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- Thunderhawk -

Many games try to cross over into different genres and thunderhawk is a simulation but it is geared toward lots of action. You are part of a top secret united nations organisation called MERLIN and you have to track down and take care of any conflicts around the globe. You fly around in a thunderhawk AH-73 armed to the teeth and have to carry out a number of missions.

The game starts with an intro (which cannot be skipped btw!) with a guy telling the president of the United Stated how dire the situation is so you are called up to prevent things from getting even worse. After debriefing and finding out what kinds of threaths you can encounter you can arm the thunderhawk with weapons which you can choose. Apart from the cannon there are six different points at which you can attach weapons that range from air-to-air, air-to-ground and unguided missiles but also non combat items like an extra fueltank for added range. Missions start at a friendly base and the flight operation is quite simple, you only need to rev up the engine and you can fly around using the mouse and a few keyboard buttons. The missions objectives are stated on your map and you can navigate easily so you can focus on taking out any enemies and completing the mission.

Thunderhawk is an action sim and though this isn't a bad thing there is always the danger that if you mix genres that it will not appeal to fans of either of the two. That said I think the game doesn't do a bad job and even though simulation fans won't get much out of the game anyone into action games or games in particular might have some fun with it. The one gripe I have with the game is that you CANNOT skip the intro which was quite popular in it's day but for me watching a movie everytime I start the game is simply annoying. Don't let it put you off though :)

Overal rating: 7/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for several different systems here are some notes:
Amiga Released in 1991.
Game has been tested but not completed with winUAE v0.9.91.
DOS Released in 1992.
Game has been tested but not completed on a DOS and Win2k PC.
You CAN skip the intro in this version!
Others This version is not available.
Atari ST released in 1991.

Date added Aug-19-2005 21:35
Name Thunderhawk
Developer Core
Publisher Core
First released 1991
Genre Simulation
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Download Commodore Amiga, filesize: 1310 Kb
MS-DOS, filesize: 1066 Kb
Manual No manual available
Solve / Docs No solve available
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