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- Eye of the beholder 3 -

Eye of the beholder was one of the first AD&D titles to have a graphical interface and semi 3D graphics, coupled with excellent gameplay the game was quite a hit. The sequel boasted a far bigger game, more enemies, a better intro and a far better ending so basically better in almost every aspect. The third and final game was not made by the original team but uses the same engine as the heroes try to free Myth Drannor from a lich that has taken over the place.

Like the first two games you can create a party of four heroes of varying classes and races according to the 2nd edition AD&D rules. You can have a maximum of six players in the group but you will have to pick up the extra's during your adventures. If you're not too familiar with the rules you can choose from races like human, elves, dwarfs, gnomes, halflings and half-elfves and classes like fighter, mage, cleric, ranger etc. Some races allow you to choose multiple classes for a single character which allows you to become really versatile but you'll gane levels very slowly because of this. Not all races allow all types of class like paladin which is only available as a human. Once you create your characters you can edit their stats like strength and dexterity to help you a bit, you could see this as cheeting so decide for yourself what you want to do.

The game starts in a forest in the Myth Drannor area and it's invested with ghosts who aren't too friendly, luckily the ghosts are quite vulnerable to your average swords and maces so you can make short work of them. Unfortunately there is no easy way out of the forest so you'll have to find an axe and hack your way through it. There's plenty of equipment lying around from adventurers who weren't so fortunate so take what you can. Once you take care of the ghosts you should find a quiet place so your spellcasters can pray and memorize some spells which is really helpfull in and after battle. You start at about level 11 so you can access relatively high level spells but mages can only learn new spells from scrolls you find along the way, be sure to hold on to those and not use them for oneoff. Wands are far better for combat as they almost always contain offensive spells and can be discarded after they are used up. Once you find your way through the maze of trees you come across maze inside a maze of trees, a very dirty trick in my opinion to increase a game's length at such an early point in the game. Here and later on as well you can chose to grab only the item you really need to go on or search the whole place for better equipment, usually the equipment you find is worth the time you spend so. You won't be stuck in the maze forever though and once you get to Myth Drannor you can investigate and finally attack the lich himself.

The interface hasn't changed much from the previous games, a 3D view on the left with a big compass and the party on the right of the screen. Items are placed directly into the inventory of a character and you can carry only a set amount of items so be carefull to not waste space. Don't throw away items either though because in a maze it's often usefull to drop an item or two to show you've already been there. There's plenty of items to place on a character apart from armor like necklaces, rings, throwing weapons, boots etc. Weapons and magic books are simply accessed next to a characters portrait by rightclicking on them, you will then attack or you can select a spell to cast. Later when you encounter more friendly people they can join your party if you allow them to, make sure the fighters stand in front of the group, people with long range weapons like bows or polearms in the second row and casters behind.

Overall this game is quite like it's prequels but it doesn't quite have the feeling of them. The story is certainly not as involving, the level design is rather weak and then there's the technical difficulties like slowdowns which makes the mouse cursor move rather erratically and is really annoying. Graphically the series was fine so there hasn't been a real upgrade of that but many monsters and environments in the game weren't seen before so it's not a complete copy. I have great fun with the first and second game so I was pretty much obligated to play this one, unfortunately it doesn't stand too wel on it's own especially if you compare it to the game the original team made, Lands of Lore, which is incredible. Still for fans of the series this is still worthy end to the series.

Overal rating: 7/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for one system here are some notes:
DOS Released in 1993.
The game's real easy to hack (one of my favorite pasttimes) by using the savegames, it makes the game easier but I always think it allows me to play more instead of saving/loading all the time.

Date added Dec-28-2007 11:06
Name Eye of the beholder 3
Developer SSI
Publisher SSI
First released 1993
Genre RPG
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Download MS-DOS, filesize: 4922 Kb
Manual No manual available
Solve / Docs No solve available
No extra docs available

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