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- Wing Commander -

Wing Commander when released caused a sensation in the pc gaming world because of it's incredible features like 3D graphics and it's support for high end PC hardware like midi en soundblaster sound cards. Not only technically advanced it also added things like branching mission paths depending on wether you would lose or win a campaign. It stressed highend pc's of the time that some even opted to buy new hardware in order to play the game well which at the time was unheard of unlike today.

Wing Commander is a space war epic not unlike Star Wars with a backstory and ongoing campaign while you are playing. A brief history of the conflict. The Terran Confederation has declared war on the Empire of Kilrah, a catlike humanoid species, almost 20 years ago after numerous acts of piracy and violence. 5 Years later the Kilrathi occupy the Enyo system holding many humans hostage on the planet in order to act as a shield, the Terrans employ a diversionary tactic by planting mines at a strategic point allowing their fleet to jump in and take out the agressors with minimal losses to the hostages. Both sides have losses but the Kilrathi have lost a strategic position. 10 Years after the Enyo engagement Terran forces are routed during an assault by a much larger than expected enemy fleet. The Tiger's Claw manages to defend the fleet until they retreat but is severly damaged in the process as well as losing half it's pilots in the battle. In the present the Tiger's Claw is patrolling the Vega sector and you fresh out of the academy have been assigned there. With your excellent performance in the academy people are expecting big things and only you can make them come true.

Right at the start of the game you fly a craft but it blows up only to find out that it's a simulator in which you can enter your name after which you see the bar of the Tiger's Claw. The bar is where most of the story advances through conversation with other pilots. On your way to the briefing you pass the dorm where the sleeping characters represent saved games, a nice touch! Missions briefings are your standard affair and the types of missions are usually based on patrol, escort a ship or search and destroy. The targets can include anything up to capital ships but usually it's fighters and minefields standing in your way. You can fly a variety of ships depending on the setting. If you succesfully complete a series of missions, usually three, you can go on to the next part of the campaign but if you lose you will continue to another sector which will be different from the succesfull campaign. Depending on well you do this can become a very long campaign in which you go back and forth but if you win everything you won't even see some of the missions. On each of the missions you will have a wingman helping you out and you can even give commands like attacking or protecting your flank. The funny thing is you can contact the enemy fighters and talk some trash which often will be responded to with more trash talking.

Wing Commander was an incredible game when it was released because of it's 3D graphics even though they were basically bitmaps but the sounds, music and story dragged you in. Small touches like the sleeping crew depicting savegames and when you activate the automatic pilot you will get to see a flyby of your ships. The fact that there were many mission disks released as well as sequels show the popularity of the game. By today's standards the game isn't anything special but remember this game was released 20 years ago and there are many games release today that don't even come close to this one. This game should be in any gamer's collection, no doubt about it.

Overal rating: 9/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for several different systems here are some notes:
Amiga Released in 1992.
Easily the worst version with VERY slow performance, bad loading times and the graphics aren't anything to write home about either. Leave this one alone.
DOS Released in 1990.
The original version and my favorite.
You can use a cheat if you want by starting the game with "WC Origin -k" (case sensitive) instead of just WC which will give you infinite energy and pressing ALT+Delete will destroy any targeted ships.
Super NES Released in 1992.
This doesn't really stand out from the others in any way.
Sega CD Released in 1994.
Being a CD release this has full speech throughout the entire game which is pretty cool.

Date added Jul-30-2010 16:17
Name Wing Commander
Developer Origin systems
Publisher Origin systems
First released 1990
Genre Action
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Super NES, filesize: 801 Kb
Sega CD, filesize: 212302 Kb
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