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- Don't go alone -

Don't go alone is probably the only RPG ever released by Accolade and it's a horror RPG at that. You can select a group for four people from a list of sixteen and each has their own strenghts and weakness. The group goes to investigate the mansion on top of the hill which is reported to be haunted and it is the place where the grandfather of one your group has disappeared as well. There are ten levels to cover with lots of different monsters roaming around and occasionally a puzzle as well so it will take all your strength to defeat the ancient one controlling the place.

There are the usual stats like dexterity, strenght, stamina and intelligence but there is a difference from other rpgs. Instead of having hitpoints you have a fear-meter and while fighting this will increase, if that gets too high for the party you will run away in fear and end up in a random part of the level. If a single person's fear gets too high he might die of shock though so you will have to take care, luckily the fear meter will decrease over time as you wander around or even by just waiting in a room. The other thing is that there is no magic in the game but instead characters can mix potions from various substances they have with them or find along the way. These substances are taken directly from the table of periodic elements like Cu for copper and Xe for xenon but the potions are learned from chemistry books that you can find lying around or from puzzles. Some potions you can make are Copper halo which reduces fear attacks and Irradium which shows invisable items. There are plenty of offensive and defensive potions as well as those that are needed to solve puzzles and you'll get more potent ones when you progres through the game.

The layout is a pretty standard first person view with each of your characters on the sides of the screen. You can click on them to be the party leader and you will control him of her directly. Movement is done with either the cursor keys or by using the arrows on the screen, these are also used to make choices whenever you encounter a puzzle or a monster. When you encounter a monster you can choose to fight or run, running is quite often successfull but unfortunately the monsters tend to hang around that spot afterwards so if you cannot move past in another way you will have to fight them. You'll have to use physical weapons as well and you won't have much more than pocket knives at first (who needs preparations when going into a haunted house?) but later on you can find crossbows, a .45 magnum and even a bazooka. Combat is fairly simple and you can choose to attack by pressing the appropriate button or you can mix up a potion. To help you out the game also contains an automap and it helps a lot because the house is a real maze and every corridor looks the same.

Don't go alone has some good ideas like the fear meter and the potions instead of magic but there are some flaws that really lowered my enjoyment of the game. For one in combat you cannot use your mouse at all, so you can't click on the icon for attack instead you have to select one of your members by pressing F1-F4 and then press a button for attack. Now if there was no mouse support in the entire game I could understand but this only occurs during combat when you really need it. The only real goal of the game is to find the path to the stairway that will lead you to the next level and given the fact that the whole place looks alike it can become rather boring over time as well. If you're willing to try you can get past the flaws and it's not too difficult a game but personally I'm not really into this game, it isn't bad but is isn't very good either.

Overal rating: 6/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for one system here are some notes:
DOS Released in 1989.

Date added Mar-21-2006 20:02
Name Don't go alone
Developer Sterling silver software
Publisher Accolade
First released 1989
Genre RPG
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Download MS-DOS, filesize: 285 Kb
Manual No manual available
Solve / Docs Get solve here
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