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- Zig Zag -

Zig Zag is an shooting game but with a puzzle element incorperated as well. You have to fly you starfighter along the passages of the Matrix of Zog in the 12th dimension (wherever that is). The main objective is to find the eight crystals of Zog but in your way are not only enemies awaiting you but ramps, traps and barriers are all part of the dangers and puzzles you will have to face before you can complete your task.

There are two gameplay modes you can select, zapper mode will open up all passages so you can learn how the maze looks like. Brain teaser mode is the regular game and the name says it all, you will have to put some serious thought into navigating the maze as well as a steady trigger finger to take out the enemies. The mazes are formed of blocks and if you bump into a wall or another object you will reverse course but some blocks are slanted so you can go into other directions which is the whole idea behind the game. You can control your craft from side to side as well as in height but it will keep moving at all times.

When you kill enemies you will earn cash and in some shop areas you can buy some powerups to help you like u-turn (turn around without using a wall), shields and even extra lives are available. Each powerup is activated by using the space bar to select them and then pressing the fire button. There is a timelimit to the game as well as there are timelocks in the mazes which will remain open for 144 minutes of gametime after which you cannot use them anymore. It will still be possible to beat the game but it will be much harder to do so.

Zig zag is a pretty unique game as far as I know because I haven't really seen a shooter in which you also need to solve puzzles as well. Obviously when you have a hybrid game there is always the chance that one part is more important than another and in this case I would say the games leans more towards the maze element as the enemies aren't really that hard to take care of. Forget the silly backstory and just try the game as I doubt you'll find a similar game anywhere soon.

Overal rating: 7/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for one system here are some notes:
C64 Released in 1987.
There are loads of trainers included with this release.

Date added May-08-2009 11:06
Name Zig Zag
Developer Spectrum Holobyte
Publisher Mirrorsoft
First released 1990
Genre Puzzle
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