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- Sword of Sodan -

Have you ever seen a game where it says: "This game contains scenes of explicit violence and gore."? Well if this game were released today it would have such a label I'm sure.
Ofcourse this was way back when games weren't mainstream like today.

Sword of Sodan is quite a straightforward hack and slash action game.
The plot is the basic kill everything that crosses your path in your quest to rid the kingdom of an evil wizard whose name you only find out right before you get to his level.
At the time of release in 1988 most action games had very small sprites (you do know what a sprite is right?) but not this game. Characters easily stand half a screen high and some are much bigger than that. The grapihcs were some of the best available at the time.
However the rest of the game suffers a bit, animation is somewhat choppy and gameplay is limited to simple swordplay. There is very limited music but the soundeffect are quite good with swords bashing and grunts and stuff. Overall however as a game it's quite enjoyable.

You start the game by selecting a hero or heroine, both handle exactly the same.
Each level is preceded by a map of where you currently are and a little poem.
After this it's off to battle, you have three different attacks at your disposal namely high, mid and low. All enemies come from the right side as you keep walking right to advance the level.
Most levels are quite short usually consisting of about 3-5 enemies however most of the characters you meet will be on only one or two levels at the most so the variety in characters is quite large.
Along the way some enemies will drop bottles, these will be either a magic zapper or a shield.
The zapper can kill an enemy with one blow so use it on the harder bosses and the shield will make you invulnerable for a period of time. Also sometimes they will drop a bottle which increases your hitstrenght and lets you do more damage however if you die you loose one point of hitstrength so it's of fairly little use.
Also the levels contain plenty of other dangers like spikes, falling floors, barrels etc. some of these can kill your with one hit so be carefull.
There are 11 levels total with the latter ones all inside the castle, these are also the most difficult so it's wise to save your items for later.

All in all the game is quite fun however I did use a cheat because the game is very unforgiving.
For instance if you die and get send back a ways and there happens to be a spike in the way you'll get hit anyway. Also the last boss seems pretty much impossible because I must have lost like 20 lives because of him!
Anyway if you want a quick fix of action then I can recommend this game.
(As mentioned before there is quite a bit of blood and gore in the game so if you don't like that than don't play it.)

Overal rating: 7/10
Erde Kaiser

Here are some system specific notes:
Apple Released in 1993 by Bethesda Softworks.
Game has been tested but not completed with Basilisk II v0.8.
This version is almost equal to the original amiga version. The controls are a bit awkward though you have to use the k,l,o,p and , keys to move and space for slashing.
Amiga Released in 1988.
Game has been tested and completed with winUAE v0.9.91.
Released in 1990 produced by Innerprise Software and published by Electronic Arts.
Game has been tested but not completed with Wgens 2.11.
They tried to add some things like more enemies from both sides but overal this is in pretty much every way inferiour to the original.
Oh and for some reason the second to last boss in the original somehow appears in level 3 !

Date added Nov-07-2004 11:25
Name Sword of Sodan
Publisher Discovery software
First released 1988
Genre Action
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Download Apple, filesize: 4264 Kb
Commodore Amiga, filesize: 2402 Kb
Sega Megadrive, filesize: 386 Kb
Links a former employee of Discovery software, original publishers of this game.
Manual Download manual , filesize: 6 Kb
This is text manual for the amiga.
Solve / Docs No solve available
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