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- Ark pandora -

Arc pandora is a game I used to play quite often back when I first owned a C64 but playing it again now it seems very different from how I remember it. You play the game of a mercenary who has been send to an island where you are to stay until your sentence is complete however the island is suddenly overrun with strange cultists who have now taken over. The regular inhabitants are now prisoners themselves and in a strange twist of irony you are their only chance to be free again.

The game is basically an action adventure game but it's quite unique compared to other games like it. There are some distinct adventuring elements like finding items that you will need to open objects or free prisoners. You start the game with nothing but the clothes on your back but luckily there is a bar on the interface that will tell you if there is anything of interest in the current location to pick up. You can then switch from controlling your character to the part where you can manipulate and pick up objects. Apart from objects you can also view information on where you are and you can move to other locations, you have to be standing on the correct side of the screen if you want to go left or right but if the interface shows you can move up or down you can do that anywhere on the screen. When you've picked up a weapon you are better equipped to start exploring the island and you will need the weapon because it's filled with hostiles. After disposing of any enemies you can then pick up any items of interest and maybe free one of the villagers if you have the proper equipment. The ultimate goal is to free all the captured people and defeat the evil cultists.

Like so many older computer games the story doesn't really make much sense but the game itself is quite interesting. The adventuring elements are not too difficult as most of the puzzles seem to be centered around collecting the proper item and using it on the right screen. There are however problems with the interface and it's far from user friendly as you will have to switch between controlling the character and the other interface. The interface itself doesn't have too many options but the usage of items can be a pain at times but this is not the main problem. When fighting your main weapon will be a disc that you throw however there is no real way of throwing it without jumping at the same time thus often making you hit the enemy with your body and losing precious energy. As you don't have extra lives or anything this can be a real pain and makes the game less playable than it could have been. Because of this I suggest you check out the game for yourself and see if you can live with the interface problems because other than that I think the game is great.

Overal rating: 7/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for one system here are some notes:
C64 Released in 1986.
Ingame there are a couple of keys you can use to speed up the slow interface such as U for use and P for pick up. Also the F1-F7 keys can be used to bring up the menu.

Date added Jan-24-2006 14:43
Name Ark pandora
Developer Rino marketing
Publisher Rino marketing
First released 1986
Genre Action
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