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- Jaws -

This jaws game is actually (loosely) based on the fourth jaws movie but the story remains mostly the same as the previous movies. A large shark is terrorizing the area and you have to try and find it and take it out. In the movie the shark has a grudge on the family because they have killed apparently relatives of the shark before, somewhat ridiculous story but there is no mention of it in the game.

The first part of the game is viewed from a birdseye view and you get control of a ship and you can search the areas with it and occasionally dive in the water to shoot some smaller sharks, jellyfish and other sealife. Sometimes they will drop items such as shells and stars which you can collect and when back in either of the two ports you can get upgrades to improve your ship. Those underwaters scenes are simple onescreen levels viewed from the side as you control a diver with only a harpoongun at his disposal.

When you come across a a large fin that means jaws is in the neighborhood and if you feel up to it you can crash your boat into him which gives you an opportunity to attack him using bombs dropped from the boat. Eventually he's get to you and you are thrown overboard after which you have to continue the fight as the diver. If you do enough damage jaws will retreat and you get a bonus round where you have to drop bombs from an airplane to take out jellyfish, you'll get a reward for scoring hits and you'll get some free shells. If during a diving sequence you touch one of the jellyfish or sharks you will lose not only a life but a number of shells as well.

Jaws is a pretty basic game which can become repetetive soon as the only levels where you can do anything are the underwater sequences and the difference between them is only minimal. The boat parts serve only to take you from port to port and to get to jaws when you are read for it. Still it has to be said that I did play it for quite some time trying to take out jaws but alas I haven't made it yet. Give it a go if only for a little while.

Overal rating: 6.5/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for one system here are some notes:
NES Released in 1990 by Kemco.
Game has been tested but not completed with FCE ultra v0.98.12.
Others There was actually a jaws game released for the C64 and Amiga from the same company but the game differs so much from this one that I have to say it can't be considered the same game.

Date added Apr-16-2005 20:38
Name Jaws
Developer LJN toys, ltd.
Publisher LJN toys, ltd.
First released 1987
Genre Action
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