so I was unable to update. That means today I will do two updates so here is the first. Ultimate golf is a golf sim with a high degree of simulation, a bit too much for my taste, but if you like that sort of thing why not check it out.
Jan-02-2005 12:46  Added another game
Here's another game for you, in they stole a million you have to plan and commit burglaries ranging from a local coin shop to a museum. Pretty unique subject matter as far as games are concerned but it's pretty fun to do something like this without hurting anyone and not getting into trouble yourself so check it out.
Jan-01-2005 15:03  First game of the year
Here it is the first game added to The House of Games in 2005. Turrican is a great shoot'em up from Rainbow arts, there's plenty of weapons, powerups and bosses to keep you playing for ages. I'm off to do some stuff so this is the only update today, have fun with the game.
Jan-01-2005 13:04  Happy new year!

Happy new year to everyone, may it bring many good things to you.

Sadly I already have some bad news, I found out that TUOL, the ultimate oldgames linkpage, is shutting down. They were a great source of information before I started this site and enabled me to find out about many other sites dedicated to oldgames. We have to go on though and on a more personal note I decided that The House of Games would host at least 500 games by the end of 2005, not a bad goal I would say. I'll be back to add the first game of 2005 so check back later today.
Dec-31-2004 16:49  Final update for this year
This is it, the last update before the end of the year. Rick Dangerous, adventurer and explorer crash lands in the Amazon and now he has to escape form the jungle while avoiding deadly traps and unfriendly natives. The game can be very frustrating at times and you can easily get killed but I still kept coming back for more so you might want to check it out.
Dec-30-2004 19:28  One day left!
Only one day left and I got some good news today, the new server the site is going to be hosted on might be delivered sooner and they told me to call tomorrow to see if it's done already. The site won't be moved directly but I hope I can do this in the weekend.
Here's the update for this evening and I added Spy vs Spy, a fun puzzle game in which you have to outsmart another spy in your attempt to find all the required items to escape. You can set traps to slow your opponent down but don't forget where your own traps are because you might get hurt yourself!
Dec-30-2004 13:26  Still working here
I'm still at work and I even have to get busy because I need to do some things before the year is over. I still have time to add another game ofcourse and here is Sinbad and the throne of the falcon. Sail the seas as Sinbad and get in lots of trouble to help your beloved princess. It's rather dissapointing in the otherwise excellent lineup of games from Cinemaware but you should check out the amiga version just to see how bad that particular version is. The others are not as bad as that one but definately not up to Cinemaware standards.
Dec-29-2004 19:35  2 days till 2005
Only 2 days till newyear and when it's here I might take a (small) break but now I have another update in the way of Pinball dreams. This is an excellent pinball game/simulation that was only beaten by its followup called pinball fantasies. There are four different tables so there's sure to be one you like.
Dec-29-2004 13:14  Added another game
Here's the first update for today and it's a game with a really weird name. In Qwak you play a duck and you have to collect keys to open a gate so you can procede to the next level. It's a pretty average puzzle game but I read somewhere that you got this game for free with another game from the same company so you can't expect to get a bestseller.
Dec-28-2004 19:26  Second game today
You'd think that after reaching 50 games I'd take a break but nooo because I'm just getting started and here is another game. River raid is a game I used to play lots on my atari 2600, the gameplay might be a bit dated but it's still fun to have a quick go at it so go and check it out.
Dec-28-2004 14:32  50 GAMES !!
YEAH! I reached the 50 games mark without even realizing it. That means I reached my goal of 50 games before the end of the year with a few days to spare. Next up is the big one, 100 games, and I'm positive that will be broken before the end of januari :)
Dec-28-2004 14:20  Another easy day at work
These days before newyear are very slow which is not a bad thing at all because it gives me time to update the site. One must fall: 2097 is one of the very few good beat'em ups for the PC. You can choose from ten different pilots and ten different robots so you can combine different skills. Definately a game I can recommend especially if you like fighting games.
Dec-27-2004 19:50  Home sweet home
Aaaahhh, it's always good to come home after a hard days work (alright I mean a days work). Here is another update for today. The neverending story is a text adventure based on the movie/book but sadly it does not tell much of the story in the game so unless you've seen the movie or read the book you probably won't know what's going on when playing the game. Still I found it ok to play even though it's a bit on the easy side.
Dec-27-2004 12:49  It's a quit day today
I'm sitting here at work today and there are practically no people around so I decided to do an update to keep myself busy. I added nuclear war which despite the name is actually a lighthearted strategy game in which you have to conquer the world using nuclear weapons. It's a bit easy but it's not a serious game and the whole thing reminds me of a show called spitting image. Check it out if you're up for a quick nuclear blast.
Dec-26-2004 14:51  One update today
I'll only be able to do one update today so here is Joan of Arc: Siega and the sword, a strategy game that looks and play a lot like defender of the crown. I don't think it's quite as good as though but still if you like that kind of game it's definately worth checking out.
Dec-25-2004 22:36  Quick update
Mmm I was a bit down before so I was ranting about christmas and stuff but I'm feeling better now so I decided to add another game. Matchpoint is a game I used to play in my early years but looking at it now I wonder why because it's a really unremarkable game even at the time of it's release.
Ohyeah I decided on a really nice new year's resolution but I'll tell you about that in the new year :)
Dec-25-2004 13:45  Christmas
Well it's christmas but I really dislike this holiday because I've been working on christmas for years now, if it weren't for the money I would have stopped doing it long ago. So I'm off in a little while but before that there's still an update to the site. Kick off is probably the only soccer game I like because it simply doesn't play like soccer. It has simple graphics but fast gameplay and it used to be very popular in its day so check it out even if you don't like soccer you might like this.
Dec-24-2004 19:07  Waaa so much work !!!
Man I've been working way too much and there's still lots of work to be done yet before the year is over. Still I wouldn't want my site to go without an update so I added Harley Davidson: the road to Sturgis. You have to ride your Harley from coast to coast in ten days for the annual biker week in Sturgis, along the way you can hang out with other bikers and maybe do a race or two.
Dec-23-2004 19:36  Added two games
I was able to add two games today. Future wars is an adventure game from Delphine, it has some annoying things like pixel hunting and it's real easy to die but the story and game are good. The other game is hunchback, an early platform game where you play as Quasimodo and have to resque his girl Esmeralda while trying to outrun the ultimate invincible knight.
Dec-22-2004 18:48  Added gobliiins
Today's game is called gobliiins, a wacky fun adventure/puzzle game from Coktel vision. You play three goblins and have to combine their different abilities in your quest to find a cure for the king.
It has the signature puzzles from Coktel vision meaning some of them are extremely obscure but still the game is very good so check it out.
Dec-21-2004 19:41  Added a game and some news
I added impossible mission today, a game that is a mix of action, adventuring and puzzling. It puts many of today's games to shame when it comes to gameplay so I suggest you check it out if you haven't played it already.
I'm currently working on placing the site on a different server, one that is directly connected to the internet backbone. It should be a great boost in performance from what I currently have but it will probably be early next year before it's ready. Still that's ten days from now so still plenty of time to do some updating :)
Dec-20-2004 20:04  One update today
The next two weeks are going to be busy for me so most likely I will only be able to add one game a day. Today that game is carrier command, a strategic game in which you control an aircraft/vehicle carrier and you have to take control of an island chain. On the opposite side is an enemy carrier doing the same thing and the ultimate goal is to defeat this enemy carrier. I played this game a lot and I think this is an excellent mix of strategy and some arcade sequences so check it out.
Dec-19-2004 15:15  Added another game
He, I added Defender of the crown from Cinemaware. You must have heard of this game before but in case you haven't I suggest you check it out because it's a fantastic game. I'm gone for the rest of the day so next update will be tomorrow.
Dec-19-2004 12:58  Quick update
I added the saga of Erik the viking this morning, a text adventure or interactive fiction game as they are known these days. It's not a good game mind you so I'll be back later today to add another game. This is the first game of it's type at The House of Games so interactive fiction is now added to the genretype at the top of the page.
Dec-18-2004 15:20  Added Boulderdash
I just added boulderdash, a puzzle game from a long time ago. Not much else to say though except that I'm still busy as always checking games to add so check back later.
Dec-17-2004 20:59  Man what a long day
I've been working since 5 this morning and I just got home a little while ago. I shouldn't do this too often though it's not healthy but anyway I still managed to add another game today called arkanoid. You've most likely heard of it but if you haven't check the review because I'm too tired to write anything else.
Dec-16-2004 20:36  Added another game
Pfff I'm feeling better now after resting a bit and have added another game to the site. Monopoly is a really wellknown and popular boardgame that has been around for ages and there have been plenty of versions made. It's been added for 11 different systems so you can pick whichever you like best.
Dec-16-2004 11:57  Quick update
Man am I tired, I've been getting very little sleep lately so I'm gonna take a nap or something but first there's another addition to the site. The game is the Activision decathlon, a game I used to play a lot with some friends. These days it seems a bit dated but the game is now over 20 years old so you can't really complain about that.
Dec-15-2004 19:48  What no weekend?!
Pfff normally it would be weekend for me already but turns out I have two more days to go WHAAAA!! Ah well at least it means I get some extra ca$h :). Anyway I added two games between all the working and they are Eye of the beholder, a great RPG from Westwood/SSI that took me a long time to complete when I first got it. The other game is Yes prime minister, a game based on a British comedy show but unless you know the show the game is really boring. I'm off to start work at the next games to be added so seeya.
Dec-15-2004 15:50  Colecovision added
While I was looking around for games to add I came upon this cool Colecovision emulator called KOLEKO which you can get from the UTILS section. Although it is commandline based it's still a very good emulator and it also has about 50 games built into it! I also added two colecovision games that were already on the site. The games are Q-bert and Zaxxon both of which are included with the emu but I decided to put the seperate ROM up as well.
This brings the total number of different systems up to 19 already :)
Dec-14-2004 19:46  Busy busy busy!
Pffff I had an really busy day today and I barely had the time to add another game but I did. The game is Team Yankee a strategic game where you have to control four squads of tanks in battle. It's a bit on the easy side and there aren't a lot of missions but I had fun with it while it lasted, luckily there are two sequels to the game if I want more :)
Ohyeah this also marks the 30th game added to the site so still 20 more before 2005 to go.
Dec-13-2004 19:54  Quick update
I was busy yesterday like always on sundays so today I add one game. X-out or crossout is a great side-scrolling shooter from Rainbow arts. I used to play this game a lot on my C64 and it's still great fun, go and check it out.
Dec-11-2004 19:45  Another two games
I added another two games today, up periscope! is a fairly realistic submarine simulator set in WW2 and way of the exploding fist is an early one-on-one beat'em up.
BTW I changed my Amstrad emulator from CPCE to Winape, it works better and has been updated not to long ago unlike CPCE. Also Beebem, my BBC micro emulator of choice has been updated to version 2.0 featuring much better support for joysticks. You can get Winape, Beebem and any other emu's I use from utils section.
Dec-10-2004 18:56  Added three games
I added three games today: Rampart a really fun strategy game where you have to defend your castle, Zaxxon a classic shoot'em up and Vroom a really crappy racegame :)
Anyway I'm off to watch Lords of the Rings: Return of the king special extended edition which I got today, I already watched the first two (extended) movies while I was sitting behind my PC updating the site and stuff. Better get some food first though because the third movie is over four hours long !
Dec-09-2004 19:10  50 games before 2005
I decided that there would be at least 50 games on the site before 2005 so with about 20 days remaining and 29 games to go I've got a job to do. I added 2 games today, Q-bert which is a puzzle game and Operation wolf a shooter. BTW Q-bert was added for the Commodore VIC-20 and Intellivion systems which are both new systems for The House of Games bringing the total number of different systems up to 18!
Still 27 games to go so check back tomorrow for any new additions.
Dec-08-2004 19:35  Weekend !
Weekend is finally here and I've added two games to the site. King's quest : quest for the crown is the first adventure in a long series from Sierra. The second game is North & South, a great action oriented strategy game. Go and check them out.
Dec-07-2004 19:25  Added one game
I added law of the west today, in it you must survive for one day as the sheriff of the town. With crimes being comitted all the time you're in for a tough time.
I would have added another game but on working days I usually don't have enough time to do so. Just another day though and it'll be weekend so I can start adding more games again :)
Dec-06-2004 19:21  Two games added
I was quite busy yesterday because I had to work and I wanted to complete Metal gear solid 3 before the weekend was over. Today I added Heart of China which is a great adventure game from Dynamix set in 1920's China, check it out if you like adventure games. The other game is jumpman which is a platform game in which well you are a guy jumping around platforms :)
Dec-04-2004 19:37  Added Genghis Kahn
I added another game to the site called Genghis Kahn. It's a strategy game where can play as Temujin, that's Genghis before he became so well known in a quest to conquer Mongolia. You can also opt to play as Genghis in a quest to conquer the known world.
Dec-04-2004 09:53  Quick update
I added the Apple version of California games and it's pretty good actually. I also found it for the Amstrad CPC on two different sites but both did not work properly which is exactly why I TEST games before I put them up for download.
Dec-03-2004 16:49  Two more games added
Today I added Batman the movie, one of the few good movie tiein games. Also added was Fiendish Freddy's big top'o'fun, a fun cartoonish game about a circus.
On another note I found out that Metal Gear Solid 3 has already been released and I went out and got it and played it a bit but it did not draw me in like the previous games. I'll have another go at it tomorrow but for now I'm still finishing up on the next game to be added to the site.
Dec-02-2004 16:10  Added two games
I finished scanning the manual for it came from the desert and have added it to the site.
Also I'm currently working on adding more games to the site and on that note I have already added another game called Antiriad, an action game from a long time ago.
Since I've been working on the site I already completed several games that I have never completed before so you could say that running this site is starting to pay off. :)
Dec-01-2004 23:44  Next game will be tomorrow
I was going to add it came from the desert from Cinemaware but I got a bit hung up playing it. I finally finished it tonight though and I will finish scanning the manual and add it to the site tomorrow.
For now I'm feeling a bit tired from all the hard work this week, lucky for me it's weekend for me already. (yes that's right I only work three days a week :)
Nov-29-2004 21:30  Prince of Persia
After finishing Prince of Persia warrior within I thought it would be nice to add the original to the site so check it out here. I added the game for 11 different system !
On another note this also marks the first time a SNES, Sega CD and Amstrad CPC game has been added to the site. This means there are games from 15 different systems and over 100 screenshots available on the site!
Ofcourse all emulators used for testing are available from the utils section if you need them.
Nov-28-2004 13:08  Added klax
I just added klax for 8 different systems, its a great yet simple puzzle game like tetris.
This also marks the first PC-engine/turbo-grafx game added to the site and we now have games from twelve different systems ! :)
Nov-27-2004 19:27  Added stunt car racer
Hiya, I finished Prince of Persia a bit earlier then I expected so I added another game to the site.
It's stunt car racer a racing game where you have to drive a car on rollercoaster like tracks.
Nov-26-2004 16:44  Quick update
Even though I was bent on finishing prince of persia: warrior within, I decided to save some for the weekend so I updated the site with a game called steel thunder.
I used to play this tank sim a lot for the C64 and I found that it's still fun to play after all this time.
Nov-24-2004 13:26  Added pool of radiance
I just added Pool of radiance from the classic SSI gold box series. I also added a manual for the first time and it was a lot more work than I expected but I think it turned out quite well.
Go and check it out.
Nov-21-2004 12:57  Added Sword of Sodan apple
I added an Apple version of Sword of Sodan. I did not know it even excisted until I got Basilisk2 working. Basislisk2 is a great mac emulator for 680x0 based macs. I finally got it working because it takes some configuring and my mac knowledge isn't to well.
Nov-19-2004 19:41  Got a scanner
I got a scanner from a local shop who had them at a bargain price, it's nothing special but it will allow me to scan those old manuals and stuff. In that regard I already decided the next game that will be added is one of my rpgs. It might take a while though because it's got a manual and codewheel for me to scan not to mention I have to play it on several different systems :) , so stay tuned.
Nov-18-2004 20:27  Added california games
I added California games for 8 different systems today! Despite that it's available on even more systems than that but I could simply not get all of them. It's a pretty fun game especially if you play with several people, why not give it a try?
Nov-17-2004 13:51  Added some games
I've added two games, Spike's peak and Supremacy a.k.a Overlord check them out.
I've been a bit busy with collecting old games which is why the games are coming slower than I expected. I did add a game for a system that the site didn't have yet, a BBC Micro version of the last ninja. It's more for completions sake though because this is the worst version of the game so far.
Nov-16-2004 13:53  My favorite game of all time!
Today I finally got the game that I won on ebay, Lords of the rising sun from Cinemaware. This is one of my favorite games of all time!
It's a strategy game where you have to conquer 12th century Japan. I was able to get the Amiga version and aTurbo Grafx CD version both of which are quite rare. I'm sure they will but put on the site in a while but for now I'll go and play them myself :D
Nov-09-2004 20:21  Got some cool stuff
I was able to get a Commodore Amiga 2000 today for 50 bucks :) .
Quite a nice one too with a scart connector for tv hookup and a harddrive, unfortunately no mouse so I'll have to pick one up tomorrow. I didn't check the games right away but after I came home I couldn't believe some of the classic games that were among them like King quest 1, Space quest 1, Civilization and more. Some of these will be added to the site in the near future.
For now I'm getting a bit of a cold so I'm turning in early tonight.
Nov-08-2004 19:59  First couple of games added
The first couple of games have been added to the site Deja vu, Sword of Sodan and The last ninja.
It took me some time to figure out the exact format for the reviews and pictures but now I have a good template so adding games will be easier.
Nov-03-2004 21:43  Site finished !
After weeks of hard work learning php and getting my own server installed using php/mysql/apache The House of Games has finally been completed.
Ofcourse now comes the gargantuan task of putting all those games on the site :)

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