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- Centipede -

Centipede is a real classic that first appeared in the arcades and was later released on a whole load of home machines. The aim of the game is quite simple, you must clear the playing field of four nasty critters: a flea, spider, scorpionand ofcourse the baddest of them all the giant centipede. The centipede will crawl across the mushroom field until it reaches the end of the field where you are standing so it's up to you to shoot him before he gets you. Unfortunately each segment of his body can crawl by itself so if you shoot the creature in half you will have two centipedes to take care of. Beat all four critters and it's on to the next level.

Like so many old games there is an actual backstory to the game. Somewhere in an enchanted forest lived some elves and their mushroom field were being terrorized by four nasty critters. They could not get rid of them by any means but one day an elf called Oliver finds an unusual stick in the ground and when he was attacked by the spider he accidentally shoots magic from the stick and made the spider disappear. That was the beginning of the elves taking to fight to the critters and you will determine the outcome. The playing field is a mushroom field in which the four creatures have taken residence and you must take out each of them to advance to the next level. The centipede is too large to travel freely so he must move between mushrooms but the other three can come at you from any angle, luckily they can be taken out with a single shot. The centipede will have to be destroyed bit by bit and as each level progresses you must defeat him multiple times to be able to advance. Try not to hit the mushrooms because they will give you bonus points at the end of a level with which you can gain extra lives.

Centipede is a fun shooter even though it's design is really simple by today's standards. It's quite funny reading the manual though as the icons depicting the objects ingame are really crude for instance a mushroom is just a simple block. Some versions have clearer graphics but ofcourse you shouldn't expect anything spectacular. It might not keep you busy for weeks like the game would back when it was originally released but it's always fun to play a classic game and this one is no different.

Overal rating: 7.5/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for many different systems here are some notes:
Apple Released in 1983.
Atari 2600 Released in 1982.
Dispite being graphically the weakest version (not by much though) it does have the best title screen with the centipede and the mushrooms picture.
C64 Released in 1983.
This uses the C64's higher resolution mode, it's less colorfull but the extra pixels offer more detail.
Colecovision Released in 1983.
The colecovision always manages to surprise me as far as quality compared to other systems. The centipede actually has more than 2 frames of animation in this one and it looks and feels much better than any other version, recommended!
This ROM is also included as standard in the KOLEKO emulator.
DOS Released in 1983.
Gaming on PC in 1983? It was bad and so's this version.
Intellivision Released in 1983.
Looks and feels a lot like the Vic-20 version.
VIC-20 Released in 1983.
The objects in this version are much bigger than the other versions and the centipede has to travel a lot less to get to you because of this making it a lot harder.
Others These versions are not available.
Atari 8-bit released in 1982.
Atari 5200 released in 1982.
Atari 7800 released in 1987, this version actually had a two player mode!

Date added Mar-07-2006 19:08
Name Centipede
Developer Atari
Publisher Atari
First released 1982
Genre Action
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Download Apple, filesize: 63 Kb
Atari 2600, filesize: 6 Kb
Colecovision, filesize: 9 Kb
Commodore 64, filesize: 6 Kb
Commodore VIC-20, filesize: 5 Kb
Intellivision, filesize: 9 Kb
MS-DOS, filesize: 25 Kb
Manual Download manual , filesize: 818 Kb
Zip contains the scanned manual from the atari 2600.
Solve / Docs No solve available
No extra docs available

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