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- BAT -

In the 22nd century human civilizatin has expanded across the galaxy and is now governed by the confederation of galaxies however due to the long distances between worlds and the regional control bodies there are often problems due to jurisdictional laws. That is where B.A.T comes in, a covert organization that is used by the confederation to take care of problems without getting into political affairs. As an agent of B.A.T. you have been send to the planet of Selenia where an escaped prisoner called Vrango has escaped and he has threatened to blow up the city of Terrapolis unless he is given the ownership of the city. Now you must find him in this vast city and stop him before the ten days that Vrango has given the authorities runs out and the city is destroyed.

The first thing you do when starting a game is to create your agent and you can appoint several points among various abilities like force (strenght), charisma, intelligence and reflexes. Secondary abilities like climbing, electronics and track cannot be modified directly with points but they are calculated from you primary abilites mentioned above and needless to say you will be needing many of these skills to complete your task. Another thing you can do while creating your character is to select the weapons you will get on your mission which can range from a small penlike gun that is easily hideable to a particle accelerator that will clear a street if you're not carefull. When all the character creation is done and you start your adventure you will be on the outskirts of Terrapolis and the first thing you have to do is to get instructions and your equipment from a fellow B.A.T. member hiding in the public restrooms. He will tell you a bit about Verango and also that he escaped with another person called Merigo which will be your main lead to find Verango himself. After this you are on your own and the clock starts ticking.

Moving around Terrapolis is a simple affair and whenever you move the mouse over a place you can go to the cursor will change into an arrow. The cursor will change into many different icons that indicate different actions such as a bubble icon to talk to someone in particular, a face icon to talk to random people on the street and a bottle icon to get a drink. The one icon you will see the most is the B.A.T. logo which is the eye of the falcon and when you click the right mouse button you will get the main menu and a left click will bring up the BOB. The BOB is your personal computer that interacts with your body and you can view information like health and food & drink status as well as set it to translate a different language. Walking through the city you will have to ask people about Merigo and clues to his wareabouts but not all the characters you meet will be willing to help and some might have to be bribed for some information. Not all inhabitants are human though and there are some alien species as well as robotic ones who speak their own languages. You can set the BOB to translate any of the languages you encounter.

The BOB attached to your arm is a tool you will be using often and it's one of the most unique additions to a game I have seen. Apart from displaying statistics about your health and abilities you can use it to translate languages. This can be done manually by you but the neat thing is you can also program the BOB to translate according to who or what you are talking to. A sample program would be something like this:
IF robot
translate robot
Obviously this is a simplified program and you can add the other languages before the RESTART command so you will never have to switch languages manually again. Other things can also be programmed like going into hibernation when health is low to regenerate faster and more but you should check out the BOB for yourself and the programming language isn't too difficult.

B.A.T. is a mix of adventure and RPG and the addition of the BOB programmable computer is a great touch. There is plenty to do before you are remotely close to finding Vrango and there is plenty of combat as well, just make sure you get some ammo first and load your gun so that you are not standing there like a sitting duck. The character creation has many different options some of which aren't really clear but that is the case with many RPG's so you'll just have to find out for yourself what is the best build for you. If you're looking for a sci-fi RPG with some nice little touches than you won't go wrong with this game.

Overal rating: 9/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for several different systems here are some notes:
C64 Released in 1990.
This version looks surprisingly good considering the machine it's released on. The joystick as a mouse never works well but other than that it's all here.
DOS Released in 1990.
There is no music to speak off in this version which is sad because the original amiga version has some nice tunes, alas you can't have it all.
Others These versions are not available.
Amiga released in 1990, all versions I tried locked up while loading the game.
Atari ST released in 1990, the only version I was able to get was French which I DON'T like.

Date added Jan-20-2006 18:21
Name BAT
Developer Computer's dream
Publisher UBI Soft
First released 1990
Genre Action
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Download Commodore 64, filesize: 356 Kb
MS-DOS, filesize: 645 Kb
Manual Download manual , filesize: 15 Kb
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