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- Zorro -

Surely you remember Prince of Persia, that game where you controlled a young man with incredible athletic abilities trying to escape from a dungeon. Zorro is modelled after that game except you play the masked hero carrying a whip and a rapier. The levels are similar with plenty of deadly drops, guards and secret places to find. Unfortunately the resemblance of Zorro to pop is only skindeep and once you start playing you'll find yourself wondering why this game was ever made, why you ask well read on if you dare.

I start the game and find myself in a darkly lit dungeon and I'd start wondering around except the first thing in my path is a gap, no worries I think this is only the start of the game so I leap down and fall for three screens in front of guard and die upon impact (death number 1). Mmm I think I'd better leap over the gap and I do but unfortunately there is no way to go further so I decide to hang down from the ceiling to see what's below me. I drop down the path and fall down because it seems you have to press a button to keep hanging (death number 2). A (slightly) wiser man I check the controls with the F1 button and find out you have to press enter to hang around a ledge, I do so on the previous point and find out there is no ledge beneath it. However there is a cross-shaped thing and I try to land on it but it turns upon landing which makes me fall again in front the guard, he must be thinking zorro is a pretty sad guy by now (death number 3). I twist and turn any way I can to land on a piece of land and after dying several more times I land by chance on a ledge that a) doesn't move and b) doesn't kill me upon impact, hooray! I can finally move around a bit and I finally face the guard who has seen me fall more times than I'd care to count and upon reaching him he quickly jabs me a few times with his knife before I'm able to do anything other than swing my whip or rapier in any normal fashion and once again I'm dead (death number xx). I try a couple more times but by now I am so frustrated that I don't really care anymore, I turn off my PC and vow never to play this game again.

It never fails to amaze me how bad games can be released as you'd think games are playtested before they are released. This game is so horrid that you wonder why anyone would even bother programming and then releasing the thing. Seriously most games have some form of redeeming feature but this one does not. The graphics are really plain and the characters move jerky, there is practically no sound or music and to top that the gameplay and controls are extremely bad. Most of the time I felt I just reached a place by pure luck as when you released yourself from a ledge you tend to land in random places. It's true that I only played part of the first level so I cannot judge the rest of the game however the first level of most games gives an indication about the quality of the entire game. Believe me when I say this game is utter crap and it's not really worth anything except to see how bad a game can be made.

Overal rating: think of a really low number below zero (and that times two)

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for one system here are some notes:
DOS Released in 1995.
Game has been tested but not completed on a DOS PC.
The game runs what more can I say.

Date added Aug-05-2005 19:54
Name Zorro
Developer Capstone software
Publisher Capstone software
First released 1995
Genre Action
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Download MS-DOS, filesize: 1401 Kb
Manual No manual available
Solve / Docs No solve available
No extra docs available

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