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- Nippon Safes, Inc. -

Nippon Safes inc. is actually a prequel to Big Red adventure, an adventure game from the same developers. You take control of three different characters: Doug 'Einstein' Nuts, a smart safe cracker, Dino Fagioli a not so smart strongman and Donna Fatale, a sexy dancer/singer. Each of them gets in trouble and gets thrown in jail in the intro as well as showing you a mysterious and suspicious man wandering around Tokyo. You will have to take control of the three heroes and try to find out what he is up to and what his connection with the three characters are. You can select any of the three characters and though they will travel across many same places each has their own story and puzzles to solve. Obviously the smart Doug will tackle problems in a different way than the sexy Donna and you will have to act accordingly. Eventually each of the stories will come together and you can play the final act with all three.

The interface is your basic point and click affair but I found there is some very annoying things like pixel hunting. Many adventure games have this but to give an example, you know there is something inside the trashcan and when you examine it you even get a closeup yet you can't pick it up from the closeup and instead you have to pixelhunt until you get the object which makes it incredibly annoying and easy to miss items. There are also some things I really dislike like the stereotypical asian features like the big teeth and mispelled words, these are supposed to be funny but it's lost on me to be honest. The graphics are quite colorfull and have a real cartoon feel to them with closeups and everything.

I have some mixed feelings about this game, it could have been quite a hit but there are many things that bring too many annoyances with them and I don't really find the humor all that humorous which is a killer for a socalled comic game. There are some good points though but depending on how you look at everthing the game is average at best. For me though the most telltale thing about the game is when the programmers place themselves in the game AND claim they are working (in the game ofcourse) on an adventure called the mystery of ape island which is obviously a reference to the secret of Monkey Island. That game was incredibly fantastic and a classic, this however is none of those things.
Overal rating: 5/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for two different systems here are some notes:
Amiga Released in 1993.
Altough the game is basically identical to the pc version it does have swapping and loading times because it comes on 5 disks.
DOS Released in 1992.

Date added Nov-13-2009 17:02
Name Nippon Safes, Inc.
Developer Dynabyte
Publisher Dynabyte
First released 1992
Genre Adventure
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