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- King's Quest: quest for the crown -

There was a time that Sierra was one of the largest and well known game pusblishers/developers in the PC games market. They churned out one adventure game after another, so much so that my friends and I referred to adventure games as Quest games like the title of many Sierra adventures. King's Quest : quest for the crown is the first adventure in the longest running adventure series from Sierra which spans eight games in total.

King's quest takes place in a magical world in the kingdom of Daventry, the king is ill and without an heir he sends for Graham the bravest knight in the kingdom. When Graham arrives the king tells him about three magical treasures that once belonged to Daventry but are now lost. This is the reason that Daventry is now in such a poor state and the king tells Graham that if he is able to regain all three treasures he will be crowned as the heir and king. Graham ofcourse accepts this challenge and goes off to find the treasures, a mirror that tells the future, a shield that protects it wearer from all harm and a chest of gold that will never go empty. The entire story is told in far more detail in the manual so if you like to find out the complete story I suggest you read it.

The game is played with you able to control Graham with the arrow keys or mouse with which you can walk around the screen, if you walk to the edge of the screen you go to the next location. Commands are issued by typing them in at the bottom of the screen such as "open door" or "move rock". Sometimes it can be difficult to word exactly what you are trying to do and it is not always clear what the items on the screen are and if they can be used. That means it's important to "examine" everything you might come across so that you do not miss anything. The game can be very unforgiving because you can die from the simplest of mistakes like at the very start you walk over the bridge and if you happen to fall into the castle moat you get eaten by crocodiles and it's game over. It can be very annoying especially when you have forgotten to save the game and have to do many things over again so the motto is to save a lot. Also is has one of the most annoying things that an adventure game can have and that is if you fail to do something or get an item before certain events take place it is impossible to finish the game. This is something that almost all Sierra adventures have though and I learned to live with it after a while. Graham also walks painfully slow and some versions include an option to make him faster but this does not always work out well.

The graphics of all the versions are very blocky because they date from the very first version released in 1983, it was either monochroom graphics or lowres CGA 4-color. The updated versions available here all have 16-colors but the graphics haven't change much except for the Sega Master system which was released much later and was adjusted to that machine's specification. Sierra released another version of the game with all new graphics and although still in EGA format it looks much better. A fan remake was also made recently by ADG Interactive which support hi-res graphics and has support packs for digitized music, sound and speech. The original music is nothing spectacular but the tunes that are there fit the fantasy theme of the game very well.

Despite some annoying quircks like the things mentioned before the game is quite enjoyable. It is however in my opinion not a game for the entire family like the game states because of the ease you can die and some obscure puzzles. If you like adventures games then this is a example of one the earlier and better games available.
I wouldn't believe it myself but the Sega Master System version, a gameconsole, is actually the best (I believe) because you can select actions from a menu instead of typing them in. This makes the game a lot more accessable and you can concentrate more on the puzzles instead of trying to figure out what to type.

Overal rating: 7/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for five different systems here are some notes:
Apple Released in 1987.
Game has been tested but not completed with ActiveGSapp R4.
Pretty similar to the other versions but this one has digitized sound effects, for instance when you open the door of the castle you can hear the door opening.
Amiga Released in 1986.
Game has been tested but not completed with winUAE v0.9.91.
Loading times are a bit annoying but otherwise the same as the DOS version.
Atari ST Released in 1986.
Game has been tested but not completed with Saint 1.10.
This is exactly the same as the Amiga version.
DOS First released in 1983.
Game has been tested but not completed on a DOS and Win2k PC.
There were a number of different versions released, the version tested was released in 1987 and supports EGA graphics. The second re-release had better graphics and sound and also there is a fan remake by AGD interactive with windows support, SVGA graphics and digitized sound/music/speech.
Sega Master
Released in 1989 by Parker Brothers.
Game has been tested but not completed with Dega 1.12.
I never knew this version even existed until I reviewed this game but it is very good. The lack of a keyboard means that you can select actions from a menu which makes the game far more accessable.

Date added Dec-08-2004 19:34
Name King's Quest: quest for the crown
Developer Sierra on-line
Publisher Sierra on-line
First released 1983
Genre Adventure
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Download Apple, filesize: 889 Kb
Atari ST, filesize: 254 Kb
Commodore Amiga, filesize: 334 Kb
MS-DOS, filesize: 264 Kb
Sega Master System, filesize: 77 Kb
Links Vintage Sierra - A great site about all Sierra classics
Manual Download manual , filesize: 2096 Kb
The zipfile contains the manual, ref. card and box cover in pdf format.
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