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- One must fall 2097 -

If you talk about fighting games many people will instantly think about street fighter, mortal kombat or the newer tekken and virtua fighter series. Nobody will likely thing about a PC in this context simply because there are very few fighting games available and the ones that are are mostly no good. One must fall is the exception in this case because not only does it have fast and good gameplay but also it adds something that others don't by having differents pilots and different robots allowing you to combine different abilities.

You can play the standard game in which you have to battle each opponent until you face the last boss. Here you can select from ten different pilots each with three different abilities, strength, stamina and agility. These abilities are reflected by the robots you choose for instance when you have a high agility rating the robot will be able to jump higher and further. There are also ten different robots to choose from ranging from the sleek agile model to firespewing and flying ones. Each has there own special attacks that are performed by a combination of keypresses like so many other fighting games. The game option that stands out is the tournament or career mode in which you start with minimal stats and by competing in events you will gain money so you can upgrade your robot and train yourself to become better. You can also change robot models and later on you can get your hands on the one that the final boss in the single player game uses which is the most powerfull robot in the game.

Both audio and visuals are excellent with smooth detailed graphics and the pace of the music is in line with the fast gameplay. Sound effects are mostly what you would expect from metal banging but they are crisps and fit the game well. Some levels have some extra effects like wall that become electrified when you are thrown into them and add a nice touch to the already good graphics. Control using the keyboard is okay but it can be difficult to perform some of the special moves so a joypad is recommended. To this day one must fall is probably the only good beat'em up that was released only on the PC, super street fighter and mortal kombat were alright but they are conversions from other systems. I can recommend this game to anyone who likes one on one beat'em ups and it gives the console fighters a run for their money.

Overal rating: 8/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for one system here are some notes:
DOS Released in 1994.
Game has been tested but not completed on a 486 PC.
Runs slow on PC's slower than 33 Mhz and it does not run on most faster systems like a P4. If the game doesn't work you can try and select a different soundcard from the setup menu.

Date added Dec-28-2004 14:16
Name One must fall 2097
Developer Diversions Entertainment
Publisher Epic megagames
First released 1994
Genre Action
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Download MS-DOS, filesize: 6364 Kb
Links One must fall: battleground, the official followup from Diversions entertainment.
Manual Download manual , filesize: 19 Kb
The zip contains the manual from the shareware version in MS word format.
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