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- Gauntlet -

Gauntlet was originally released in the arcades as a huge four-player cabinet and it was quite a hit because most games at that time could only be played with two players. The aim of the game is very simple, choose one of four heroes and fight your way through one hundred levels filled with mazes, monsters and traps. You'll need to find keys to unlock doors to continue and along the way there are many bonus items you can find but in most cases you'll have to make an extra effort to get them.

The main gameplay could not be more simple, you can choose from four different heroes: Thor the warrior, Questor the elf, Merlin the wizard and Thydra the valkyrie. Each hero has one weapon at his or her disposal which you cannot lose or upgrade during the game. The weapons are all thrown so you can keep the enemies at a distance and you're gonna need it. The first levels eases you into the game and as soon as you walk from your starting position you will be greeted by a couple of ghosts that you can easily take out. Immediately you see an exit leading to the next level or you can take the key and go on in this level. This leads to a room filled with enemies coming at you from all sides but the reward is that you can find a warp leading to level four. Go even further and you'll encounter even more monsters but also a warp to level eight which brings you much closer to the final level. Most levels are constructed like this and the more risk you take the better reward you are likely to get.

Enemies are mostly a simple bunch in this game as they will continue to come at you until either they run into you destroying themselves and causing damage to you or you can take them out with a shot or two. Nothing special you'd say until you see that the monsters keep reappearing, in fact there are objects scattered around the level that will keep respawning monsters until you destroy them so they should be your primary targets if you see one. Your energy level or hitpoints are showns as a number and when it reaches zero it's game over but luckily you can find items, mostly food, that you can use to replenish some of you health. Some of these will also require you to take some risks much like the warp points so it's up to you what to do.

I used to play gauntlet a lot with my friends simply because of the fourplayer mode and combined with the huge amount of monsters on the screen it could became really frantic but fun. Sadly most of the home versions only have two-player modes mainly because of hardware limitations but most of the game is still there. Apart from some toned down graphics, sound and maybe the amount of enemies onscreen the game play exactly like the original. If you can get a friend to join you you'll have plenty of fun blasting away at those nasty monsters and going through the game.

Overal rating: 7.5/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for many different systems here are some notes:
Amstrad CPC Released in 1986.
There are no background to speak of but otherwise a very decent version.
Apple Released in 1986.
I never like the colors used in old Apple games and this version doesn't do much for me either.
Atari ST Released in 1987.
The only 16-bit version released and altough graphically almost identical to the arcade it does play somewhat sluggish even in one-player mode. It looks like there is a four-player version but I could not find out the keys to use it. The first player start button is INSERT.
C64 Released in 1986.
This is the type of game that suited the C64 well so it's one of the better versions.
NES Released in 1985.
The first home version I believe but for some reason the levels are not exactly like the arcade, this is the only version I know of that has this oddity.
SMS - Sega
Master system
Released in 1990.
Released much later than other home versions this is definately the best of them.
ZX Spectrum Released in 1986.
This is the weakest version of the lot and it looks quite horrid, better try one of the others.
Others These versions are not available.
Atari 8-bit released in 1985.
DOS released in 1988.

Date added Jun-01-2006 14:17
Name Gauntlet
Developer Atari games
Publisher Mindscape
First released 1988
Genre Action
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Download Amstrad CPC, filesize: 77 Kb
Apple, filesize: 115 Kb
Atari ST, filesize: 388 Kb
Commodore 64, filesize: 104 Kb
Nintendo Entertainment System, filesize: 84 Kb
Sega Master System, filesize: 83 Kb
ZX Spectrum, filesize: 76 Kb
Manual Download manual , filesize: 2276 Kb
Zip contains the scanned manual for the NES.
Solve / Docs No solve available
No extra docs available

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