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- Knight games -

The games series by Epyx is probably one of the most wellknown series of games, at least on the C64. Knight games follows a similar concept except it's set in medievil Engeland. You must compete in a number of game suitable for a knight like swordfights and crossbow shooting.

There are eight events in total swordfight 1, quarterstaff, archery, ball and chain, swordfight 2,
pikestaff, crossbow and axeman. As you can tell from the names of the events that most of them involve fighting, in fact other than the crossbow and archery events all of them pit you against an opponent in one-on-one combat. There isn't much variation between these events sadly as all of them has you hacking away until one of you has lost their energy. The one event that does differ a bit is the quarterstaff event where you fight on top of a fallen tree over a river just like the scene in Robin Hood. The archery and crossbow events has you shooting either stationary or moving targets.

Unfortunately the events in the game are too similar to each other to really stand out and you have only two shooting events to brake the monotomy. The worst part is that there is no real feel of competition because each event can be played at any time, there is no tournament mode or something similar. I can't help but feel this game tried to cash in on the popularity of the Epyx's games series but it fails to deliver. Unless you are really into medievil games then this game is not for you.

Overal rating: 5/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for two different systems here are some notes:
C64 Released in 1986.
DOS Released in 1988.

Date added Dec-23-2006 21:16
Name Knight games
Developer The English software company
Publisher The English software company
First released 1986
Genre Action
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Download Commodore 64, filesize: 104 Kb
MS-DOS, filesize: 305 Kb
Manual No manual available
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