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- Judge dredd -

Judge Dredd is a well known comic set in a future world where socalled judges are send onto the streets to fight crime. To make things effecient they are judge, jury and executioner all in one and Judge Dredd is the most feared judge in all of mega city one. You'll have to stop crimes occuring around town before crime is too rampant in your part of the city at which point you will be removed and replaced by a better judge.

As Dredd you have to drive around town in your lawmaster and the overhead map of the city will regularly show an icon where a crime is being committed. The icons will depict which sort of crime it is ranging from smoking (which is a crime here), mugging, arsons and more. You'll have to be fast though because mega city one is heavy on crime and if you don't get there soon the perp will be gone. If you allow eight crimes to go unpunished you will be removed from duty. If you do get there on time at the scene you will switch to a scrolling sideview like a regular platform game. The aim is to get to the perp and aprehend him or shoot him depending on the crime. You are armed with a standard lawpistol which can shoot six different types of bullets to help you in your job. Unfortunately once a crime has been prevented or stopped it's on to the next one as crime is always waiting around the next corner.

The overhead view of the game reminds me a bit of ghostbusters, a game I really liked, but the rest of the game is a bit of a standard platform affair shooting and jumping around. It's not bad though just not extraordinary or really groundbreaking. If you're looking for a fun platform game or maybe if you're a fan of Dredd you should give the game a go.

Overal rating: 7/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for several different systems here are some notes:
C64 Released in 1991.
ZX Spectrum Released in 1991.
Graphically worse than the c64 version mainly because some of the singlecolor sprites blend in with the background.

Date added Jun-20-2008 10:07
Name Judge dredd
Developer Melbourne house
Publisher Melbourne house
First released 1991
Genre Action
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