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- Might and Magic: book 1 -

Back in the beginning of computer RPG's there were three games that were very well known which have survived to this day. Ultima, wizardry and might and magic all had a strong following but might and magic offered something no other rpg at the time had which was completely 3D backgrounds. This was back in 1987 when other RPG were all viewed from a topdown perpestive, true the background aren't rendered on the fly but it's still quite an achievement for a game of it's age.

The game allows you to create a party of six and it's best to create a varied one consisting of several different kinds of classes. The six classes you can choose are knight, paladin, archer, cleric, sorcerer and robber. Each has his or her own abilities and weaknesses but you'll need most of them to complete the game. Creating a character is done using dice to roll your statistics and then choosing things like race, alignment and sex. If you want to get straight into the action you can choose to go with the standard party already created. Once you venture out you are outside the inn and your adventure starts.

Travelling around is done using the cursor keys and other commands are done by using hotkeys like R for rest or S for Search. You'll eventually come across enemy character and you can choose to run or to fight them. If you choose to fight you are given several options apart from attacking like bribing or surrendering to them, they don't always work though so be prepared for a fight by buying proper weapons and armor at shops in the town. The inn is the only place you can save a game also so keep that in mind when trying to take on powerfull enemies.

Might and magic has been around for two decades now and there are still new games being made, this first installment is hardcore as you can get. Unless you are willing to level up for hours upon hours there is now way you can beat the game. The story which is fairly important for many rpg's is pretty much nonexistent but it involves you trying to defeat the inner sanctum. Even though at the time of release the game was fairly popular I can't imagine many people who didn't like or even know it at that time to play it now. The game is simply too unforgiving and hardcore to appeal to newer player but for nostalgia you can give it a try.

Overal rating: 6/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for several different systems here are some notes:
DOS Released in 1987.
Game has been tested but not completed on a DOS PC.
The intro runs somewhat fast on new pc's but apart from that the rest doesn't seem to have too much a problem with that.
Others Both these versions had problems with the emulators so they are not available here.
Apple released in 1986.
C64 released in 1987.

Date added Jun-14-2005 19:08
Name Might and Magic: book 1
Developer New world computing
Publisher New world computing
First released 1986
Genre RPG
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