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- High seas trader -

In high seas trader you play the part of a merchants son, once wealthy but later robbed of his wealth, land and titles. Now with a small ship and your last collection of gold you seek to regain your family's honor by becoming a famous and wealthy merchant. You'll start with a small ship and you'll have to hire soldiers, apprentices and others to run the ship for you while you travel across the world shipping goods from one place to another with the intention to make a nice profit.

You can select from five different nationalities: Dutch, French, Spanish, English and Portugese. These were the countries in the 17th century that roamed the seas of the world with huge ships and conquered new lands while trading with friendly nations. You already have a ship but you have to stock up on things like food, wine and such to keep your crew happy. Obviously you'll have to hire a crew from the local tavern and you can find, apprentices, soldiers and sailors, sometimes you can even find passengers who are willing to pay to travel to foreign lands and ofcourse the barman is the one to see about gossip. Buy a map or two from the local charthouse and maybe hire a helmsman so you can navigate to other places.

Trade is thename of the game so it plays an important part in the game, when you click on cities you can see what they export to give you an idea what goods they have in large supply. The size of the city, country and any local events will all influence the price of items so you will have to keep a close eye on what to buy and what to sell at the port you are in and the port you want to go to. Travelling between towns is done in a 3D setting where you take direct control of your ship, the seas aren't safe ofcourse as there are many pirates raoming around. You're not defenseless as you can hire soldiers and outfit your ship with cannos to fight back but make sure not to fire on friendly ships or you will find yourself to be branded a pirate and living the live of one!

I saw many negative reviews about high seas trader so obviously I didn't have too high hopes for the game. At first the game seemed rather lacking as some of the controls aren't very intuitive and the animations look very bad. Once I read the manual and started to get more into the game I was quite surprised as the trading portion is fairly good and the animations can be turned off. There are still some problems with the game as it runs way to fast and you'll have to use a really slow pc or adjust dosbox precisely to switch between speed and playability. If you're looking for a swash buckling adventure like Pirates! this game won't do but for a reasonable trading game it gets the job done quite well.

Overal rating: 7/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for two different systems here are some notes:
DOS Released in 1995.
The game only runs properly at really low speed levels which can be annoying at times, dosbox can be adjusted on the fly luckily.
Others This version is not available.
Amiga released in 1995.

Date added Apr-04-2008 11:23
Name High seas trader
Developer Impressions
Publisher Impressions
First released 1995
Genre Strategy
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Download MS-DOS, filesize: 5397 Kb
Manual No manual available
Solve / Docs No solve available
No extra docs available

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