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- Dungeon hack -

Eye of the beholder was a pretty successful game as it was one of the first really graphical D&D games and so it spawned two sequels. Dungeon hack is build on pretty much the same engine as the eob games but the dungeon you face is completely randomized so it will allow for a different challenge each time. The story is pretty simple, you are a hero who was send rather unwillingly by a sorceres to retrieve a certain gem out of a dungeon. As a reward you can take any treasure you find except the gem itself and so you face the long battle ahead of you.

The game starts with you either selecting a premade character or creating one from scratch. Since the game uses the AD&D rules you can select from the standard classes like fighter, mage, cleric, ranger, paladin, or a mix of them when playing certain races. The odd character for me at least is the bard which I can't really recall having before but that could be me. Once you are done with the character you can select from three premade settings for the dungeon, easy, medium and hard. Each setting changes things like amount of monsters, amount of keys, toughness of monsters and the number of levels the dungeon has. If you don't like that however you can manually set each of the options, there is even one that is called "character death real" which means if you die your character is deleted as well as any savegames!

Anyone who is familiar with the eye of the beholder series should feel right at home with the interface and the layout of the dungeons. The largest part of the screen is made up of a 3D screen showing the dungeon in firstperson view with other parts showing your inventory, the character and his items as wel as a small map which reveals an automap feature when you click on it. Combat is very simple you can simply rightclick on the weapon your character is holding to attack any creature or select a spell from a spellbook. Interaction between items is equally simple as you can drag and drop items from the screen or click on them to activate them. Since this is a dungeon the scenery is fairly limited dispite having lots of different textures, I can't gripe too much about it though since a nicely decorated wall is still a wall :)

The randomness of the game can be quite good as you will never see the same dungeon twice however there are flaws that are inherent of such an approach. One such thing is the lack of a story which is the most basic of stories but usually a very important part of an RPG. The other thing (for me) is that there is no option for a very small dungeon, the smallest one you can create is still 10 levels deep. It would have been great to get a dungeon with just a level or two for a quick fix but alas. Other than that though the game is not bad dispite it shortcomings.

Overal rating: 7/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for one system here are some notes:
DOS Released in 1993.
Sometimes the game responds really slow which feels much like eye of the beholder 3.

Date added Jun-13-2008 15:24
Name Dungeon hack
Developer Dreamforge intertainment
Publisher SSI
First released 1993
Genre RPG
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Download MS-DOS, filesize: 4418 Kb
Manual No manual available
Solve / Docs No solve available
No extra docs available

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