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Nov 30 - No fish
Oct 05 - Big Mac!
Aug 03 - Bruce Lee!
Jun 08 - You want the be a lion?
Jun 01 - Horse racing
May 17 - Big update
May 04 - Whooo
Apr 25 - Oh my
Latest additions
Manhunter: New York
Big Mac The Mad Maintenance Man
Bruce Lee
Space quest 2 - Vohauls revenge
Yo! Joe!
Robinson's requiem
Voodoo nightmare
Zombie apocalypse
Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego
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 Date  Type  Name System
Nov-30-2012 21:14 Adventure  Manhunter: New York
Oct-05-2012 21:28 Action  Big Mac The Mad Maintenance Man
Aug-03-2012 15:59 Action  Bruce Lee
Jun-08-2012 20:10 Simulation  Lion
May-17-2012 14:49 Adventure  Space quest 2 - Vohauls revenge
Apr-25-2012 22:03 Misc  El-Fish
Aug-26-2011 22:16 Action  Yo! Joe!
May-20-2011 23:59 Action  Z-out
Feb-25-2011 23:12 Action  Robinson's requiem
Feb-11-2011 14:29 Action  Voodoo nightmare
Feb-04-2011 13:44 Action  Zeewolf
Jan-21-2011 20:46 Action  Zombie apocalypse
Jan-07-2011 21:57 Action  X-it
Dec-24-2010 21:13 Puzzle  Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego
Dec-17-2010 22:18 Action  Yolanda
Dec-10-2010 17:16 RPG  Questron
Dec-04-2010 21:43 Action  Videokid
Nov-19-2010 22:07 Simulation  Vegas gambler
Nov-13-2010 20:30 Action  WWF wrestlemania
Oct-22-2010 21:09 Action  Ninja rabbits
Oct-15-2010 20:01 Adventure  Guilty - Innocent until caught 2
Oct-01-2010 21:06 RPG  Might and Magic 2: Gates to another world
Sep-17-2010 21:29 Adventure  Journey to the center of the earth
Sep-03-2010 18:48 Action  Montezuma's revenge
Aug-27-2010 22:49 Adventure  Labyrinth
Aug-20-2010 20:03 Simulation  Parlour games
Aug-13-2010 14:44 Adventure  Ecstatica
Aug-06-2010 17:02 Action  Tooth invaders
Jul-30-2010 16:17 Action  Wing Commander
Jul-10-2010 09:18 Sport  Sensible soccer
Jun-26-2010 23:05 Adventure  King's Quest 3: to heir is human
Jun-04-2010 23:02 Racing  Overdrive
May-07-2010 20:29 Action  Ultimate pinball quest, the
Apr-30-2010 22:55 Action  Universal warrior
Apr-09-2010 20:22 RPG  Gateway to the savage frontier
Mar-19-2010 22:30 Racing  Powerboat USA
Feb-28-2010 19:39 Action  Space Quest: the Sarien encounter
Jan-31-2010 22:49 Action  Outlands
Dec-26-2009 13:11 Adventure  Return of the Phantom
Dec-11-2009 11:03 Adventure  Quest for the time bird, the
Dec-05-2009 17:55 Misc  Oregon trail deluxe
Nov-27-2009 16:40 Strategy  Omega
Nov-21-2009 19:49 Action  Road rash
Nov-13-2009 17:02 Adventure  Nippon Safes, Inc.
Nov-07-2009 17:53 Action  New York warriors
Oct-30-2009 14:52 Action  Ooze: Creepy nites
Sep-19-2009 14:47 Action  UN squadron
Aug-18-2009 19:08 Adventure  Dark half, the
Aug-07-2009 11:12 Action  Narco police
Jul-24-2009 09:13 Adventure  Colonel's bequest, the
Jul-03-2009 09:03 Sport  TV sports baseball
Jun-19-2009 14:41 Misc  Oregon trail, the
Jun-05-2009 22:01 Adventure  Universe
May-22-2009 12:03 Action  Quest for atlantis
May-22-2009 12:03 Action  Zulu
May-16-2009 10:37 Action  Xevious
May-08-2009 11:06 Puzzle  Zig Zag
May-03-2009 09:07 Action  Up 'n Down
Apr-25-2009 10:10 Action  Uncanny X-men, the
Apr-17-2009 13:05 Puzzle  V the game
Apr-10-2009 11:58 Interactive Fiction  James bond 007: A view to a kill
Apr-10-2009 11:58 Action  A view to a kill
Mar-20-2009 13:07 Action  Quick draw McGraw
Feb-27-2009 08:40 Action  Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Feb-20-2009 13:44 Action  Microprose soccer
Feb-13-2009 15:36 Action  Who dares wins
Feb-06-2009 09:23 Strategy  War in Middle Earth
Jan-30-2009 17:02 Action  Mortal kombat
Jan-23-2009 10:54 Puzzle  One man and his droid
Jan-16-2009 10:24 Action  X-15 Alpha mission
Jan-09-2009 11:16 RPG  Ultima II: revenge of the enchantress
Jan-02-2009 15:52 Simulation  Ocean ranger
Dec-19-2008 09:17 Adventure  Gabriel Knight: sins of the fathers
Dec-12-2008 10:37 Action  Thunderblade
Dec-05-2008 09:00 Action  Renegade
Nov-28-2008 10:34 Action  Mega Apocalypse
Nov-21-2008 15:36 Simulation  Night mission pinball
Nov-14-2008 15:13 Action  Ivanhoe
Sep-30-2008 08:17 Adventure  Shadowgate
Sep-19-2008 10:17 Adventure  King's quest 2: romancing the stone
Aug-08-2008 12:36 Adventure  Lost Eden
Jul-11-2008 11:51 Adventure  Companions of Xanth
Jun-20-2008 10:07 Action  Judge dredd
Jun-13-2008 15:24 RPG  Dungeon hack
Jun-06-2008 07:56 Adventure  Legend of Kyrandia: Hand of fate
May-30-2008 10:41 Strategy  Ancient art of war
May-23-2008 10:55 Interactive Fiction  Lurking horror, the
May-09-2008 12:45 Puzzle  IQ
May-02-2008 08:28 Action  Volfied
Apr-25-2008 15:02 Sport  Track and field
Apr-18-2008 11:54 RPG  Phantasy star
Apr-11-2008 09:40 RPG  Heimdall
Apr-04-2008 11:23 Strategy  High seas trader
Mar-28-2008 12:12 Puzzle  Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego
Mar-21-2008 06:42 Sport  International soccer
Mar-14-2008 15:08 RPG  Ultima underworld: the Stygian Abyss
Feb-29-2008 17:16 Sport  Olympic gold: Barcelona 92
Feb-22-2008 09:04 Simulation  Falcon
Feb-15-2008 11:00 Strategy  SimCity
Jan-11-2008 16:57 Adventure  Curse of Enchantia
Jan-04-2008 17:22 Action  Rick Dangerous 2
Dec-28-2007 11:06 RPG  Eye of the beholder 3
Dec-14-2007 09:40 Sport  Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing
Dec-07-2007 13:52 Racing  Super Monaco GP
Nov-30-2007 13:50 Adventure  Flight of the amazon queen
Nov-23-2007 13:14 Action  Blueprint
Nov-16-2007 14:05 Simulation  Armored fist
Nov-02-2007 15:23 Interactive Fiction  Very big cave adventure, the
Oct-27-2007 00:07 Adventure  Rex Nebular and the cosmic genderbender
Oct-12-2007 14:06 Adventure  Gobliins 2: the prince buffoon
Oct-05-2007 14:21 Adventure  Once upon a forest
Sep-28-2007 14:27 Action  Another world
Aug-31-2007 12:27 Action  Summer games
Jul-20-2007 11:19 Action  New Zealand story, the
Jun-29-2007 18:53 Adventure  Ecoquest 2 - lost secret of the rain forest
Jun-01-2007 13:19 Action  Operation thunderbolt
May-25-2007 17:46 Action  Namcap
May-18-2007 16:16 Action  Myth - history in the making
May-11-2007 14:33 Action  Mayhem in monsterland
May-04-2007 16:47 Adventure  Jack the Ripper
Apr-27-2007 17:05 Adventure  Scroll, the
Apr-13-2007 21:04 Adventure  Return to Ringworld
Apr-06-2007 17:32 Adventure  Conquest of Camelot
Mar-30-2007 22:59 RPG  Buck Rogers: Countdown to doomsday
Mar-23-2007 23:58 Adventure  Inca
Mar-09-2007 21:20 Adventure  Prophecy, the
Mar-02-2007 16:44 Action  Train - escape to Normandy, the
Feb-16-2007 21:20 Adventure  Alone in the dark
Feb-02-2007 20:42 Adventure  Conquest of the longbow
Jan-26-2007 23:34 Action  Karnov
Jan-14-2007 00:33 Strategy  Lords of the rising sun
Dec-23-2006 21:16 Action  Knight games
Dec-10-2006 14:29 Action  Killed until dead
Nov-29-2006 15:00 Sport  Jordan vs. Bird - one on one
Nov-12-2006 12:29 Interactive Fiction  Jinxter
Oct-13-2006 11:48 Sport  Jockey Wilson's dart challenge
Sep-03-2006 19:49 Adventure  KGB
Aug-21-2006 16:05 Action  Jupiter lander
Aug-16-2006 13:41 Action  International Karate
Aug-09-2006 22:16 Action  Indiana jones and the temple of doom
Aug-04-2006 17:25 Interactive Fiction  Infidel
Jul-31-2006 20:07 Action  Ikari warriors
Jul-28-2006 20:54 Action  High noon
Jul-21-2006 23:24 Adventure  Igor: objective Uikokahonia
Jul-18-2006 11:51 Adventure  Heart of Africa
Jul-13-2006 22:59 Puzzle  HERO
Jul-05-2006 14:54 Puzzle  Happiest day of your life, the
Jun-30-2006 22:55 Sport  Hardball!
Jun-25-2006 20:33 Action  Hawkeye
Jun-19-2006 19:19 Action  Ghosts 'n goblins
Jun-11-2006 23:31 Puzzle  Ghettoblaster
Jun-05-2006 23:14 Adventure  Free DC!
Jun-01-2006 14:17 Action  Gauntlet
May-24-2006 14:23 Action  GODS
May-15-2006 16:14 Misc  Gamma force in pit of a thousand screams
May-10-2006 14:50 Action  Galaxian
May-07-2006 22:22 Simulation  F-15 Strike eagle
May-05-2006 16:29 RPG  Elder scrolls: Arena, the
May-01-2006 17:44 Simulation  Ford simulator
Apr-29-2006 22:53 RPG  Forest of Doom
Apr-27-2006 15:31 Puzzle  Flasch Bier
Apr-21-2006 19:56 Adventure  Freddy Pharkas frontier pharmacist
Apr-19-2006 20:02 Strategy  Falklands 82
Apr-15-2006 17:41 Action  Eon
Apr-11-2006 13:46 Puzzle  Exodus: Journey to the promised land
Apr-06-2006 09:00 Action  Fist 2: The legend continues
Mar-31-2006 19:41 RPG  Eye of the beholder 2
Mar-27-2006 13:14 Action  Elevator action
Mar-23-2006 15:40 Adventure  Fabulous Wanda, the
Mar-21-2006 20:02 RPG  Don't go alone
Mar-17-2006 19:31 Adventure  Ecoquest
Mar-14-2006 16:47 Action  Eidolon, the
Mar-10-2006 22:08 Strategy  Dune 2: the building of a dynasty
Mar-07-2006 19:08 Action  Centipede
Mar-05-2006 10:05 Action  Camelot warriors
Mar-02-2006 14:44 Misc  Donald Duck's playground
Feb-28-2006 11:52 Adventure  Dark Seed
Feb-24-2006 21:34 Simulation  David's midnight magic
Feb-23-2006 13:26 Sport  Caveman Ugh-lympics
Feb-21-2006 13:55 Misc  Card sharks
Feb-18-2006 19:23 Action  Captain blood
Feb-14-2006 13:14 Action  Battle of atlantis
Feb-10-2006 17:33 RPG  Dark sun: shattered lands
Feb-08-2006 14:22 Action  Cabal
Feb-03-2006 20:38 Action  Bubble bobble
Feb-01-2006 16:10 RPG  Battletech: The crescent hawk's inception
Jan-27-2006 19:34 Puzzle  Batman the caped crusader
Jan-24-2006 14:43 Action  Ark pandora
Jan-20-2006 18:21 Action  BAT
Jan-17-2006 19:58 Action  Aztec challenge
Jan-13-2006 22:27 Action  Asterix and the magic cauldron
Jan-10-2006 19:50 Adventure  Cruise for a corpse
Jan-07-2006 19:30 Strategy  Archon
Jan-03-2006 19:50 Misc  Sport of kings
Dec-30-2005 19:36 Action  Last ninja 2, the
Dec-25-2005 13:40 RPG  Spirit of Excalibur
Dec-16-2005 20:30 Action  Prince of Persia 2
Dec-09-2005 20:02 Simulation  Pinball fantasies
Dec-02-2005 20:20 Adventure  Adventures Willy Beamish, the
Nov-25-2005 19:32 Action  Aladdin
Nov-18-2005 22:40 RPG  Ormus saga, the
Nov-12-2005 21:58 Adventure  Lost in time
Nov-02-2005 23:14 Action  Hunter patrol
Oct-29-2005 19:00 Strategy  On the ball
Oct-21-2005 20:04 Interactive Fiction  Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, the
Oct-14-2005 18:52 Action  Hostages
Oct-05-2005 19:18 Puzzle  Xiom
Sep-30-2005 20:08 Simulation  Nascar racing
Sep-28-2005 20:26 Interactive Fiction  Perseus and Andromeda
Sep-23-2005 19:12 Action  Wonderboy 3
Sep-16-2005 19:19 Adventure  Lost files of Sherlock Holmes, the
Sep-14-2005 19:58 RPG  Shadow caster
Sep-09-2005 20:36 RPG  Legacy, the
Sep-07-2005 21:51 Strategy  Pacific islands
Sep-02-2005 19:13 Action  Incredible machine, the
Aug-30-2005 19:44 Action  Yoghi's great escape
Aug-26-2005 20:32 Action  Xiphos
Aug-23-2005 20:03 Action  Zybex
Aug-19-2005 21:35 Simulation  Thunderhawk
Aug-17-2005 20:42 Interactive Fiction  Journey to the center of the earth
Aug-13-2005 21:07 RPG  Realms of Arkania
Aug-09-2005 16:03 RPG  Ultima 1
Aug-05-2005 19:54 Action  Zorro
Aug-05-2005 19:54 Puzzle  Zorro c64
Aug-04-2005 20:11 Action  Mr. Mephisto
Aug-01-2005 20:03 Racing  Indianapolis 500
Jul-29-2005 20:43 Sport  Winter games
Jul-28-2005 20:39 Strategy  UFO: enemy unknown
Jul-27-2005 19:34 Action  Xenon 2: Megablast
Jul-26-2005 20:28 Strategy  World championship boxing manager
Jul-21-2005 19:22 Puzzle  ZZT
Jul-19-2005 21:24 Action  Wizard of Wor
Jul-16-2005 18:32 Puzzle  Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego
Jul-12-2005 20:36 Puzzle  Seven cities of gold
Jul-07-2005 19:25 Adventure  Ringworld
Jul-04-2005 21:35 Action  Vigilante
Jul-01-2005 18:55 Action  Wonderboy in monsterland
Jun-30-2005 20:06 Puzzle  Trap door, the
Jun-27-2005 20:19 Action  Terminal velocity
Jun-24-2005 19:00 Strategy  Shadow president
Jun-22-2005 19:58 Action  Tag team wrestling
Jun-17-2005 19:45 Action  Quarantine
Jun-16-2005 18:34 Misc  Midwinter
Jun-15-2005 19:06 Action  Retrograde
Jun-14-2005 19:08 RPG  Might and Magic: book 1
Jun-13-2005 19:14 Simulation  M1 Tank platoon
Jun-12-2005 15:22 Action  Rush'n attack
Jun-09-2005 20:59 Racing  Street rod
Jun-08-2005 20:29 Action  Raid on bungeling bay
Jun-06-2005 21:41 Simulation  Red baron
Jun-05-2005 15:14 Puzzle  Quizmeister
Jun-01-2005 19:22 Strategy  Populous
May-25-2005 19:08 Racing  Pitstop
May-23-2005 19:33 Adventure  Police quest 1
May-20-2005 19:21 Action  Oil's well
May-17-2005 19:18 Action  Ninja gaiden
May-10-2005 20:52 Strategy  NFL pro league football
May-05-2005 20:40 Adventure  James bond: the stealth affair
May-01-2005 15:09 Strategy  Mad TV
Apr-26-2005 19:27 Strategy  Jagged alliance
Apr-22-2005 17:23 Sport  Kings of the beach
Apr-21-2005 19:10 Adventure  Legend of Kyrandia, the
Apr-20-2005 21:16 Puzzle  Lost vikings, the
Apr-19-2005 19:41 Misc  Life and death
Apr-18-2005 19:01 Simulation  Kingpin
Apr-17-2005 20:57 Strategy  Jones in the fast lane
Apr-16-2005 20:38 Action  Jaws
Apr-15-2005 19:00 Adventure  Innocent until caught
Apr-14-2005 19:39 Misc  Infiltrator
Apr-13-2005 19:31 Adventure  Hugo's house of horrors
Apr-12-2005 19:25 Adventure  Hacker
Apr-11-2005 19:09 Simulation  Gone fishin
Apr-10-2005 15:31 RPG  Elvira: Mistress of the dark
Apr-09-2005 20:21 Action  Great Giana sisters, the
Apr-07-2005 19:48 Puzzle  Clue!, the
Apr-06-2005 19:46 Action  Golden axe
Apr-05-2005 19:31 Action  Eternam
Apr-04-2005 21:39 Strategy  Vikings
Apr-03-2005 14:18 Adventure  Quest for glory
Apr-02-2005 21:38 Action  Double dragon
Apr-01-2005 11:25 Sport  Face off!
Mar-31-2005 21:16 Action  Dragon's lair
Mar-30-2005 19:43 Misc  Floor 13
Mar-29-2005 20:54 Strategy  Detroit
Mar-28-2005 15:27 Action  Desert strike
Mar-27-2005 20:43 Action  Commando
Mar-27-2005 14:37 Strategy  Checkers
Mar-25-2005 19:06 Interactive Fiction  Borrowed time
Mar-24-2005 18:59 Simulation  Big game fishing
Mar-23-2005 19:46 Action  Airborne ranger
Mar-22-2005 20:18 Strategy  Centurion: defender of Rome
Mar-21-2005 19:53 Action  Blues brothers, the
Mar-19-2005 19:03 Simulation  B-17 flying fortress
Mar-17-2005 18:33 Adventure  Adventures of Robin Hood, the
Mar-11-2005 14:51 Adventure  The third courier
Mar-10-2005 20:08 Action  Zool
Mar-09-2005 19:30 RPG  Xenomorph
Mar-08-2005 19:27 Action  Untouchables, the
Mar-07-2005 20:37 Adventure  Zak McKracken
Mar-06-2005 15:19 Misc  Video poker
Mar-05-2005 19:24 Interactive Fiction  Ulysses and the golden fleece
Mar-04-2005 19:34 Action  Yie ar kung fu
Mar-03-2005 20:07 Action  Wonderboy
Mar-01-2005 20:03 Adventure  Uninvited
Feb-28-2005 19:26 Sport  World championship squash
Feb-27-2005 22:45 RPG  Waxworks
Feb-26-2005 20:36 Action  Rocket Ranger
Feb-25-2005 19:21 Strategy  King's bounty
Feb-24-2005 18:43 Adventure  Plan 9 from outer space
Feb-23-2005 19:58 Simulation  Inside trader
Feb-22-2005 19:24 Action  Pitfall
Feb-21-2005 19:23 Simulation  Wolf
Feb-20-2005 14:19 Racing  Test drive
Feb-19-2005 18:53 Adventure  Teen agent
Feb-18-2005 19:42 Action  Robocop
Feb-18-2005 13:37 Action  Rampage
Feb-17-2005 18:37 Action  Pac-man
Feb-16-2005 19:32 Action  Outrun
Feb-15-2005 19:43 Action  Paperboy
Feb-14-2005 19:12 Action  Persian gulf inferno, the
Feb-13-2005 15:13 Strategy  Millenium 2.2
Feb-12-2005 21:24 Misc  Night breed - the interactive movie
Feb-12-2005 14:07 Action  Night breed
Feb-11-2005 19:42 Action  Midnight resistance
Feb-10-2005 19:49 Strategy  Oil imperium
Feb-09-2005 19:40 Simulation  Jack Charlton's match fishing
Feb-08-2005 19:47 Strategy  Mega lo Mania
Feb-07-2005 19:29 Racing  Lotus Esprit turbo challenge
Feb-06-2005 13:43 Simulation  Elite
Feb-05-2005 19:17 Puzzle  Lemmings
Feb-05-2005 12:13 Action  Katakis
Feb-04-2005 19:28 Puzzle  King of Chicago, the
Feb-03-2005 18:42 Adventure  Veil of darkness
Feb-02-2005 19:29 Simulation  Leaderboard
Feb-01-2005 19:26 Action  Kikstart
Jan-31-2005 19:20 Puzzle  Goonies, the
Jan-30-2005 14:49 RPG  Superhero league of Hoboken
Jan-29-2005 22:12 Simulation  Jimmy White's wirlwind snooker
Jan-29-2005 13:39 Action  Kung fu master
Jan-28-2005 18:51 Action  Ghostbusters
Jan-27-2005 18:41 Action  Into the eagle's nest
Jan-26-2005 19:27 Strategy  Football manager
Jan-25-2005 19:58 Puzzle  Indiana Jones in the lost kingdom
Jan-24-2005 19:27 Action  Gyruss
Jan-23-2005 21:31 Action  Gold of the Aztecs
Jan-23-2005 13:46 Action  Falcon patrol
Jan-22-2005 19:15 Action  Frogger
Jan-21-2005 19:23 Misc  Final assault
Jan-20-2005 18:29 Action  Eskimo games
Jan-19-2005 19:58 Adventure  Escape from Colditz
Jan-18-2005 19:42 Adventure  Dune
Jan-17-2005 18:59 Strategy  Dinopark tycoon
Jan-16-2005 15:21 Interactive Fiction  Zork I
Jan-15-2005 23:53 Action  Dino eggs
Jan-15-2005 10:25 Action  Commander Keen 1
Jan-14-2005 19:47 Adventure  Castle master
Jan-13-2005 18:28 Action  Camel trophy
Jan-12-2005 19:25 Action  Barbarian
Jan-11-2005 19:01 Strategy  Battle chess
Jan-10-2005 19:26 Action  Bad street brawler
Jan-09-2005 21:13 Action  Addams family, the
Jan-09-2005 15:16 Simulation  Ace of aces
Jan-08-2005 20:15 Adventure  Young ones, the
Jan-08-2005 10:32 RPG  Al-Qadim: the genie's curse
Jan-07-2005 18:48 Action  Xenon
Jan-06-2005 20:41 Adventure  Rise of the dragon
Jan-05-2005 19:07 Adventure  Zombi
Jan-04-2005 19:57 Action  Vindicator, the
Jan-03-2005 19:31 Action  Wings of fury
Jan-03-2005 13:32 Simulation  Ultimate golf
Jan-02-2005 12:41 Puzzle  They stole a million
Jan-01-2005 15:01 Action  Turrican
Dec-31-2004 16:45 Action  Rick dangerous
Dec-30-2004 19:14 Puzzle  Spy vs spy
Dec-30-2004 13:22 Action  Sinbad and the throne of the falcon
Dec-29-2004 19:27 Simulation  Pinball dreams
Dec-29-2004 13:08 Action  Qwak
Dec-28-2004 19:20 Action  River raid
Dec-28-2004 14:16 Action  One must fall 2097
Dec-27-2004 19:39 Interactive Fiction  Neverending story, the
Dec-27-2004 12:47 Strategy  Nuclear war
Dec-26-2004 14:49 Strategy  Joan of Arc: Siege and the sword
Dec-25-2004 22:31 Sport  Matchpoint
Dec-25-2004 13:44 Sport  Kick off
Dec-24-2004 19:01 Racing  Harley Davidson: The road to Sturgis
Dec-23-2004 19:30 Action  Hunchback
Dec-23-2004 19:29 Adventure  Future wars
Dec-22-2004 18:45 Puzzle  Gobliiins
Dec-21-2004 19:34 Action  Impossible mission
Dec-20-2004 19:57 Strategy  Carrier command
Dec-19-2004 15:10 Strategy  Defender of the crown
Dec-19-2004 09:01 Interactive Fiction  Erik the viking, The saga of
Dec-18-2004 15:14 Puzzle  Boulderdash
Dec-17-2004 20:56 Action  Arkanoid
Dec-16-2004 20:22 Misc  Monopoly
Dec-16-2004 11:56 Sport  Decathlon, The Activision
Dec-15-2004 19:47 Misc  Yes prime minister!
Dec-15-2004 19:47 RPG  Eye of the beholder
Dec-14-2004 19:42 Strategy  Team Yankee
Dec-13-2004 12:57 Action  X-out
Dec-11-2004 19:36 Action  Way of the exploding fist, the
Dec-11-2004 10:21 Simulation  Up periscope!
Dec-10-2004 18:56 Racing  Vroom
Dec-10-2004 18:55 Action  Zaxxon
Dec-10-2004 18:55 Strategy  Rampart
Dec-09-2004 19:05 Puzzle  Q-bert
Dec-09-2004 19:04 Action  Operation wolf
Dec-08-2004 19:35 Strategy  North & South
Dec-08-2004 19:34 Adventure  King's Quest: quest for the crown
Dec-07-2004 19:30 Misc  Law of the west
Dec-06-2004 19:20 Action  Jumpman
Dec-06-2004 19:20 Adventure  Heart of China
Dec-04-2004 15:21 Strategy  Genghis Kahn
Dec-03-2004 16:41 Misc  Fiendish Freddy's big top'o'fun
Dec-03-2004 10:54 Action  Batman the movie
Dec-02-2004 14:34 Action  Sacred armor of Antiriad, the
Dec-02-2004 11:50 Adventure  It came from the desert
Nov-29-2004 21:33 Action  Prince of persia
Nov-28-2004 11:51 Puzzle  Klax
Nov-27-2004 14:10 Racing  Stunt car racer
Nov-26-2004 16:42 Simulation  Steel thunder
Nov-24-2004 13:23 RPG  Pool of radiance
Nov-18-2004 13:52 Sport  California games
Nov-17-2004 08:55 Strategy  Supremacy
Nov-12-2004 22:22 Action  Spike's peak
Nov-08-2004 20:21 Action  Last ninja, the
Nov-07-2004 11:25 Action  Sword of Sodan
Nov-06-2004 14:46 Adventure  Deja vu
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