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- Ringworld -

Ringworld is based on a novel by Larry Niven with the same name. The ringworld itself is an artificially created ring around a sun thus forming a planetlike condition. The backstory concerns a new type of hyperdrive being developed after a man called Louis Wu brought back new technology from the ringworld. The United Nations have constructed a new vessel and with the new hyperdrive has become the fastest ship in the known galaxy which they tend to use for exploration. However unknown to them the patriarch of the catlike Kzinti race has ordered an exact copy of the ship to be made but this one is armed to the teeth. The patriarch intends to destoy both humans and puppeteers in order to rule the galaxy with an iron fist. In all this chaos Louis Wu has dissappeared and he has left you, Jonass Quin, with a video what to do in such a case.

After the intro you see Jonass Quin standing beside the building where he is to meet the Kzinti warrior to which he must relay his message. Jonass Quin is a mercenary and altough he has aged to 200 years with the help of the xxx he wouldn't be here if he wasn't carefull about what he did. When you arrive at the door you meet xx-captain and it's clear that he doesn't care much for humans. With a little persuading he accepts that you are sent by Louis Wu and you tell him the story. After this things become serious as xx-captain and his entire family are to be killed by orders of the patriarch. From here on you must escape using the new ship and in order to beat the patriarch you must venture to the ringworld to collect new technology.

The interface is much like any other point and click adventure game with symbols representing any action that you can take. Actually there are only five symbols and two of them are look and inventory, the other three are actions namely talk, walk and interact. The interact button is the one you'll use the most as it is used for a number of things ranging from picking up items to using a computer. Most of the game takes place in third person with your characters walking around the screen but usually when you talk to another person or creature it will switch to a closeup portrait of the person who's talking. Occasionally you'll get a multiple choice question about what to say or how to act but you can't really select the wrong one as the game will automatically change the outcome to suit you. That said there are ways to die in the game but there are very few occasions when this happens so you can concentrate more on adventuring. The adventure parts are quite easy because the story is completely linear and the number of locations in a single area are minimal. The graphics and music/sound are equal to other adventures of the time with backgrounds digitized from hand drawings but some of the animation can seem rather jerky and unnatural.

Ringworld is an adventure that has promise but unfortunately there are many instances in the game where you act and then see a sequence play out all by itself. This combined with the fact that there are a very limited amount of areas to explore means that you can complete the game in a few hours. There are good things though as the areas you do get are very varied and you'll meet a whole lot of different races along the way from aquatic beings to deadly flowers. For seasoned adventurers I doubt the game will hold much of a challenge but for those wanting a relaxed adventure game or for beginners you won't go wrong with this game.

Overal rating: 7/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for one system here are some notes:
DOS Released in 1992.
Game has been tested but not completed on a DOS and Win2k PC.
The game works fine on windows systems.

Date added Jul-07-2005 19:25
Name Ringworld
Developer Tsunami games
Publisher Tsunami games
First released 1992
Genre Adventure
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Download MS-DOS, filesize: 8187 Kb
Manual No manual available
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