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- Free DC! -

Free D.C! has a pretty interesting story: In the near future the earth is ruled by robots and they have turned Washington D.C. into a human zoo where the humans are on display to see in their 'natural environment'. For a while now a human, or specimen as the robots call them, has been terminating robots leading to the closure of the zoo until the situation has been resolved. Your name is Avere Zedd and you have been taken out of hibernation and send by the director of the zoo called Interface to find and take out the culprit.

Your adventure starts when you have just been delivered to the human zoo and you awake from your long slumber. A small robot called Wattson explains the situation to you and also gives you a simple laser with which to defend yourself against any dangers that you will face. The device that the human used to terminate the robots has caused malfunctions to many others so don't expect a lot of friendly faces. To find the culprit you'll have to look for a number of humans and question them and according to Wattson the primary suspect is called Valerion who seems to be hiding in stone man shelter. When you find him though things turn out to be quite different from what you have been told and you will be humanities last hope for freedom.

Gameplay is quite straightforward and is mostly done by multiple choice menus, occasionally you will come across unfriendly robots and you can use you laser to take them out. These sequences are quite unneccesary and you simply have to click on the shoot button as fast as you can to take out your foe. There is a limit to your gun's energy level but you can recharge it, your own energy level can drop during battle and if it drops to zero it's game over. Luckily after a battle it will magically refill itself. Movement throughout the city is easy as you always have an overhead map to guide you and you can use Wattson to get around fast and even to outrun most enemies you come across.

You'll be hard pressed to find a positive review for this game anywhere and altough I have to admit it's not too good I personally feel it's not as bad as I thought. Yes there's plenty of bad stuff like the occasional (bad) speech, dodgy graphics and almost nonexistent puzzles. I'm into weird games but if you're not I'm not sure if you're gonna like this game but still you'd have to see for yourself really.

Overal rating: 5/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for one system here are some notes:
DOS Released in 1991.

Date added Jun-05-2006 23:14
Name Free DC!
Developer Cineplay Interactive inc.
Publisher Cineplay Interactive inc.
First released 1991
Genre Adventure
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