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- Quarantine -

These days when a game has blood, gore and gratious violence it often creates controversy in the press and such but in the earlier days very little people bothered about it. This is probably because the market wasn't as large or mainstream as it is today or maybe people are simply a bunch of tightasses these days (I think it's the latter). Quarantine is a game where you drive a cab in a futuristic setting and altough driving people around might not sound like fun but that is until you find out that your cab has machines guns stuck in front of it. When you make money you can go to the garage and outfit your cab with even better weaponry to take out the competition or maybe a nasty client or two.

You start with a simple gun attached to your cab and in order to make some money you have to drive around looking for people to need a cab. These people are easily spotted as they have a sign hovering over them and if you stop near them they will get in your cab and tell you where they want to go. The destination is shown in your map making it easier for you to get around but often there is a timelimit so you'll have to make it there quick or you won't get any money. If you make enough money you can always go to the garage and upgrade your cab a bit with plenty of weapons with which you can take out any slowmoving cars and such. Some weapons include rocketlaunchers and circular saws.

The game is played from a firstperson view like many shooters today but unfortunately being a dos game is supports only low resolutions which means the graphics are somewhat lacking in details. It might have been good back when it was released but it seems somewhat dated now, something that many games released before the 3D accelerator era have. The older games don't have this problem as they have such simply graphics that they avoid comparisons between newer games. Still the game does have a real dark feel to it and you feel like you are driving around in a dark future setting.

Looking at this game I get the feeling that games haven't changed much over the years as the need for developers to 'shock' gameplayers was there back when this was released. Driving over a couple of pedestrians might be fun for a couple of times but it doesn't really add anything to the gameplay. I got bored with it fairly quickly because of this and the extra weapons add only a limited amount of fun. If you'd like to try an early driving game or simply like to drive over some people you could check it out but there are far better games out there.

Overal rating: 5/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for one system here are some notes:
DOS Released in 1990.
Game has been tested but not completed on a DOS PC.
I had a number of problems with the game such as not working on any system wether it be dos or windows based. This one seems to work ok now on DOS systems.

Date added Jun-17-2005 19:45
Name Quarantine
Developer Imagexcel
Publisher Gametek
First released 1990
Genre Action
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