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- Seven cities of gold -

In the 16th and 17th century the world was practically ruled by four countries namely Spain, Portugal, England and Holland. They had ships that could sail around the world and they used them to gain vast riches from around the world. America or the new world or as they knew it back then was one of the places that had yet to be settled by those four powers. You are Christopher Columbus and with help from the Portugese royal family you are tasked with finding new lands and to bring back valueable items. You'll have to buy ships and outfit them with equipment, provisions and hire men who will make your journey possible.

You start the game in Portugal near the palace of the royal family and after a meeting you can buy ships and anything else you might need. When you are done you can cast off in search of the new world. You have to take direct control of the ships and what direction to travel in but take care as you have a limited amount of food available and your crew won't carry out orders when they are starving. If however fate is kind to you, you and your crew will reach land and you can explore the strange new world. The view will stay in the same third person view but now you move around land instead. It won't be long however before you encounter any natives and this is where things get complicated. If the natives are hostile towards you or you do something that they dissaprove off then you'll have to play a minigame in which you can drop beads to wow the natives and try to get them to cooperate with you. If you can get to the chief you can negotiate with him in order to trade goods, here you can give him items from the old world to please him. The object is to gain many valuable resources from the new world and return home with them in order to make a profit which will please the royal family and allow you to do another mission.

Seven cities of gold was originally released on the C64 and Atari machines and it was an instant hit as there were few games that incorperated different styles of play in a single game. Later on it was ported to the PC which improved upon pretty much every aspect of the game. You'll quickly find yourself exploring the new world and trying to gather as much riches from the natives as possible. Besides playing in the new world (the American continent) you can also select to create a random map which makes things more difficult. That doesn't mean that the normal game is easy because there are plenty of random factors involved and the natives won't always react the same either. I can recommend this game to anyone looking for a explorationg game with some strategy put in so take a look.

Overal rating: 7.5/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for several different systems here are some notes:
C64 Released in 1984.
Game has been tested but not completed with CCS64 v2.0 win.
Being one of the original releases this one doesn't have any notable graphics and the ones that are there are pretty bad. The gameplay is still what counts though.
DOS Released in 1987.
Game has been tested but not completed on a 286 PC.
With vastly improved graphics over the original you'll see much more of the new world.
Others These versions are not available.
Amiga released in 1985.
Apple released in 1984.
Atari 800 released in ??.

Date added Jul-12-2005 20:36
Name Seven cities of gold
Developer Ozark softscape
Publisher Ariolasoft
First released 1984
Genre Puzzle
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Download Commodore 64, filesize: 75 Kb
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Manual Download manual , filesize: 14 Kb
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