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- Last ninja 2, the -

The last ninja is one of my farvorite games of all time as it was one of the earliest games I had for my Commodore 64. It has great gameplay with puzzles, fights and hidden items as well as great graphics and sounds. The sequel puts you in the shoes of the ninja once more and the evil shogun Kunitoki whom you thought defeated has transported himself to current day New York and you have somehow been transported there as well! Once again you must tavel around finding weapons and gaining access to Kunitoki's lair to fight him.

You start the game in central park and the first thing you should do is try to find some weapons because deadly as you are with your bare hands your enemies have quite an advantage with their weapons. After getting hold of some nifty nunchakas and maybe some other weapons as well you should be getting out of the park and find a way towards Kunitoki's lair. Standing in your way are all sorts of nasties ranging from your average thugs and angry policemen to knivethrowing juggling clowns and killer bees as well. Once you find your way out of the park with the help of a boat you find yourself on the streets and here your adventure really begins. Each level brings new dangers and this is not your quiet monastary but busy New York and you'll have to face angry vasethrowing women and fastmoving motorcycles so watch the road before crossing it. In later levels you will find yourself in the sewers, in the basement of an appartment building, high on top of a skyscaper and finally in the hideout of the shogun himself.

The levels are showns using the same 3D view like the previous game but this time they are much more filled as big houses and appartment building stand in your way. The backgrounds are also quite varied with plenty of different environment that suit the levels well. The puzzles are also back with items that you need to find in the levels to be able to open the exit to the next or to grab another item. There are a few moments in the game where if you do not get an item in question in a previous level you cannot advance in later parts of the game but these are quite rare. There are some noteable differences this time the first of which you will notice directly as enemies can regenerate their health over time after you've defeated them. On the first level they can do this once on the second level twice etc. and on the final level you will face enemies that regenerate indefinately until you defeat the shogun. Also the ninja will have to act accoring to the times and instead of eating apples to gain a life he eats hotdogs and he'll have to use modern day objects like a computer to solve puzzles (hint hint). Some things won't change however and you still can't swing and there are some puzzles that will have you jumping on stones to get across a gap where one wrong step can lose you a life.

The last ninja 2 is a worthy succesor to the original even though there aren't that many changes made to the formula. The puzzles aren't too difficult to figure out and you'll have to look for a while before you find all of the available items but overal you will progress at a fair pace even if you haven't played the game before. The graphics and music are still great even though I prefer the oriental theme of the previous game. All in all though this game is a musthave for anyone who likes old games and remains with it predecessor one of my favorite of all time. I suggest you try out the C64 version as it's the only one worth playing really, the other versions are very bad compared to it.

Overal rating: 9/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for many different systems here are some notes:
Amiga Released in 1990.
Game has been tested but not completed with winUAE v0.9.91.
This is probably the best looking version but the controls are really bad, the character moves jerky and is really unplayable.
Amstrad CPC Released in 1988.
Game has been tested but not completed with winAPE v2.0 A6.
Almost exactly like the ZX version it has the same controls and graphics.
Atari ST Released in 1990.
Game has been tested but not completed with Steem v3.2.
Exactly like the amiga version with exactly the same flaws as well.
BBC Micro Released in 1987.
Game has been tested but not completed with BeebEm v2.0.
The worst looking version with really bad colors, the controls though are much better than most other versions but given that the enemies hit you much faster than you can fight back it's really difficult.
C64 Released in 1988.
Game has been tested but not completed with CCS64 v2.0 win.
The ultimate version, no other version even comes close dispite the more powerfull hardware.
DOS Released in 1990.
Game has been tested but not completed on a Win2k PC.
Works ok under dosbox. This is graphically similar as the amiga and ST versions but the controls are much better so it's the best of those 3 versions.
NES Released in 1990 by Kemco.
Game has been tested but not completed with FCE ultra v0.98.12.
This version is quite distinct from all the others as the only console version. It's plays quite well and the only better version than this is the original c64 one. The original was never released on the NES so it's simply calles the last ninja.
ZX Spectrum Released in 1988.
Game has been tested but not completed with emuZwin v2.5.
The same as the Amstrad version with monochroom graphics and the same controls. Use the keypad for a joystick and the nr. 5 is the button, just make sure your numlock is on.

Date added Dec-30-2005 19:36
Name Last ninja 2, the
Developer System 3
Publisher System 3
First released 1988
Genre Action
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MS-DOS, filesize: 315 Kb
Nintendo Entertainment System, filesize: 105 Kb
ZX Spectrum, filesize: 141 Kb
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