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Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego
- Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego -

Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego is the sequel to where in the world is Carmen Sandiego and it follows pretty much the same formula. You are a detective who has to capture criminals who are in an unknown place in the United states of America and by gathering clues and talking to people who were at the scene of the crime and in places where the criminal has been you have to find and capture the criminal.

You'll get your assignments from your boss and you always start at the scene of the crime. Here you can talk to people in the area and they will give you clues to where the person might be. A clue can be something like he was wearing a 49ers shirt, which might mean he came from San Francisco (I totally googled this because I have no idea about US sportsteams). Some of these turn out to be dead ends but if you follow each of them you are bound to find some clues left behind. Luckily your and the suspects travel options are limited from place to place so you can often find out which clues are usefull before going to the actual place. Each town or state you visit will also give you some information about the place which is why this is billed as an edutainment title, you learn something while you play the game. When you get close to your target the clues will become more detailed and sometimes you might even find some direct evidence of the suspect being there instead of just talking to eyewitnesses. Capture the suspect and you will get a promotion and on to the next more difficult criminal.

This game is so much like the first game that if you know the first one you pretty much know this one. The change from the global to an US settings changes things a bit because I can imagine many people from outside the US do not know a lot about stuff happening inside the US. Then again I guess even people from the US might not know everything about their own country either which is why you can learn something from this game. Still I like the world setting more so I'm giving this a slightly lower score but the game is otherwise as good as the original.

Overal rating: 7/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for several different systems here are some notes:
Amiga Released in 1989.
This is pretty much the same as the DOS version.
C64 Released in 1987.
The graphics are obviously less detailed but otherwise it's all in here.
DOS Released in 1986.
The easiest version to use with dosbox.
Others This version is not available.
Apple released in 1986.

Date added Mar-28-2008 12:12
Name Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego
Developer Broderbund
Publisher Broderbund
First released 1987
Genre Puzzle
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Download Commodore 64, filesize: 192 Kb
Commodore Amiga, filesize: 828 Kb
MS-DOS, filesize: 699 Kb
Manual No manual available
Solve / Docs No solve available
No extra docs available

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