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- Lost in time -

Cocktel vision is quite wellknown for their adventure games and especially the puzzles some of which were incredibly obscure. Lost in time is one of the later adventures they made and it has nice digitised graphics which were the norm in those days. The story revolves around the woman you play as your memory is messed up and now you find yourself in a ship that seems to be from the 19th century even though you are from the 21st. Now you must find out what has happened to you and try to return to where you came from.

The game starts suddenly and without any introduction with you stranded on an old ship and the first thing to do is find out where exactly you are. After a quick lookaround you find some usefull objects with which you can pry open a hole and talk to another person who is apparently being held captive. Once you escape from this room and into the rest of the ship you will find another prisoner and you will tell him the story about how you got there. From here it's a weird travel through time until you restore the way things should be.

The entire game is seen from first person view and you can turn around most rooms to see other sides and items. The interface is very easy to use as it is a simple point and click affair, click an item and it will either zoom in or pick up/use the object. Items in your inventory can be used on objects on the screen or on items you already have, to do this simply drag the item you want to use to another and it will automatically combine if it's possible. You have the standard savegame features and also a hint system which allows for a limited number of hints throughout the game but I suggest you save them for really difficult puzzles as even when you restore an old game it will still show that you used a hint.

Altough this is one of the later games from Cocktel vision and the basic formula hasn't changed much this is still one of the best adventures they made. Yes it has the same problems like some incredible obscure and illogical puzzles in some places and also a couple of dead ends if you use some items at the wrong place but the game is overal still very enjoyable. The story also progresses nicely during play so the farther you get in the more you find out about what has happened to you. If you can see past the mistakes (and can get out of the first room hehe) this game is definately worth a shot.

Overal rating: 8/10
Erde Kaiser

This game was released for one system here are some notes:
DOS Released in 1993.
Game has been tested but not completed on a dos and win2k PC.
Works fine under windows and dosbox.

Date added Nov-12-2005 21:58
Name Lost in time
Developer Coktel vision
Publisher Sierra on-line
First released 1993
Genre Adventure
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