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- Xenon -

Xenon is a shoot'em up where you control a vehicle that can transform from a ground based 'tank' into an airplane. When flying you use fuel and unless you are able to grab some extra after a while you will be automatically changed back into the tank. There are many advantages to flying because in that mode you will be able to avoid some enemies and many powerups dropped can only be picked up in flight so use this mode wisely. The powerups are dropped by the baddies once you take them out and they include such things as sattelites that hover around you and lasers. At the end of each level is a large end of level boss which takes loads of hits to destroy and only then will you be able to advance to the next level. Pretty standard fare as far as shooters are concerned.

Unlike it's sequel Xenon 2: megablast this game was not very well known and there is a good reason why. It does not have a great soundtrack and the graphics are rather bland and repetitive. In it's own day the game might have been an ok game but the sequel is simply better in every way and this game doesn't offer anything special to set it apart from all the other shooters so unless you are a real Bitmap Brothers fan there are tons of other similar games you can check out.

Overal rating: 6/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for several different systems here are some notes:
Amiga Released in 1988.
Game has been tested but not completed with winUAE v0.9.91.
Amstrad CPC Released in 1988.
This plays extremely sluggish so it's pretty bad. It was apparently only released in Spanish.
Atari ST Released in 1988.
Game has been tested but not completed with Steem v3.2.
C64 Released in 1988.
Game has been tested but not completed with CCS64 v2.0 win.
This version includes a few trainers.
DOS Released in 1988.
Game has been tested but not completed on a DOS PC.
ZX Spectrum Released in 1988.
Game has been tested but not completed with emuZwin v2.5.
Game plays rathers slow. Use the keys: Q,A,O,P,M and space to control the vehicles.

Date added Jan-07-2005 18:48
Name Xenon
Developer Bitmap Brothers
Publisher Melbourne house
First released 1988
Genre Action
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Commodore 64, filesize: 53 Kb
Commodore Amiga, filesize: 209 Kb
MS-DOS, filesize: 126 Kb
ZX Spectrum, filesize: 26 Kb
Manual Download manual , filesize: 3 Kb
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