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The story in Camelot warriors revolves around four magical items that seem to have come from another time and as a valiant warrior your task is to find these objects and take them to a guardian to be destroyed. The four items are named the voice of another world, wisdom mirror, life elixir and the fire that doesn't burn. In fact the items are modern day objects like a lightbulb (fire that doesn't burn) but the game conveniently fails to explain how a lightbulb could be used without any electricity. Anyhow you must find each of these items and bring them to the guardian on that level, after being destroyed you must find the portal that will lead you to the next item. Standing in your way are a host of monsters which you can either avoid by jumping or you can use your sword to take them out.

This game is quite a straightforward platform affair but there is an incredibly annoying bug that makes the game very frustrating. On entering a new screen the game remembers the way you entered it and if you happen to jump into the screen you might hit a monster or object that will kill you, however even when you die the game remembers you jumped into the screen and repeat the process which can lead to you losing all your lives in a matter of seconds. It can be overcome by being carefull but it's simply an unnecessary annoyance. If it had not been for this bug the game could have been a regular platformer but as it stands it's a below average one.

Overal rating: 4/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for several different systems here are some notes:
Amstrad CPC Released in 1986.
This is actually the best looking version but gameplay is a bit sluggish.
C64 Released in 1985.
Best playability for all versions and it also has a trainer, if you use it though and get the jumping bug the game will be in an infinite loop as you lives will not run out.
ZX Spectrum Released in 1985.
If you don't move fast enough on the first screen a monster will immediately kill you which is pretty sad.
Others This version is not available.
MSX released in 1986.

Date added Mar-05-2006 10:05
Name Camelot warriors
Developer Dinamic software
Publisher Dinamic software
First released 1985
Genre Action
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Download Amstrad CPC, filesize: 32 Kb
Commodore 64, filesize: 27 Kb
ZX Spectrum, filesize: 27 Kb
Manual No manual available
Solve / Docs No solve available
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